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Learn How to Store Hair Extensions Properly?

Learn How to Store Hair Extensions Properly?

Fashion Blog Tue Aug 31 2021

So you have got beautiful hair extensions but have no idea how to store them. It doesn’t matter if the hair extensions are curled or heavy; if one can’t take care of it in a customary manner, the attractive appearance might not last long. Thus, everyone needs to know how to store hair extensions to increase their longevity. In this article, we will share everything one must know to store hair extensions properly. Firstly, let’s discuss some benefits of safely storing hair extensions.

Benefits Of Storing Hair Extensions

1 - Extensions Remain Wearable

If you store the hair extensions properly, they will be more wearable. When girls are not using the extensions, they need to store them not to lose their beauty.

2 - No Detangling Required

When one stores the extensions, there is no need to later deal with tangled hairs. If you don’t store the extensions later, there will be a tangled mess of the hair which can be annoying. Girls might not be able to untangle it without damaging the extension. Even if they try to detangle, it will take a lot of time.

Things To Keep In Mind

Although it is extremely important to store the hair extensions properly, girls also need to keep certain things in mind to take care of their extensions. Here are the things girls should do for proper maintenance of the extensions:

1 - Whenever you wash the extensions, leave them to air dry. Girls, who are using blow dryers to make the extensions dry, should make sure that the dryers won’t tangle the hair.

2 - Before you comb the extensions, use a hair iron on them to make them straight.

3 - While storing, ensure that the extensions are completely dry because the wet extensions can absorb the dirt quickly. Wet extensions can easily attract bacteria. You should not put the hair extensions in a place that has a lot of moisture.

4 - When you are not using the extensions, keep them away from the UV rays.

How To Store Hair Extensions?

Here are the effortless and effective ways to store hair extensions:

1 - Keep Them In A Box

The easiest way to store hair extension is in a box. If you are not using hair extensions regularly, store them in the box with the extensions. You can alternatively use shoeboxes to put hair extensions.

Here is the step-by-step method to store it in a box:

Gently brush the extensions until it becomes smooth.

Twist the extensions and keep them in the box.

Close the box and put it inside a closet.

2 - Make The Best Use Of Hair Extension Hangers

You can use hair extension hangers to store it. These hangers are particularly created for extensions. If you don’t want to spend money on these hangers, alternatively use regular hangers.

Hangers will be the best option for girls who use clip-in wefts daily. It will prevent the hair extensions from getting damaged. Additionally, you can take the extensions out easily whenever required.

Here is the step by step way to find out how to store hair extensions using a hanger:

You need to brush the hair extensions properly to ensure they won’t get tangled. Ensure the extensions have become smooth.

Place it in a hanger and put it inside your closet.

3 - Give A Try To Hair Storage Bags

You will be amazed to find that there are bags that are particularly made for storing hair extensions. If the extensions are expensive, then you must take care of them by investing in these bags. These bags come with hangers which girls can use to clip the extensions.

Here is the step by step method girls can follow to store their extensions:

You should use the hanger to clip the hair extensions.

Place the hanger with the extensions in the bag. Ensure to zip the bag properly.

Put the bag in a closet where you can find a good amount of space.

4 - Create Extension Storage By Yourself

If you have any spare boxes, use them to store hair extensions. You can also place it in a drawer which can keep the hair extensions beautiful. However, ensure that you are not keeping the hair extensions in a tight-sealed container.

Step By Step Guide To Store Hair Extensions

Here is the step by step way on how to store hair extensions:

Girls need to find a drawer where the hair extensions can be kept. They need to ensure the length of the drawer is perfect for the length of the hair.

They should place a towel at the bottom of the drawer to ensure the hair extensions remain clean.

They need to lay the extensions in a U shape with care.

Right Way To Carry Hair Extensions While Traveling

While traveling, girls will surely want to carry hair extensions so that they can look amazing. But they need to know the best way to store hair extensions without causing any damage.

Here is how to store hair extensions for traveling:

You should keep the extensions in a box.

Put the box in a suitcase which has enough space for the box.

If you can’t put it in the suitcase, buy a small traveling bag, particularly hair extensions.

How To Bring Hair Extensions Back To Life

If you irresponsibly place the hair extensions, there will be many tangles, and it won’t last long. However, the girls don’t need to be disappointed since they can make hair extensions shine again.

Here is the best way you can bring hair extensions back to life:

Fill the sink with hot water. Take some conditioner and add it inside water.

Then, put the tangled extensions in the water. Leave it overnight.

You should clean the extensions using cool water. Let the extensions dry naturally. Girls can occasionally spray some oil on the extensions for detangling.

Gently brush the extensions by ensuring you are not causing damage.

Finally, apply natural oil so that the extensions regain their shine.

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We hope you understand that hair extensions can lose their quality with time when not maintained properly. Thus, girls need to know how to store hair extensions without causing any damage. We are sure they will follow the steps of storing the extensions in the best manner.

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