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African American Hair Clip In Extensions Guide

African American Hair Clip In Extensions Guide

Fashion Blog Thu Nov 26 2020

African American hair has a unique appearance due to its structure and is also fragile. It is easily damaged, and many women having this type of hair experience thinning and hair loss. Keeping this hair beautiful requires effort and time to maintain it beautifully. Unfortunately, we lack time in this busy digital era where you have clip-in extensions for your rescue. When you have a few best clip in extensions for African American hair, you can modify your look effortlessly. If your natural hair is not thick enough, these clip-ins can help achieve the volume and thickness you need to look beautiful. The best part of it is they come styled, and you just need to clip them in.

Advantages Of Clip-In Extensions

Although several hair products maintaining hair has become a challenge. Hair health depends on several other factors such as pollution, lifestyle, balanced diet, and health issues. The clip-in extensions are worry-free and an easy way of achieving thick hair.

- Modify Hairstyle: You can go from straight to curly or wavy using extensions. Changing from one type of look to another kind will be pretty easy without damaging your hair. 

- Add Length: Short hair cannot proliferate, but extensions can make it appear longer, which is an advantage where you can quickly switch. If you need long hair for parties and short hair for work, they get you covered. All you need to have is the best clip-in extensions for African American hair, and there you go. See this example.

- Add Volume: Long hair or short hair looks beautiful only when it has apt volume. When you lack volume adding extensions will give you a volume boost. Choosing the right color makes it blend into your hair naturally and gives you a gorgeous look.

- Color: Along with the above, if you are not willing to dye your hair but wish you could try out a different look, you can go with extensions. The best clip-in extensions for African American hair with colored strands come in various ombre or highlights.

- Washable: You can wash extensions and leave them for drying, apply products, and care for them but do it all without the need of involving your scalp. They can simply dry and be ready for an evening party when working at your office all day long.

- No Shedding: The best thing I love about extensions are they do not shed or say shed minimum. You cannot keep your natural hair from shedding; your clip-ins hold well and do not come apart quickly.

- Easy Process: Installing the clip-ins is a matter of minutes, and the same is when removing them. And transformation is quick and easy, which makes the clip in extensions exciting and convenient for many women.

Types Of Clip In Extensions For African American Hair

There are several types of clip-in extensions available for African American hair. Look for the clip-ins designed with triple lace weft as they are very flexible and sit comfortably on your scalp, making them look less bulky. Also, make sure the steel clips are lines with silicon to avoid damage to the natural hair. 

Kinky Curls Clip-Ins

Curly hair extensions with tight curls fall under this category. They usually are made of virgin hair, and you can treat them to dyes just like normal hair. 

Straight Coarse Clip-Ins

The blown-out hair looks with a sexy texture that suits your natural hair when you wash and straighten it out. If that is your favorite look, then you can opt for this straight coarse look. Several textures and colors are available online.

Relaxed Texture

A relaxed hair look is what you nail perfectly, then bingo; you have them. Straight and silky hair clip-ins to add volume or length; add them as per the look you want to achieve, and make the heads turn.

Tips To Take Care Of Clip Hair Extensions

Like natural hair, clip-in hair extensions do require constant care, but there are some things you should not do and do not do in the name of care. The best clip-in extensions for African American hair, if made of virgin hair, have two years of minimum lifespan and extend well beyond if you care in the right manner. 

- Excessive Washing: Do not over wash them as they do not have a natural supply of hair oils to replenish or repair open cuticle if the hair follicle opens up. Taking good care will help you keep the extensions looking right for two years. 

- Gentle Combing: Comb gently only with a wide-toothed comb. Alternatively, you can simply run your fingers gently into the hair and set them into shape. That way, you have control over the hair and do not pull it too hard.

- Specialized Products: First of all, make sure if you can use any hair products on them and, if so, what kind of avoiding damage. You must use products specifically made for hair extensions and not regular hair products. Even better, use the manufacturer recommended products. 

- Heat: Same goes for heat. Go with the manufacturer's recommendations strictly; otherwise, you might end up ruining your extensions. If you have any experiments to do, you can try them when the wig is ready to be tossed after their life period, not to regret it if it gets ruined. However, do not make any try-outs early on as they may go out of shape.


The best clip-in extensions for African American hair are those made with virgin hair and do not opt for synthetic hair as they will blend in evenly, dyeable and last long. When looking for clip-in hair extensions, remember to check the clip-in mechanism along with the hair quality. That part can eliminate the cheap type of extensions that do not last as quality manufactures take care of every bit of their construction.

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