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Vietnamese Ombre Brown Gold Straight Weave Bundles - MICHAIR

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BrandMic Hair

Material100% human hair

Hair TextureStraight

TypeVietnamese hair

Hair Color# Ombre Grown Gold

Hair length6 inches - 28 inches

Hair Weight100 gram

Can Be DyedNo

Shipping MethodUPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS

Delivery time7 => 14 days after payment received

PolicyWe accept return within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn't been used or damaged. If the items you received is defective, please contact us first.

Characteristics of Vietnamese Ombre Brown Gold Straight Weave Bundles at MIC hair

Our Vietnamese Ombre Brown Gold Straight Weave Bundles are crafted from 100% human hair, meticulously sourced from Vietnam. This ensures that you can revel in a smooth, lustrous, and authentic appearance, without any concerns about tangling, shedding, or other typical problems.

Our Vietnamese Ombre Brown Gold Straight Weave Bundles are expertly crafted to withstand daily wear and styling. You can rest assured that with proper care and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy your weave for up to a year, without any compromise on quality or style.

How to keep ombre brown gold straight weave bundles in the best condition.

To maintain the condition of your ombre brown gold straight weave bundles, follow these guidelines:

1. Wash and Detangle Regularly :Wash your weave bundles every two weeks with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, and air dry. Detangle your bundles with a comb or brush before washing.

2. Use Heat Protectant Products :Use a heat protectant product before using heat styling tools, and avoid high temperatures.

3. Store Properly: Wrap your weave bundles in a satin or silk scarf and store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Where can I buy the best ombre brown gold straight weave bundles?

Nowadays, you can easily find ombre brown gold straight weave bundles online because it is very popular. However, you may not know where the best hair vendor is. Don’t worry! You can come to MIC hair and place an order now. We are a vendor in Viet Nam with high-quality hair and affordable prices.

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- The best customer service

- The price is commensurate with the quality of the product

- Guarantee the interests of customers

- The product is exactly as described

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Kate Upton Kate Upton

08:48 10/05/2023

I got the hair 2 months ago and it looks great. The quality is perfect and the color is stunning. I would definitely buy from them next time.

Sohini Jan Sohini Jan

08:46 08/05/2023

I bought my first set of extensions in June 2022 and I'm still going strong! Love them! They're beautiful. And when it's time to get new ones, they're still gorgeous and I get compliments on how great my hair looks every day.

brown diamon brown diamon

14:04 04/05/2023

Amazing a like this hair is to best

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