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Can You Sleep With A Wig On Without Causing Hair Damage?

Can You Sleep With A Wig On Without Causing Hair Damage?

Fashion Blog Tue Oct 26 2021

As wig wearers, we know that gluing down the wig can take several hours. You will want the wig to stay on the head for a long time because the gluing process is messy. Most people don’t like the idea of taking off the weave daily before going to bed. Hence, in this guide, we will explain that you can sleep with a wig on. According to hair care experts, it is not good to sleep wearing a wig because the lifespan of the weave gets significantly reduced. When we sleep, the friction between hair and the pillow can force the wig to deal with frizziness, tangles, and dryness. Several women like to wear human hair wigs either because they want to get a different look or hide their bad hair conditions. Moreover, various wig wearers will like to stay with the wigs from day to night and might even choose to sleep with a wig on. If you decide to sleep wearing a wig, ensure to follow the simple tips mentioned below to limit the chances of damaging the weave.

How To Sleep With A Wig On?

There can be various reasons why women don’t want to take off their wigs before sleeping. Here we will share tips about sleeping with human hair wigs.

1 - Prep The Weave Before Sleeping

Since sleeping causes a lot of friction that can severely damage the wig, you should put it in a ponytail and pin it properly. Some people choose to braid their wigs. You should cover the head with a satin scarf to protect the wig from getting damaged.

2 - Use A Silk Pillowcase

Other than prepping the weave, you need a pillow that doesn’t move easily from its place. Now let us explain if you can sleep with a wig on while using a cotton pillow. You will end up damaging the wig because the cotton pillow won’t reduce friction-related issues. 

Silk pillows are popularly used to sleep because there are fewer chances of tangling, matting, etc. You won’t deal with any friction-related issues while sleeping on a silk pillow.

3 - Properly Comb Your Weave

After waking up, you should always cautiously brush the wig and eliminate any tangles that might have developed overnight. Avoid being lazy because the knots and tangles can affect the quality and strength of hair when left for long hours.

Moreover, the chances of hair breakage can increase. You can use a little water on the areas of the wig that appear flat. Apply some leave-in conditioner or spray to regain its shine.

4 - Buy An Alternative Wig

You should not just have one wig. Get another wig that can be alternatively worn. Once you take the wig off, always keep in mind that it needs to be washed thoroughly before storing it in the closet.

Benefits Of Sleeping With Human Hair Wigs

Saves Time

Let’s explain if you can sleep with a wig on to save a lot of time for other activities. Well, yes, you don’t have to remove the wig before and after sleeping. Thus, there is no need to go through the process because you are still wearing the wig. In situations of a hurry, you can just wake up and get ready without spending more than an hour wearing the weave.

Fewer Chances Of Damage In The Removal Process

When we are hurried, there is a high chance of damaging the wig in the removal process. An unprofessional or careless way of handling the wig can severely damage the wig. Moreover, you might notice hair breakage and fall out.

Most people are unable to store the wig properly before sleeping. Hence, they notice tangles and frizziness. There is less chance of such problems when you choose to sleep with the wig on.

Able To Focus On Other Activities

Since you save a lot of time in the installation process, there will be more time for dressing up and combing the hair until it looks perfect. When women spend time wearing the wig, they will most often have less time for other activities. Hence, you can do other activities.

Disadvantages Of Sleeping With A Wig On

One of the reasons people want to keep the wigs last long is because they are not cheap. Therefore, you must know the disadvantages of sleeping with a wig on.

1 - Chances Of Damage Due To Friction

Can you sleep with a wig on without causing any hair damage? You can sleep on a silk pillow to reduce hair damage. If you don’t use a silk pillow, there is a high chance of damaging the wig due to friction. Moreover, the wig can lose moisture when you sleep on a cotton pillow. There can be a lot of knots and tangles that can be formed overnight.

2 - Restless Sleep

Various people don’t find it comfortable to sleep with a wig on due to their reasons. They might have all their attention on the wig while sleeping, even if they are extremely tired. Furthermore, the wig might not be as soft as the natural hair.

3 - Requires Care Before And After Sleeping

You have to cover the wig properly using a scarf before sleeping to reduce the chances of hair damage. After waking up, you should wash and remove tangles so that the lifespan of the weave doesn’t get reduced or affected.

4 - Stress For Your Scalp

When we don’t sleep with the wig or cover the head with a scarf, our scalp can breathe and relax at night. This process is important for naturally healthy hair. Those who sleep with a wig on will more likely make scalp, as well as normal hair, feel stressful.


Since every wig wearer wants to know can you sleep with a wig on, we have tried to explain all the important details about sleeping while wearing a weave. You must check all the advantages and disadvantages carefully before deciding to sleep with a wig on. Make sure to cover your head and use a silk pillow to reduce the chances of hair damage.

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