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How To Defrizz A Curly Synthetic Wig Without Heat?

How To Defrizz A Curly Synthetic Wig Without Heat?

William Brown

William Brown


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Sat Oct 16 2021

There are several different reasons people choose to wear wigs. Since a wig can make a woman look gorgeous, there is no surprise that this product has become an important accessory everyone wants to add to their closet. Read this article to determine how to defrizz a curly synthetic wig and the best ways to maintain these wigs.

Why Does A Wig Become Frizzy?

Let’s find the reasons the synthetic wigs turn so frizzy and unmanageable. Manufacturers either use natural human hair or synthetic materials to create artificial chevelure. If you buy wigs made of natural human hair, there is less need to maintain them regularly. Wigs made of human hair are exactly similar to our hair. Thus, you can take care of it like normal hair.

When you use synthetic wigs, you need to take proper care of them. If you leave this wig without detangling, it will soon start looking like a bird’s nest. We are sure you don’t want the wig to look like a bird’s nest on the head. Now, we should focus particularly on the synthetics and the reasons they turn unmanageable and frizzy.

Those who don’t wear synthetic wigs regularly have no idea what can cause the frizziness. These wigs usually lose their shape when synthetic fibers generate static electricity. Another reason behind the frizziness is the lack of moisture. When compared with natural hair, synthetic wigs tend to become dry and messy quickly.

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How To Defrizz A Curly Synthetic Wig?

There are lots of ways to defrizz synthetic curly wigs. Here are the most effective methods that can have a long-lasting effect.

Use Detangling Products

Place the tangled wig on its holder. Take a brush with wide teeth to untangle the ends cautiously. You can also use the hand to quicken the detangling process. Then, put some lotion or spray on the small hair strands. You should also have a detangler that is created specifically for hair and wigs. Alternatively, you can use an ordinary watered softener.

After applying the detangler, use the brush to comb the moisturized area properly. You will likely find some knots in the synthetic wigs. Use your fingers to detangle them meticulously. Continuously spray the detangler on the artificial item. You should comb the wig until it turns smooth.

Give A Bath To The Frizzy Wig

You will need a laundry washing product for this process. Soak the synthetic curly wigs with the product. Then, add water with a quarter of a bottle’s cup. Keep the temperature of this solution around 30 to 35 Celsius. Leave the wig soak in the water for 30-45 minutes. Then, rinse it thoroughly.

Take out extra moisture from the wig using a towel. Place the synthetic curly wig on its holder. Leave it to dry. Use a shampoo to wash the artificial chevelure. Finally, apply a softener used for fabrics on the wigs while it is still wet. Use a towel to take out the extra moisture from the wig. Then, leave it to dry.

Use Heating Tools On Heat-Resisting Wigs

You need first to ensure that the synthetic wig is heat-resisting. Use a flat iron at its lowest temperature. Clip the upper part of the wig. Then, use the iron to straighten the bottom layers of the hair strands. You should take one small hair strand at a single time.

Repeat the process of straightening the wig until each hair strand has been straightened. You can use a hot-air brush for this process. The hot-air brush is known to straighten synthetic wigs. Additionally, your wig will look more stylish and straight. However, you need to ensure that only spray is used for the detangling process.

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How To Keep Curly Synthetic Hair Soft?

Once you know how to defrizz a curly synthetic wig, find out the best ways to keep the hair soft and natural-looking. Honestly, some routine actions can make synthetic hair soft again.

Wash It With Shampoo

You should cautiously comb the wig using a wide teeth brush. Add some cool water to the washbowl. Then, put the wig into the bowl. Use a special mild synthetic-safe shampoo to wash the wig. Leave it for 10 minutes. Use cool running water to rinse the wig properly.

Use A Conditioner Or Laundry Softener

Add 120 ml of conditioner or laundry softener to the washbowl. You need to add 4 cups of cool water into the bowl. Place the wig into the solution. Leave for 10 minutes. However, in case the wig is damaged, you should leave it for 30 minutes. Take it out of the bowl and use a towel to remove extra liquid. Then, let the wig air-dry.

How To Revive Synthetic Hair?

Those too lazy to spend their money on expensive products can use simple ways to revive synthetic wigs. You only need a wig, fabric softener, cold water, and a spray to learn how to defrizz a curly synthetic wig.

  • - Take 2 cups of water in a bowl. Then, add the same amount of fabric softener. Make sure the quantity of water and softener is the same.
  • - Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle properly. The solution must be thoroughly mixed.
  • - Spray the solution on the curly synthetic wig. Then, wrap the wig using a towel. You should not rub it. Take out extra moisture. Leave it to air-dry.

For best results, you should try this process in the evening so that the wig can stay wet overnight.

How To Make Synthetic Hair Shiny?

Synthetic wigs are unmanageable and often lose their shine. Thus, it is important to learn how to revive the shine of artificial chevelure. Use a synthetic-friendly shampoo and conditioner to wash the wig before using it. Comb the accessory before and after wearing. Use detangling sprays and comb to remove any knots.

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We hope now you understand how to defrizz a curly synthetic wig and the best ways to revive its shine and softness. You must use detangling products for the best results. Use a shampoo or conditioner to wash the wig and make it more manageable and shiny.



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