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How To Wash Hair With Tape In Extensions

How To Wash Hair With Tape In Extensions

Fashion Blog Tue Nov 28 2023

Knowing how to wash hair with tape-in hair extensions not only helps you keep your hair clean and smell good all day, it also helps you to improve its lifespan up to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, there are not many people who know how to do it the right way. Understanding it, I write this blog to let you know better about washing hair with tape-in extensions than 80% of the people out there. Keep reading!

Step-By-Step Guide to Wash Hair With Tape-in Extensions

1. Brush your hair before getting into the shower

Even you get the best tape-in hair extensions, they will be tangled more or less. Prior to washing your hair, it's important to brush it thoroughly to remove any knots or tangles. This step is essential whether you have tape-in extensions installed or not. Brushing helps prepare your hair for washing and ensures that the shampoo can work more effectively.

Brush your hair before getting into the shower

2. Start shampooing your hair

You don’t need to apply shampoo from the root to the end of the strands. I know that it isn’t bad for your hair. But, It’s just a kind of waste. Many hair experts agreed with this. The dust and oil from your hair shaft will be removed when you rinse the shampoo out from the top of your head downward.

There are many people trying to use their fingernails to scrub the scalp hardly to remove dust and dandruff. Their hair will be clean, but they will lose it soon! I recommend using your fingers or a soft silicon scalp massager instead to streak the shampoo through your hair and then thoroughly scrub it. When washing your hair with tape-in hair extensions, don’t move your fingers in a circular motion unless it will loosen the adhesive badly. 

Start shampooing your hair

3. Use a conditioner from the mid-shaft down

Conditioner is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of your hair, including tape-in extensions. However, it's best to apply conditioner from the mid-shaft down to avoid weighing down the roots or causing buildup on the scalp. Look for conditioners specifically formulated for use with tape-in extensions, as they are designed to protect both your natural hair and the adhesive. These conditioners often contain hydrating ingredients that are suitable for both your hair and the extensions.

Use a conditioner from the mid-shaft down

4. Carefully brush and towel dry the hair

Drying is very crucial for tape-in hair extensions. If you leave your hair wet too long, the weight can cause your extensions to slip out. So, after rinsing your hair underwater to remove excess shampoo and conditioner, you should dry your hair using a towel. A waffle microfiber is very ideal for drying hair, or you can use your cotton T-shirt instead. Start by covering your hair with the towel and then squeezing the water out of your hair until water doesn’t drip from your hair. 

Then, set medium heat on your blow-dryer to blow dry your hair. Make sure you apply heat protectants before that. When your hair is about 80% dried. You can use a detangle brush to brush your hair one more time to get a better look. After that, leave your hair air dry to get the best performance.

Carefully brush and towel dry the hair

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Tips To Wash Your Hair With Tape-in Hair Extensions

Avoid high heat

High heat can be damaging to both your natural hair and the adhesive used for tape-in extensions. While it's best to minimize the use of heat tools, sometimes it's unavoidable. In such cases, apply a heat protectant product to your hair before using any heat styling tools. Additionally, be cautious to keep the heat away from the attachment points of the extensions.

Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine, commonly found in swimming pools, can have a detrimental effect on tape-in extensions. It can react with the adhesive and weaken it over time, potentially causing the extensions to slip or become damaged. If you frequently swim in chlorinated water, it's advisable to use a swim cap to protect your hair and extensions from the chlorine.

Only wash your hair when it’s really needed.

Over-washing your hair can have negative consequences for both your natural hair and tape-in extensions. Excessive washing strips away the hair's natural oils, which can lead to dryness, brittleness, and hair loss over time. Additionally, frequent washing can be detrimental to the adhesive used for tape-in extensions, causing it to weaken or loosen. It's generally recommended to wash your hair with tape-in extensions 2-3 times a week or as needed.

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If you don’t skip any sections, I’m sure that you know how to wash hair with tape-in extensions better than 80% of women out there. With Mic Hair's step-by-step guide, you can start practicing at home right now. It’s difficult but the small details will make you go further than others on your beauty passion. If you feel this blog is useful, don’t forget to share it to your friends and your family!! 

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