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Why Low Ponytails Are Better than High Ponytails?

Fashion Blog Sat Aug 13 2022

Every woman loves ponytails, whether it is high or low ponytails. Most women will agree with this. Ponytails are easy to style and keep the hair off your neck on a hot summer day. Many want to pull off a high ponytail to achieve a sexy and mysterious look. However, high ponytails create too much tension and stress on your scalp. This is because the hair is pulled taut around your hairline.

In the long run, what they can do is damage your hair. High ponytails come with breakage, thinning, and receding hair. Thus, low ponytails are the perfect placement and the perfect alternative if you want something different. Low ponytails are suitable ponytails for healthy hair.

The low ponytail is the style everyone wants to have in their lifetime. It has been used for many years, but it's still just as popular as ever. There are many different ways to wear this hairstyle, and each looks great on other people. 

In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about low ponytails so that you can rock them at your next party or event!

Facts About Low Ponytails

They are great for casual occasions like going shopping or running errands. They look cute with jeans and sneakers or even dressing up for work! Low ponytails are even better for formal ones! They can be dressed with accessories like flowers or pearls to make them look even more stylish.

If you're going to a formal event where it's expected that everyone wears heels or flats (like wedding showers or going out on a date), having long hair hanging down in front of your face might be too much of an eye-sore. Thus, a low ponytail is a perfect option for you to slay at such an event. It radiates confidence and intelligence and makes you look elegant.

But if there isn't any pressure from others about what kind of hairstyle works best, you can always be free to try different looks so that something catches on with all parties involved!

A low ponytail is a great way to keep your hair off your neck on a hot summer day. It's also perfect for gym activities, so you can work out without worrying about getting sweaty and smelly. There's nothing worse than working out in humid conditions while sweating profusely because of humidity in your hair.

Low ponytails are a great way to keep your hair out of your face, eyes, and mouth while exercising. Ponytails also help you stay cool when working out. When you're sweating hard and the air is hot, low ponytails keep sweat away from your scalp, so it doesn't build up.

It's not just limited to exercise; low ponytail styles also work when playing sports such as soccer and basketball.

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3 Must-Try Easy Low Ponytails & How To Do Them

1.   French Twist

This is a super quick and easy hairstyle that only needs a comb and a ponytail.

Steps on How to Do French Twist

Create a part behind one ear. Leave alone the front section of the hair. Gather the rest of the hair at the back and tie it into a ponytail (not the final yet).

Take the front section of the hair that is left out earlier and wrap it around the ponytail. Make sure to conceal the hair tie. Bring it underneath.

Separate a small strand of hair from the large section of the ponytail. Add it to the new section and tie them together using an elastic band.

Adjust the twists to your liking, and you're good!

2. Sleek Low Ponytail

Kim Kardashian always wears this low ponytail style. It's cheek, classy, and easy to do. You can pull this off whether you have straight or curly hair. 

Steps on How to Do Low Ponytail

  1. 1. Prepare a teasing comb, hair spray, hair gel, toothbrush, and a hair tie.
  2. 2. Part the center of your hair using the tip of the comb. Brush your hair out to remove the tangled strands, so the hair is nice and smooth.
  3. 3. Ponytail your hair carelessly (take note this is not the final part) with the hair tie to apply hair gel.
  4. 4. Obtain a clean toothbrush and put on a little amount of gel. Apply the gel by brushing your hair from the center of your hairline to behind your ears. This is to fix messy hair strands and give the hair shine.
  5. 5. Take out the ponytail and start creating the low ponytail that you want. Grab it tightly and secure it with a thick hair tie if you have thick hair. Opt for thick hair ties if you have thin hair. Focus it on the nape of your neck.
  6. 6. Apply hair spray at the top and top of the ponytail.
  7. 7. Finalize the look by brushing out the stubborn strands with more gel.

3. Messy Low Ponytail

This can be your favorite go-to low ponytail hairstyle that you can slay at whatever occasion.

  1. 1. Prepare a teasing comb, hair spray, curling wand (optional), bobby pins, and a hair tie.
  2. 2. Brush your hair out to remove the tangled strands, so the hair is nice and smooth.
  3. 3. Obtain a curling wand and wrap large sections of hair around (depending on how large you want). Take note that this step (curling your hair) is entirely optional. But there is more volume in your ponytail when you curl your hair. You may do this if you have extra time.
  4. 4. If you decide to curl your hair, set your curls by applying hair spray to keep them intact throughout the day.
  5. 5. Grab a teasing comb and start teasing the top of your head. Remember that the crown is the most crucial part. This is to add more volume to your ponytail.
  6. 6. Set the teased hair by applying hair spray. After teasing, brush the hair out with the teasing comb to smooth the hair out.
  7. 7. Grab bobby pins. Pull your hair back. Then, secure them with bobby pins (this is not the final yet). With this, start pulling out some hair to style your look.
  8. 8. Take out the ponytail and start creating the low ponytail that you want. Grab it tightly and secure it with a thick hair tie if you have thick hair. Opt for thick hair ties if you have thin hair. Focus it on the nape of your neck.
  9. 9. Once you're done with the ponytail, gently remove the bobby pins to give a look that's undone and messy low ponytail.


To sum up, low ponytails are easy to style and look great on everyone. They work well with different face shapes, hair types, and styles. Plus, they're super versatile - you can wear them down or up your head, depending on your time!

Now that you have learned how to style a low ponytail, you're ready for whatever season, whether at the peaceful beach or rowdy city! Let me know your favorite hairstyle for keeping your neck cool—or maybe even try out some of these ideas: an updo or braid?

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