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Everything you need to know about hair extensions for short hair

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Fashion Blog Mon Aug 24 2020

Whether you have a short hair cut or your hair doesn’t grow long, hair extensions are definitely an option for you. Short hair doesn’t mean you can’t transform them to beautifully long without having to wait for them to grow. It can be a little tricky to blend hair extensions into short hair to make them look natural.

It can be a little tricky to blend hair extensions into short hair to make them look natural. But by following some tips and tricks, you can easily play around with extensions to get a naturally long hair such that nobody can identify. 

In this post, we discuss everything you should know about using hair extensions for short hair. We also look at the best extensions that work for short length hair. 

How To Choose The Right Extension For Short Hair?

There are many considerations for choosing the right hair extension for short length. Here are the most important ones to pay attention to.

Natural Hair Length & Volume

You should have sufficient hair thickness and length to make sure the extension conceals and blends well. If you have thick short hair, you should get a thicker attachment so that they can blend properly and look natural.  A thick set would make sure the transition is smooth and flawless. 

Length & Weight of The Extensions

It is important to choose the weight and length of the extensions so that they are suitable for the natural hair’s smallest parts. 

If you add lengthy and heavy strands, your short hair will not only get strained but the overall look would seem artificial. The best choice is the extensions with low weights and shoulder length. 

Color & Texture

This is quite obvious because the shade of your extensions should definitely match that of your hair to get a natural look. Choose hair extensions that match your own hair color for a realistic appearance. 

When you are working with short hair, even minor differences in shade can make your additions look obvious. It is possible to get a line between the rooted and inserted locks. 

To make sure you get a good texture with your hair extensions, you can consider adding lowlight, highlight or funky colors. Don’t forget to match the texture of the supplement and the natural hair so that both of them look the same. Avoid any big variations which can appear to be fake. 

What Extensions Are Best For Short Hair?

While hair extensions work great, it is a bit difficult and confusing to pick the right extensions at times, particularly for short hair. This is why we have listed the hottest and the best extensions for short-haired beauties out there. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions

The most popular type of hair extensions is clip-in as it is extremely easy and the most inexpensive. You need a minimum of 3 inches of natural hair to cover the clip base and attach the clips without discomfort. 

This is the easiest method for those who want to get started with extensions for short hair. There are many options for clip-in hair extensions, and you can choose the one that appeals the most to you. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions

While it is true that the longer your hair, the easier it is to blend tape extensions, tape-in extensions are certainly a better option than clip-in for short hair. This is because this type of extension has damage-free, invisible tapes. 

Tape-ins also don’t tug or pull your natural hair, so it is better for thin, short hair. If you opt for transparent tape, the portion of the attachment near the hair looks almost unnoticeable.  

Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Also known as I-tip, stick tip hair extensions can be installed on 2.5 inches or longer hair. 

This type is a little more flexible as compared to tape-in extensions as they are attached strand-by-strand using a cold-fusion method. 

Hair Weaves & Wefts

Weft extensions offer better flexibility by allowing you to choose the application method. This type requires a minimum length of 3 inches. However, it is necessary to get the work done by a skilled stylist to ensure proper blending. 

The professional can transform this extension into tape-in or clip-in form. Blending wefts and weaves actually depends on the haircut. 

Micro Ring Loop Extensions

This type of hair extensions works great for short, thick hair and give a natural blend. As they lie flat on the head and are almost invisible, they suit very short hair length. 

However, it is important to make sure that the micro rings match the shade of your hair or it can be visible for short hair. When done correctly, this hair extension would give you a longer, thicker, natural looking hair. 

Keratin Hair Extensions

U-Tip or keratin hair extensions are the best choice for short hair as they require only 2 inches of hair to blend properly. As they are attached with the help of hot pliers, the range depends a lot on the technique used and the stylist performing it. 

Professional hair stylists can attach U-tips on very short hair. Fusion strands are attached strand-by-strand and they blend perfectly because there are no clips, tapes or loops. 

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

The trickiest part of using hair extensions for short hair is blending them with the hair. This depends much on the style and cut of the hair. For example, if you have a blunt haircut, you should choose thicker hair extensions as they can easily blend the transition between the extensions and the end of your blunt cut hair. For this type of very short haircut, you can try trimming or cutting your extensions so that they fit better. 

Another important trick to hide extensions perfectly with short hair is layering. If you try to add long extensions to very short hair, it can look obvious and unnatural. Trimming and layering the extension and your own hair would make a real difference to how natural they look. 

It is a good idea to get them trimmed by a professional who has prior experience working with extensions. Creating natural curls or waves would help hide the extensions for a more natural look. 

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