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Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs: Best Hair Wigs Vendor In Vietnam

Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs: Best Hair Wigs Vendor In Vietnam

Phạm Thị Kim Nga

Phạm Thị Kim Nga


Born in 1986, Pham Thi Kim Nga is a visionary entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey in the hair extensions industry began in 2009 when she established Mic Hair with a clear vision in mind: to provide customers with unparalleled quality and style, empowering them to express their true selves through their hair.

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Tue Jun 20 2023

If you are searching for Vietnamese wigs in bulk, a few wholesale hair vendors are providing 100% virgin hair wigs at affordable prices. You can select from assortments of collections for a professional & casual look.

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs

Ethical Sourcing Of Raw Human Hair Wigs.

The process of obtaining Vietnamese human hair from Vietnamese women is unique and needs a lot of skill, precision, and expertise. Raw virgin hair is typically sourced from women with long and healthy hair. The raw hair is then sorted and cleaned to remove tangles and debris. The hair is then carefully woven into bundles to create the wig or extension. The result is a high-quality, natural-looking raw Vietnamese hair wig.

Characteristics Of Raw Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs.

Vietnamese Women tend to have thick, strong, and lustrous hair ideally suited for wigs and extensions. Moreover, Vietnamese hair is mostly chemically untreated, meaning that it has not been processed or altered in any way and has its natural nature intact. This results in hair that is stronger, less prone to damage and breakage, and more durable than hair that has been chemically treated. It is also incredibly light and blends well with your natural hair.

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs


- Strength And Durability: One of the leading advantages of Vietnamese human hair wigs is their strength. Unlike most synthetic wigs, which are prone to tangling and breakage, human hair wigs are extremely strong and capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. Vietnamese virgin hair is particularly known for its resilience and can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

- Versatility: Raw Vietnamese hair wigs are versatile. The hair is easy to style in various ways, including straight, wavy, and curly, and can be treated chemically with dyes. Usually, this makes it easy to achieve a wide range of hairstyles to meet the customers' requirements.

- Easy to maintain: Vietnamese human hair wigs require some maintenance to keep their quality best. It is advisable to use gentle, sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and serums to avoid drying the hair and removing the natural oils.

- Price: Compared to other wigs, Vietnamese double drawn hair extensions cost lower in net worth. Several wholesalers in Vietnam offer competitive & affordable pricing. Do not compare prices when the product quality is not the same, for example wigs made from Vietnam remy hair vs virgin hair.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs

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- Limited Availability Of Long Hair: Vietnamese hair wigs are made from hair sourced from donors in Vietnam. Owing to several cultural and social practices, most Vietnamese women prefer to keep their hair short, making it difficult to find long hair for making wigs and extensions.

- Limited Range Of Textures: Vietnamese hair is naturally straight or, in some cases, slightly wavy, which may not be suitable for those looking for a more textured or curly look or women buying extensions for curly or permed hair.

- Chemical Processing: Some Vietnamese hair wigs need to be chemically treated to achieve a desired color or texture, which can damage the hair texture and reduce its longevity.

Here are some of the most popular hair wigs made from Vietnamese Virgin Hair

- Straight Lace Wig: A classic wig that can be styled in many ways. Constructed with a full lace cap or front from a fine, sheer material resembling natural scalp skin. Users can customize the wig according to color, length, and density preferences.

 Straight Lace Wig

- Body Wave Full Lace Wig: A more textured option to add, this wig is known for its versatility. Entirely constructed of lace, Body Wave Full Lace Wig has an organic wavy texture throughout the hair.

Body Wave Full Lace Wig

- Curly Full Lace Wig: With curly texture throughout the hair. Curly Full Lace Wig delivers an enhanced voluminous & bouncy look, ideal for adding volume to their natural hair or changing their entire look.

- Deep Wave Full Lace Wig: Known for deep and defined wave texture, Deep Wave Full Lace Wig offers a voluminous & glamorous look, ideal for memorable occasions

- Kinky Straight Full Lace Wig: This wig bestows a straight texture with a kinky and coarse look. Known for its versatility, this wig is styled in various ways for an edgy and bold impression.

Kinky Straight Full Lace Wig

- Loose Wave Full Lace Wig: A soft and flowing wave pattern, this wig is designed for a sleek and lustrous look.

Loose Wave Full Lace Wig

- Yaki Straight Full Lace Wig: A straight wig with a relaxed texture that offers an excellent natural-looking hairline. Yaki Straight Full Lace Wig is the best alternative to straight wigs, and they also preclude matting & tangling.

- Blonde Full Lace Wig: These wigs are lighter colored or highlighted and feature blonde hair color throughout, offering a glamorous and stylish look

Blonde Full Lace Wig

- Ombre Full Lace Wig: A wig with a gradient of colors delivers a trendy and stylish look. With subtle or bold gradual fade in color depending on preference, this wig can be customized to match their natural hair color or skin tone.

Ombre Full Lace Wig

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 Best Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs Vendor

The most popular wig vendor in Vietnam is MIC Hair. MICHAIR specializes in Vietnamese human hair wigs. They offer a variety of wig styles with different color and texture options. MICHAIR focuses on hair quality and customer satisfaction, offering a range of customization options and fast shipping worldwide. They produce high-quality products for our customers at wholesale prices. With quick delivery and flexible payment system Mic Hair is known for our top customer service. You can visit our official website to select your desired product from our listed collections.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Vietnamese human hair wigs provide a high-quality, affordable option for those wanting to enhance their natural hair or achieve a new look. With their strength, durability, natural look and feel, and versatility, Vietnamese human hair wigs are an immaculate choice for anyone in the market for a new wig or hair extension. In any case, it is advisable to check the customer feedback and reviews before purchasing in bulk.



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