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Everything You Need to Know About 12-Inch Hair Extensions

Last updated date Wed Apr 20 2022 By William Brown

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Hair extensions have been one of the many pieces every woman loves as it gives a healthier, shinier, and voluminous hair look. And one of the most favorite hair extensions of the many - 12-inch hair extensions. But what are 12-inch hair extensions?

What Exactly are 12-Inch Hair Extensions?

Being one of the most loved hair extensions, there are more advantages to it than you know, and it does not limit you from a wide range of hairstyles. 12-inch hair extensions are stretched and straightened to their maximum length, 12 inches, and measured after.

Keep in mind that 12-inch hair extensions are mid-length or shoulder-level. So, if you prefer curly or wavy 12-inch hair extensions, you must know that they might appear shorter but still measure 12 inches in length when flattened and straightened.

You need to be wary when choosing your 12-inch hair extension depending on how and where you will be wearing them. Straight 12-inch hair extensions are preferred as they look like more natural hair. But, there is a wide range of hair extensions styles you can choose from, including different types of 12-inch hair extensions.

Types of 12-Inch Hair Extensions

Wholesalers like Michair.vn prefer bulk and weave hair, which is readily available in their shop. They are often the most simple hair extensions items available nowadays.

But what is bulk hair? Well, bulk hair refers to hair bundles that are kept together with firm elastics, whereas weave hair is stitched or glued directly into the natural hair to prevent hair from falling out or becoming entangled.

There are many available different types of 12-inch hair extensions, such as sew-in and closure hair extensions. These kinds of hair extensions seem to be highly known due to the convenience they provide for people who want to have a quick change without spending too much. 

Sew-in 12-inch Hair Extensions

First on the list is Sew-in hair extensions. Worry not; this type of hair extension is pretty safe and last longer than other types of extension. This 12-inch hair extension uses a rather unique method of doing protective hair and sewing it into the braided hair using a needle and thread.

It's really not a difficult process, but you will need patience as it may take an hour or two to finish it. On top of that, your hair extensions are sewed into a braided pattern, which you can also choose from.

It may be worn for approximately 6 weeks to 8 weeks without damaging your hair and scalp with utmost aftercare.

Fusion 12-inch Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions, also known as tip-in hair extensions, need adhesive or heat to attach the hair extension to the natural hair strands. This hair extension is popular because they provide greater versatility as they offer 12-inch hair extensions which will not limit your hairstyles.

With this hair extension, cutting the hair to the length of your liking is also possible. You do not have to worry about washing, drying, and curling because fusion hair extension is just like your natural hair, with no other extra effort.

Not no mention that fusion hair extension can be reused and actually lasts for 6 to 8 months with utmost aftercare.

I-tip 12-inch Hair Extensions

I-tip hair extensions, also known as microbead hair extensions, are among the safest and non-damaging extensions on the market. Why?

Because I-tip hair extensions do not require any heat or adhesive that damages the hair and scalp to install the hair extension. This hair extension has a tiny bead placed on the tip of the hair extension strands that will be used as a lock to attach the synthetic hair to the natural hair.

It doesn't also need any sort of complicated equipment and tools except for specific pliers designed for installing I-tip hair extensions. However, you have to set an appointment with your hairstylist to maintain and tighten (if needed) the microbeads.

Clip-in 12-inch Hair Extensions

With clip-in hair extensions, you do not have to worry about spending an extra dime for maintenance and setting appointments as it is a temporary hair extension. This means you can easily attach and remove the clip-ins onto your natural hair in no time.

Tape-in 12-inch Hair Extensions

Of all the hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular. Why? Because tape-in isn't as complicated as others. If you haven't noticed, this type of extension uses thin tapes. This procedure does not need any tools or chemicals, and it can last for several months.

Like clip-in, you can simply attach and remove the tape-ins by sticking the thins tapes onto your natural hair. The unique feature of these hair extensions is you can reuse them multiple times without losing their purpose.

Here you can look for any kind of 12-inch hair extensions you want:

How Much 12-Inch Hair Extension Weights?

Whenever it concerns the weight of 12-inch hair extensions, most users would prefer the weight of every hair bundle. A small group of hair strands is equal to one bundle of hair extensions. Each one normally weighs 100 grams on average. As a hair extension user, you must know that in 1kg of hair extensions, there are 10 bundles of hair.

Is 12-Inch Hair Extension Expensive?

Before answering, let's see what the 2 factors that influence 12-inch hair extensions' price are.


The first factor would be quality. In each 12-inch hair extension, the quality of hair is the basis of whether or not the value would be extensive. Most hair extensions users are very specific with what kind of hair they will need.

Many of you might not know that the primary source of hair from extensions is Vietnam, India, and China. So if the hair source is unknown or not stated, it will be less expensive.

Uniformity of Length

There are three categories of how 12-inch hair extensions are priced based on uniformity of length.

Single Drawn

The first one is single drawn or also known as 5A, 6A. It has 50% hair, with the precisely uniformed length being the cheapest of the three.

Double Drawn

The second one is also known as 7A, 8A. This has 60% to 70% hair with exactly uniformed length, making it the second most affordable. 

Super Double Drawn

The last one is also known as 9A, 10A. This category has at least 80% to 85% hair with exactly uniform length. Super double drawn is the most common 12-inch hair extension available on the market, and because of the high demands, it is the most expensive one.

Take a look at our video to find out your favorite one: 


Whatever type of hair extensions you choose, never forget to consider the ones that highlight your facial features. Also, take into consideration your daily activities and errands to avoid unwanted experiences. Do not forget to apply the utmost care and attention to your hair extensions.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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