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How To Wash A Wig Effectively For Long Run Maintenance?

How To Wash A Wig Effectively For Long Run Maintenance?

Fashion Blog Thu Nov 05 2020

Many individuals use a wig and are scared often as they think what others will think about them. For instance, if you visit a grocery store and people may look at you to understand whether it is your real hair or a wig. In this context, it is essential to know that your wig quality is necessary. The wig mainly creates a difference in the outlook of your style and personality. You should know how to wash a wig depending on its texture. Wigs are easy and convenient to maintain. The best part about wigs is less time consumption for washing and oiling. Here we will discuss simple tips for maintenance of your wig in the following.

Never Comb

If you have curly wigs, do not comb them. Again, you should know by combing; you should also restrict brushing your wig. Mostly it is seen once you start brushing the curly wigs softly; it messes up the loose curls. Therefore, the look of the hair becomes heavy and scary.

If you want to detangle them, you can simply run your fingers on the wig and do the job. If you wonder how to wash a wig without combing, then the answer remains no; you should never comb them at all before washing. After applying light hair products, you can use your fingers to brush the wig.

Conditioner Detangling Method

Naturally, wigs tend to look more frizzy and dry than normal hair. Hence, you can use a healthy conditioner for detangling it. Always use water before applying the conditioner to your wig. People often think about how to wash a wig if they have curly ones.

For such cases, also you need to use little water and mix with your favorite conditioner. Then you can apply it on the wig hair properly. The whole process will help to maintain the smooth part of the hair follicles.

How to Wash A Wig? 

You should put your wig inside the soapy water for 10-15 minutes. Then you can use your finger to detangle the hair. Please do not massage on the wig. If you want, you can use hot or lukewarm water to rinse the conditioner. In this context, you should remember to detangle the hair just after suing the conditioner. Repeat this process once or twice a week.


Do you know your wig needs hydration as well? Yes, you heard it right. Like regular hair, once the wig is dried up, they lack the oil. Therefore, you should choose liquid oils to nourish them nicely. Once the oil application is made correctly, the smooth and bright hair looks alluring.

However, you can use your hands to oil your wig. The essential oil can prevent hair breakage or split end issues of your wig too. Again, you should always buy the oil, shampoos, and conditioners specifically designed for the wig. The composition of such products is manufactured for your wig longevity. On the other hand, if you use your regular shampoo or conditioner, they might damage the wig hair. It is because of the chemical content inside the traditional hair products.

Hanging Wig

Do not store your wig inside your cupboard. You do not have to worry or feel shy about using it. Please understand the wig hair needs to breathe. If it is stored in any dark place, then air circulation does not happen correctly. If you keep your wig in damp places, it will get tangled and start smelling bad.

If you reside in a drier area, then we suggest you keep your wig under a humidifier. From dust and sunlight, you can also protect your wig by covering it with a light cap.

No Curling

We all know that heat can cause severe damage to our hair. The same goes for our wig too. If you apply heat to straight or dry up your wig, then you should stop immediately. Otherwise, the hair may grow hard and brittle at the ends.

In many cases, people have faced issues losing the shine of the natural wig while using the blow dryers. You should always remember that you have invested a lot of money in buying the wig. If once damage is done to your wig, then it will stay permanent.


Always air-dry your wig. If you want to arrange curls for your wig then go for no heating curlers. There is a vast range of such products available in the market. Moreover, these days wig comes with a pre-styling look. Therefore, you can always select your style beforehand. 

While buying a wig, check the texture of it. If you have purchased a synthetic wig, then never put heat on it. The heat may cause wig melt.

Salon Advice

Styling normal hair and a wig are important. For this reason, visiting a salon is necessary. Your salon expert can give you tips and tricks to style your wig hair. Moreover, they can help you with less damaging products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Many times, women make the mistake of cutting or trimming their wig. You may cause damage to your valuable wig. Therefore, a stylist can always help you to style the wig properly.

Wearing Pro-Tip

We always advise our readers to wear the wig on your hair and be confident. You can wear your wig whenever you like. It is always like flaunting an LBD. Again, with time the color and texture of the wig decrease. You may notice the shine will no more stay on your wig. For such cases, you can buy two wigs at a time. You can alternately wear them. Moreover, it will help your product to last more.

Of course, styling with a wig is something women love. However, do not ignore your natural hair. Cleaning your hair should be done regularly. Women facing issues with how to wash a wig can surely practice wig washing every alternate day. The more you take care of your wig, the more it will look bright and healthy.

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