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Why Are Raw Vietnamese Hair On High Demand?

Why Are Raw Vietnamese Hair On High Demand?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Thu Jan 21 2021

People doing hair business might have heard about Vietnamese hair more than 1 time. Many of us are unaware of the characteristics, features, and best ways to take care of this type of hair. You can also call it Vietnamese straight hair, as straight hair is the main texture of Vietnamese hair.

There are some pros as well as cons to having this textured hair. Raw Vietnamese hair is classified as the dark and thick mane. This beautiful hair comes from a Southeast Asian country that is directly from Vietnam. It is cut off from a donor’s head, followed by a weft, and then cleanse. Women living in Vietnam follow a simple lifestyle, which reflects in the quality of their hair. Their dietary intake is full of vitamins and minerals. Some people are under the misconception that it is easy to style the raw hair of this texture. Let us know about them in more detail.

Characteristics of Raw Vietnamese Hair

Before knowing about Vietnamese hair, we should know about raw hair. There is not much difference between Vietnam virgin hair and raw hair. Raw hair has the same qualities as that of virgin hair, but the difference lies in the chemical and heat. Not only the chemical but the raw hair has never had heat applied also. They are known for the purest and natural form in the market. All the raw hair is virgin hair, but it is not true vice-versa. 

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Vietnamese hair is taken mostly from the villagers living in high mountains where their hair doesn’t affect the sunlight. Hence, they are strong and silky too. 80% of the hair is taken from women aged 18-25. People living in high mountains are healthy & strong as they have to work very hard daily to earn their living. Therefore, the quality of their hair is as durable and strong as the donor’s health. 

Features of Raw Vietnamese Hair 

The main reason to love Vietnamese hair is due to its superior quality. In Vietnam, women straighten or process their hair rarely. They do a lot of other things to take care of them. Many women in the country grow their hair long to be purchased in long lengths that are 30 inches or above. Though Vietnamese hair does not have as much luster as Brazilian hair still, they are very thick, soft, and silky. It is in high demand due to its capability to hold curls as well as its softness. 

When we talk about Vietnamese hair, we think of a stereotypical straight, thick, and dark texture. They are indeed stronger and thicker when compared to the other hair types. According to Gorkom, Vietnamese tresses are very thick and round fibers with a high black melanin level. A high level means it is harder to change the hair color and requires professional strength bleach to do so. One thing to keep in mind is that bleach has to be always included when dyeing your hair. You may even have to dye it twice to change the color to the desired lift. 

Best Ways to Take care of Vietnamese Hair

This thicker hair type would require products with more detangling benefits and more moisturizing. It is suggested to use colorless frequently to avoid internal damage to the strands. Remember to condition after shampoo as you do with all other hair types. The durability of naturally straight hair can be up to 2-10 years that depends on how you maintain your hair, whereas, for processed hair, it can be up to 1-5 years. Processed hair can be like curly, wavy hair. Even when coloring the hair, natural ingredients and traditional methods are given importance. 

If you want to color your hair brown, you can use coffee beans to give a light brown color followed by a fragrant smell. Using raw Vietnamese hair brings out a confident and natural outlook with natural black or sometimes dark brown color. As the hair does not go through any processing, you can see its natural shine in the sunlight. Moreover, you don’t need a brush to comb the hair. Just glide your hand smoothly through the hair, and you are ready-to-go.

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Grades of Vietnamese Hair 

Like China hair, Vietnam hair factories don’t separate hair into A8, A9, or A10 grade. They divide hair into three grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. Some of the factories even use the 4th grade also that is the Vip hair. These grades differ in the quality and length of the hair. 

- Single Drawn Hair: In this grade, 40-45% of the hair is of the same length, and the rest is the mixed length.

- Double Drawn Hair: For the double drawn hair, 60-65% hair is of the same length, and the rest 40-35% is of mixed length.

- Super Double Drawn Hair: This grade has 80-85% of the same length's hair, and the leftover is of mixed length.

- Vip Quality: Vip quality hair is one of the best hair qualities in which 90-95% of the hair is of the same length, and the rest is the mixed length. 

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So, these were the four grades in which the raw Vietnamese hair got divided into. This type of hair is considered the best choice to opt for any girl. Also, the hair comes in good condition and only from limited places. Some young women like to apply for wig as Vietnamese human hair wigs and others as full clip-in hair, i tip hair or weave hair. 


Vietnamese hair is among the most popular hair in the hair business globally. The price of this type of hair goes with its quality. If you want to buy raw Vietnamese hair, the best address is the Mic Hair Company. Mic Hair Company is one of the leading companies that supply this hair type in Vietnam. In addition, Michair is also the most popular Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. Not only in Vietnam or Nigeria or United States, you are in any other country can easily buy high quality hair extensions, weave hair and wigs at https://michair.vn/. This company always has been in competitive advantage and superior to other factories because of the price, quality, and customer service it offers. So, order them now and be prepared to present yourself with a confident look. 


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