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Transparent Lace Wig Vs Common Lace Wig - How They Compare?

Transparent Lace Wig Vs Common Lace Wig - How They Compare?

Fashion Blog Wed Sep 09 2020

Colored lace wigs are designed to suit people with different skin tones such as light brown, medium brown, dark brown, etc. On the other hand, transparent wig laces suit women of every skin color since they are completely transparent. Is that the only difference between common lace wigs and transparent wigs? How do they compare? Let’s find out.

What Is A Transparent Lace Wig?

A relatively new phenomenon, transparent lace wigs have become the most sought-after lace wigs to create naturally realistic hairstyles due to their undetectability and versatility. An average transparent lace wig comes with a transparent lace front wig and a transparent full lace wig. 

A transparent lace front wig is a lace frontal sewn-in wig consisting of 3 or 4 segments of human hair. This front wig comes with a transparent lace that is invisible and perfectly concealed. To create an illusion of a natural looking hairstyle, individual strands of hair are carefully knotted into the transparent lace by hand and sewed onto the machine-made wig cap. 

As for the coverage, the transparent lace runs from temple to temple or even ear to ear depending on an individual’s personal preference and style. Crafted from sheer swiss lace material, a transparent lace frontal wig is designed to replicate the same look as a natural looking hairline, which means you can easily style your hair in a pulled back style or away from your face without having to worry about faking a hairline. 

These sheer lace materials run along the hairline and are virtually undetectable. The swiss material used is soft, delicate and clear. All the hair cuticles face a single direction which makes sure that your wig remains tangle-free. It also comes with a pre-plucked hairline and bleached knots which makes the wig appear completely natural.

As for the length, there are two different measurements of transparent lace wigs available:

  • - 13x4 transparent lace frontal wig.
  • - 13x6 transparent lace frontal wig.

However, the width of every lace is different. For a long pre-plucked hairline, you can go for a 13x6 lace frontal wig.

Features of Transparent Lace Wigs

Made From Real Human Hair

Since transparent lace wigs are fashioned from 100% human hair, they are breathable and more comfortable to wear for longer hours. Only Remy virgin hair is sewn in the wig cap without taking it through chemical processing which eliminates smell. 

Instead of chemicals, steam is used to hold the shape of the wig. Due to the presence of real human hair, you have the freedom to create any hairstyle you wish to.

Different Types of Hair Textures & Hairstyles Available

Transparent lace wigs come in five hair textures - Vietnamese hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair. Straight wave, body wave, and curly wave are some of the wig hairstyles.

Universally Suited To All Skin Shades

Undetectable and invisible, transparent lace wigs are suited for everyone's skin. Usually with common lace wigs, tinted cosmetic powder is applied to make sure the wig matches the color of their skin. Transparent lace wigs eliminate this need and match every color.

Soft & Smooth Lace Material

Transparent lace wigs feature swiss lace with a transparent color. In general, swiss lace is sturdy and exceptionally durable. It cannot be torn down easily and provides optimum breathability. 

The softness of the lace material keeps the scalp free of any kind of itching that is caused using a non-transparent lace front.

Superior Texture

Transparent lace wig is extremely light, thin and airy in texture. It is installed very close to the scalp and hence it blends in well and creates an ultra-natural look.

Benefits of A Transparent Lace Wig

  • Matches all skin complexions without powdering the lace material.
  • Hairline need not be pre-plucked.
  • A great starter option for beginners.
  • Gives a more natural finish compared to common lace wigs.
  • Highly-durable and breathable material.
  • Flexible to be worn with different hairstyles.

Transparent Lace Wig Vs Common Lace Wig – How They Differ?


The biggest difference between lace wigs comes in the form of color as most women seek to pick a lace color closest to their skin tone. If you choose a common lace wig, first you need to struggle to find the color that best matches your skin tone. If you fail to find one, you need to apply concealers or powders to adjust the color.

On the other hand, the lace color of the transparent lace wig is transparent and undetectable. It is suitable for any skin and is integrated close to the hairline making the hairline practically invisible.


The final look of the wig is as important to the wearer as is any other part. The transparent lace wigs are much thinner compared to the thickness of the common lace wigs. This makes transparent laces indistinguishable from your real scalp resulting in an invisible hairline and more natural appearance.


Transparent lace wigs have tiny, undetectable knots along the hairline compared to regular lace wigs that are a lot bigger. 

Since the knots are so small and all hair is tied with single knots, there arises no need to bleach the knots to maintain a natural appearance.

Final Thoughts – Which One Is Better?

As wigs came to be known as a trendy accessory so did the laces. The continuous development of the wig industry gave rise to a variety of lace wigs hitting the market to strive and meet the needs of different groups of people. 

In the face of front lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, medium brown lace wigs, transparent lace wigs stand as a profitable investment above the rest. 

Due to its natural appearance, invisibility and high durability, transparent lace wigs check all the boxes of a wig wearer’s requirements and are a must-have to accompany those thick, shiny tresses of wigs.

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