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Bleach Knots on Wig: 4 Simple Steps on How to Do It

Bleach Knots on Wig: 4 Simple Steps on How to Do It

Fashion Blog Wed Jan 12 2022

Wigs play a big part in how we look. Regardless of the hairstyle we want to achieve, the wigs we should use must look all-natural, like they naturally grew in our scalp. This is the reason why we need to bleach knots on wig. Bleaching is one way of hiding the visible knots on a wig. But before you start picking up the hair bleach, here's everything you need to know.

What are the two types of knots on a wig?

There are several techniques in creating a wig. One of them is ventilating, where the hair is tied to a lace. This technique creates knots that secure and helps the hair strands be tightly attached to the wig. 

Knots on a wig have two types, single knot, and double knot. The single knot on the wig has only one hair strand on each knot, while the double knot on the wig has two or more.

Why do you need to bleach knots on wig?

You might be wondering why we need to bleach knots on wig. To give you an idea of why you should, these knots appear as dots on the base of the wig. This makes the wig look unnatural. Apart from that, the colors of your wig also matter. The darker the wig's color is, the more visible the knots are. 

4 Simple Steps on How To Bleach Knots on Wig

Before you start bleaching the knots, you must prepare the primary things that you need:

  • - Quality Hair Bleach
  • - Professional Developer (20 to 30 milliliters)
  • - Mixing Bowl (plastic is preferred)
  • - Measuring Cup
  • - Applicator
  • - Gloves
  • - Aluminum Foil
  • - Mannequin's head or anything where you can lay the wig
  • Lace Wig

Step 1 - Prepare The Lace Wig

Have your lace wig ready before you start creating the bleaching mixture. Ensure that the lace wig is tightly attached to the mannequin's head. Or, if you don't have any, pin it down to anything with a soft surface like a foam head.

Take note of the baby hairs on the wig, too. Make sure to clip them away when you bleach knots on wig. Otherwise, they might be bleached along with the knots. 

Then, start spraying water on the hair's roots once you have correctly attached the lace wig. 

The water will protect the roots from the bleach if it leaks or flows to the roots of the hair.

Step 2 - Prepare the Bleach Mixture

Before you start mixing the bleach, make sure to put on the gloves to protect your hands from harmful chemicals. Once you have your gloves on, get the hair bleach and the professional developer. Check the instructions on how much you should put in to create a concoction.

If it doesn't show any measurement, follow the general rule of 1:1 ratio. Mix them well. You will know if the two ingredients are mixed thoroughly when the mixture's consistency is thick. If it is still a bit runny or watery, continue stirring it until you'll get the desired consistency.

Take note: Do not bleach knots on wig when the mixture is still runny. It will only steep to the roots of your wig and might damage it.

Step 3 - Gently Bleach Knots on Wig

When you bleach knots on wig, make sure to apply it to the front hairline. Gently brush the mixture into the knots to avoid seeping it into the roots.

Cover the bleached knots with aluminum foil and leave it for 30 minutes. But check the hair from time to time as some wigs can be bleached in just 15 minutes. You must keep track of the time to avoid over bleaching the knots.

4 - Rinse and Wash Bleached Knots

After you bleach knots on wig and achieve the desired color, rinse it on time. Next, apply purple shampoo to remove the chemicals and tone the bleached knots. Once done, rinse it again and apply hair conditioner to the wig for 3 minutes. This will soften the hair and ensure that it will not dry out. Rinse it after.

Keep in mind that lace wigs are not supposed to be dried through a blow dryer as they can damage the wig. Instead, gently squeeze the hair to remove the excess water. You may use a towel, too, to get rid of the remaining water. 

After which, you may hang the wig and let it dry naturally, but don't let the wig sit right under the sun as too much sun exposure can also damage the wig.

You may also check the video below on how to bleach knots on wig. 

What to do if you overly bleach knots on wig?

Mistakes are inevitable, and one of the most common mistakes when bleaching the knots is over bleaching them. Or, worst, the bleach will leak into the roots of the hair. If these happen, you may follow the fixes below.

Temporary Fix: Use mascara.

Gently brush the overly bleached knots to the affected areas with your mascara until it looks natural again. Then, let it dry naturally.

Permanent Fix: Dye Your Hair

It might be a little frustrating that you need to dye your wig after bleaching it. But this is way better than buying another set of wigs and starting bleaching the knots again. When you dye the hair, you need to do it like how you bleach knots on wig.

In a bowl, create a hair dye concoction by following the instructions on the package. Make sure to mix them thoroughly. Gently apply the mixture to the affected areas and avoid dyeing the bleached knots. Leave it for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, rinse the hair and wash it with shampoo to remove the chemicals. Apply conditioner after and leave it for 3-5 minutes more before rinsing it out.


To achieve the natural look, we need to bleach knots on wig. However, that doesn't mean you need to bleach the entire knots. It is not advisable either as it can damage and weaken the lace. Thus, just bleach the entire front hairline, and do it gently.

You may also check this article How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye And Avoid Getting Uneven Results? for more tips on applying hair dye evenly.

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