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Guide To I-Tip Hair Extensions Pros And Cons For Your Hair

Guide To I-Tip Hair Extensions Pros And Cons For Your Hair

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Mon Oct 04 2021

Since the internet is filled with too much information, a person can easily get confused and end up buying hair extensions that don't meet their different needs. You may want to know whether using stick i-tip extensions is a better option than other types of hair extensions. Hence, before making a purchase, you must be aware of i-tip hair extensions pros and cons.

Pros Of I-Tip Hair Extensions

We will first explain the advantages of i-tip extensions. You will be amazed to find out the plenty of benefits and features of getting these weaves.

1 - I-Tip Hair Extensions Look Best On Short Locks

Several women are unable to maintain full and beautiful locks because of different reasons. Hair extensions were created so that these women could also enhance their looks. Does your natural hair appear dull and lifeless? You should get one i-tip hair extension in the closet because these weaves can provide a complete transformation that a person desires.

Finally, you can get full control of the hair length and volume without even spending months or years on different hair care products. Furthermore, the shine and softness that these extensions provide will meet your expectations.

2 - Great Alternative To Hot Fusion

I-tip hair extensions are commonly known as cold fusion, while U-tip hair extensions are hot fusion. Before we explain i-tip hair extensions pros and cons of installing U-tip hair extensions, we need to know why girls hate the hot fusion method. You have to spend almost 3-4 hours on the extension procedure.

Moreover, you have to get the help of an expert to install the extensions. U-tip hair extensions need to be maintained regularly. You might feel a slight discomfort while wearing the U-tip hair weaves. Hair strands can fall off easily because bonds can melt by heat. Hence, using i-tip hair extensions is the best alternative to the hot fusion method.

The best thing about using I-tip hair extensions is that there isn’t any need to apply heat. Unlike U-tip hair extensions, you don’t need to use glue in the cold fusion method. One can easily apply I-tip sticks using small beads. These small beads are popularly called micro or Nano rings. The only difference between microbeads and Nano beads is that the latter one is slightly smaller.

3 - Stick Tips Can Be Attached At Home

Those who have essential tools and basic knowledge can easily install i–tip hair extensions at home without getting professional help. Generally, this is one of the biggest advantages for women who want to save money in the installation process.

4 - Quick And Easy Removal

If you found the installation process of i-tip hair extensions easy, then detaching these weaves will seem to be even simpler. Find the first bead. Then, you have to use pliers to press on the bead. This process will take a few seconds to open all the beads. The I-shape tip will come out easily after the removal of beads. You can find the hair extension removal process easier than this one.

5 - I-Tips Are Best For Thinner Strands

One of i–tip hair extensions pros and cons of other weaves is the level of strain they put on your hair. I-tip hair extensions don’t put any strain on your hair because they are lightweight. Hence, these hair extensions are the best choice for women who have very fine and thin hair strands.

Other hair extensions don’t suit people with thinner hair strands as the application can severely damage their natural hair. Therefore, most girls with thin hair strands avoid using hair extensions. However, when they use i-tip hair extensions, the volume and length of their hair seem to increase without causing hair damage.

6 - Semi-Permanent

Women praise another great feature of these hair extensions is that they are semi-permanent. If you are a busy woman, choosing one i-tip hair extension will be the best option because there is no need to take off extra hair each day.

You only need to take off stick tip hair extensions within 2 weeks. Then, move it high close to your hair roots. Although several girls consider hair wefts while choosing extensions, stick tips can give better results because they come in individual strands. 

7 - No Damage To Natural Strands

Another important i-tip hair extensions pros and cons of other weaves is the effect on your natural hair strands. Most people avoid wearing weaves because of the harmful effects on their locks. However, they have never tried i-tip hair extensions that cause zero damage to natural strands. You must install the hair extensions properly without using any chemical or harmful tools.

If you take care of the extensions, there won’t be any damage to the natural hair and the weaves. Since you don’t need to use heating tools while installing the extensions, there is no risk of damaging the hair strands.

Cons Of I-Tip Hair Extensions

Here are some cons of i-tip hair extensions that you must know before adding these weaves in the closet.

1 - You Need Tools For Installation

Although buying special tools for hair doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage, some people don’t want to get these tools, which is why it is worth mentioning. Wearing i-tip hair extensions is not possible without having access to beads and pliers.

However, you can easily get these tools from the store or salon, and they are extremely cheap. You must learn to use these tools before installing them because the ends of hair extensions can get damaged.

2 - Installation Might Be Complicated

Although women can install these hair extensions at home, the process might seem complicated to complete beginners. A newbie can easily get confused due to the hair strands and beads. Learn the best way to section your hair, the number of hair strands to put in, to get hair strands through the beads, and to close the beads.

3 - Brushing And Washing Process Is Quite Difficult

When you use i-tip hair extensions, the washing and brushing process might seem extremely complicated. Be cautious and give extra time to maintain the hair extensions. While brushing i-tip hair extensions, you should not stay close to the beads. Start brushing from the ends. You should wash these extensions by gently rubbing them. Don’t tug or scratch the hair extensions.

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We hope now you understand i-tip hair extensions pros and cons. There are more advantages of using these hair extensions than other types of hair extensions. If you have thin or short hair, choosing one i-tip hair extension will be the ideal decision.



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