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How To Take Out Tape-In Extensions Without Damaging?

How To Take Out Tape-In Extensions Without Damaging?

Fashion Blog Thu Oct 07 2021

Most people wish to have long luscious locks, particularly in summer. You can wake up with mermaid-like hair. Are you wondering how that is possible? Tape-in hair extensions can give you long and beautiful-looking hair within a couple of hours. However, most people don’t know how to take out tape-in extensions. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about tape-in hair extensions. Let’s first discuss the benefits of using tape-in hair extensions for women.

Benefits Of Using Tape-In Hair Extensions For Women

1 - Lasts A Long Time

As the name suggests, tape-in extensions are taped into your natural hair. Unlike other extensions, you don’t have to clip in or sew in a while using these extensions. Tape-in hair extensions provided by Michair are created using the best products. Thus, hair extensions last for a long period. Using Michair’s tape-in hair, you can get the extra length and volume without damaging the normal hair.

Tape-in hair extensions are created using Remy human hair. Hence, these extensions are as durable as our natural hair. If you maintain these extensions properly, they can last for more than 2 months.

2 - Easy To Maintain

Unlike other hair extensions, you don’t need to clip tape-in extensions to the hair every time. Moreover, these extensions are in trend and require less time to be placed properly. Tape-in extensions require maintenance. However, the process is as simple as maintaining normal hair.

Our natural hair requires brushing twice every day. When we wear hair extensions, the time our hair needs to be combed increases; if you don’t comb the hair extensions, they will become tangled. Moreover, the lifespan of the hair extensions will be affected if you maintain them.

3 - Gain Length And Volume

Obviously, gaining hair length and volume is one of the main advantages of tape-in hair extensions. Various girls have low self-esteem due to their thin and short hair. Using tape-in hair extensions can solve their issues, and they will easily learn how to take out tape-in extensions once they start wearing them. The volume and length these extensions add can be like a dream come true for most women.

4 - Makes Hair More Versatile

If you use tape-in hair extensions, there will be more opportunities to make hair versatile. Some popular hairstyles that one can easily achieve with tape-in hair extensions are:

  • - Long Braids
  • - Long Sleek Ponytail
  • - Full Body Blowout
  • - Beachy Waves and many others.

When you use tape-in hair extensions, there is not any need for additional hair which needs to be clipped in. You can instantly start trying an array of different hair with tape-in extensions. Moreover, these extensions conceal so well that no one can understand it is false hair.

How To Take Out Tape-In Extensions Without Damaging Natural Hair?

Although we will want to attach the extensions permanently to our natural hair, there will be time to remove them. These extensions are created to be used temporarily. If we end up wearing extensions for a long period, they can cause hair damage and other issues that result from the overuse of extensions.

Those who don’t want to cause any damage to their natural locks should get the tape-in hair extensions from Michair. According to its customers, they provide first-class hair products that guarantee zero damage to natural hair. Here are the best tips for removing the tape-in hair extensions without causing any damage to the normal hair during the process.

1 - Adhesive Remover

As the name suggests, adhesive removers are used to take our hair extensions, including any residue. Hence, your hair roots are free from any sticky adhesive materials. Before putting tape-in hair extensions, you should be prepared with adhesive removal, particularly to remove the extensions. You should buy adhesive removal for tape-in extensions that are 100% safe for hair.

Unlike other products, adhesive remover doesn’t damage natural hair. Moreover, this product is super easy to use because it comes with instructions. In an emergency, you can’t immediately buy an adhesive remover. You can try the following tricks to remove the extensions easily. However, these tricks don’t guarantee the best results, like adhesive remover.

2 - Use Natural Oil To Avoid Damage

You must be wondering how to take out tape-in extensions using oil at home. Natural oil is the best alternative for removing hair extensions. You should avoid using any chemical product to remove the tape-in extensions because it damages natural hair. Natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, baby oil, and olive oil are healthy for your hair strands.

You need to take some natural oil and apply it to the roots evenly. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes so that the roots and tape bonds completely absorb the oil.

The tape bonds will become loose and easily detachable. However, removing the extensions using oil might take more time compared to adhesive remover. It usually takes an hour to remove the residues of the tape-in extensions completely.

3 - Use Peanut Butter

If you neither have adhesive remover nor natural oil, use peanut butter to take out the tape-in hair extensions effectively. Apply peanut butter evenly on the roots of your hair strands.

Leave it for at least 30 minutes so that the roots and tape bonds completely absorb the natural oil from the peanut butter. Like coconut and olive oil, peanut butter is effective in breaking tape bonds and making it detachable.

4 - Rinse Hair Thoroughly

Some people are unable to remove the extensions even after applying natural oil. You should take a shower and apply some conditioner to the hair thoroughly. Then, wrap your head with a towel. Let the conditioner settle for 20 minutes. This process will break the chemical bond present in your tape-in hair extensions.


We hope now you understand how to take out tape-in extensions without damaging natural hair. Unlike other people, you should avoid using nail polish because it can severely damage the hair strands. Get an adhesive remover to take out hair extensions without causing any harm.

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