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Guide To Putting On African American Wigs For Small Heads

Guide To Putting On African American Wigs For Small Heads

Fashion Blog Thu Oct 21 2021

Are you facing a problem in finding wigs for small heads? Most people are looking to buy African American wigs for small heads but don’t know to find synthetic hair that enhances their appearance. In this guide, we will discover different types of African American wigs available for small heads. You will also learn the best way to wear these synthetic wigs. Finding a perfect wig is not an easy task for many people. Those who have small faces and heads will face some difficulty in picking an African American wig from the store. However, if you are unable to choose a wig, then it doesn’t mean there is a lack of a perfect wig for the head size. You need to keep certain things in mind while searching for the correct wig for a small head. Moreover, you must get the help of a professional in the selection process.

Types Of African American Wigs For Small Heads

1 - Pixie Hair Type

This type of wig enhances the appearance of a person with a small head. Pixie wigs are trending on social media platforms. Customers get a cult and classic look after wearing these elegant wigs. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining the hair units.

If you have blonde-colored hair, choosing a pixie hair type will be the best option. Customers buy this type of wigs full-heartedly because these synthetic hairs are easy to use and carry.

2 - Stylish Medium-Length Wig With Bangs

Those who have little faces should choose medium-length wigs with bangs. The wig length should be long enough to touch your shoulder perfectly. Short wigs might not enhance the appearance of people with small face shapes. The Hair unit looks immensely spirited and shiny. You can wear this funky hairpiece suit for various types of functions and occasions.

3 - Lace Front, Hand Tied Wig

This type is another example of African American wigs that are perfect for customers with small faces. This hairpiece improves the appearance of the person. The material used to create these wigs is usually top-notch.

Points To Be Considered

You need to remember certain things while selecting African American wigs for small heads. Firstly, the wig should match your expectation. Look for stylish and trendy wigs online. If you ignore this basic requirement while selecting a wig, it will look untidy and unappealing. Get suggestions from the experts who might inform you about the best wigs and hairpieces available for small heads.

How To Measure The Head Size?

You have to use tape to measure the exact size of the head. Take the perfect measurement along the hairlines. Once you get the perfect measurement, the task of finding the wig will become easier. You need to find the hair replacement unit online or at a store. A technician might be able to help you in the store in choosing a dainty and attractive hairpiece.

How To Wear African American Wigs For Small Heads?

1 - Prep And Flatten Your Hair Under A Wig Cap

Wig caps are essential because they can protect natural hair from getting harmed in wearing the synthetic hair. You need to ensure the normal hair is as flat as possible. If your hair is not flattened, the wig won’t sit naturally and appear like a hump on the head. Since flat twists are easily created and removed, you can wear the hair in a flat twist.

Furthermore, some people braid their hair while others with short hair slick it back using gel or mousse. You need to remember that the better the foundation is applied before wearing the synthetic hair, the better the wig will appear.

You must be careful while choosing a wig cap to protect the natural hair. Select a nude cap that can match your skin tone and look natural. Alternatively, you can try different colors of wigs before finding the best one.

2 - Apply Powder That Matches The Skin Tone

Before wearing the wig cap, you need to apply a powder that matches the skin tone. Generally, this is an essential step to make them look natural after wearing synthetic hair with a lace front parting. You have to apply powder properly to make the cap look like the scalp. The powder that you choose shouldn’t oxidize.

3 - Place The Wig On Your Head

The easiest step is to place the African American wig on the small head. You won’t face any issues when the hair is braided and twisted. If you place the wig properly, it won’t move in the wrong direction.

4 - Adjust The Wig

If your wig has a pre-made center part, shift the synthetic hair to make it a side part. Those who have synthetic closure hair will be able to skip this step. Since the wig has space, you can re-part the hair.

5 - Secure Your Wig

Based on the type of wig, this process can give different looks. Those who have lace frontal or closure might need to lie down the wig with heavy-duty hair spray. You can use wig glue for the process. Choose a spray that is easier to use and remove without leading to damage to the hairline. You can tuck the wig to the braid for better security.

6 - Apply Powder To The Parting Space

Applying the powder to the parting space is important to make the part look official. You can use foundation powder that matches the skin tone to apply directly on the part. This process enables you to make the knots on the closure look invisible. Additionally, it will widen the part and make it appear more realistic. You can use an angled brush to apply the powder and create an even layer.

7 - Slay Queen

You are ready to flaunt the new hairstyle. Once you have learned the process of wearing the wig, make sure to invest in top-rated hair units.


We hope now you understand how to find the best African American wig for small heads. You must be able to wear the wig without any difficulty. Always invest in the best wigs that can enhance the look and match the expectations.

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