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Black is the new Blonde: Following the New Trend in Fashion

Black is the new Blonde: Following the New Trend in Fashion

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Jul 20 2022

The age-old question is how to get blonde hair if you have black hair. And the answers are always “not easy.” You will require multiple bleaching sessions before achieving the blonde hair you want. But is it the same with blonde to black hair?

Can I go from blonde to black hair?

It is a simple and a resounding yes, but there is much more to yes. There are some things that you must know first before full-on dying your blonde to black hair. If you plan to lighten your hair again sometime, applying black hair dye will ruin that chance for you. 

Black is the strongest color, so it will be hard to dissolve the pigment and lighten it once you go black. Beauticians instantly notice if you dye your hair black during bleaching. That is also why they ask you first if you had dyed your hair black before. 

Another reason not to use black hair in blonde hair is that you may risk having green hair when the pigment fades. It is because blonde is warm and yellow, while black is a cool tone with blue hues. And so, if the black dye is washed off, a green tone may arise.

The green pigment might not be visible with natural light, but it will appear out of the sun. The color might be edgy, but not if you plan to go black. So, how do you get from blonde to black hair effectively?

How to go from blonde to black hair?

Naturally, your instinct will tell you to buy a black dye and pour it onto your hair; quick and straightforward. It makes sense since you only do bleaching when you want to lighten your hair, not darken it. However, going blonde to black hair is a bit more complicated than what you are anticipating.

The best way to dye your hair black is to do a transitioning color first. In this case, go with the brown shade. If you want a more natural color or close to black, go for a darker one. Hair dyes are labeled “soft black,” which will give you a deep brown rather than a jet black, perfect for transitioning.

The dye sets are highly recommendable as they include all you need from the gloves to the developer and provide you with the proper ratio. However, if it is unavailable, you may add 10 volume developers. People use it for permanent hair colors that don’t require lightening the hair. 

Do not skip the developer, as it will make the pigment penetrate the cuticles of your hair much better. The ratio of the hair color and developer must be 1:1. Furthermore, if you bleached your hair to go blonde, add protein filler to the mixture to avoid patchiness and green hues as much as possible.

The amount of protein filler will When you mix the ingredients, make sure that you are using a non-metal bowl as it might react with the chemicals of a dye.

How to dye your hair?

You may opt to go to a salon to have your blonde to black hair. The beauticians are very knowledgeable about what to do. However, if it is your first time dying your hair and this is not an option for you, don’t worry. Follow the steps below to have a great hair transformation.

  1. 1. Because black has the richest pigment, you will not want your face to be stained. Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline. Wear a black shirt or anything that you wouldn’t mind getting ruined.
  2. 2. Ready a non-metallic bowl, hair comb, old towel, and gloves.
  3. 3. In a bowl, mix the hair dye set if applicable. Otherwise, mix the 1:1 ratio of developer and hair color. If you have bleached your hair, add half protein filler. You may adjust how much you will have to use depending on the thickness and length of your hair.
  4. 4. Part your hair in the middle. Then, divide your hair lengthwise from ear to ear. It will give you four sections that you may work through efficiently. Put the two upper halves into a bun as you will start with the bottom ones.
  5. 5. Wear your gloves and start applying the hair dye beginning from the roots. Once both sections are entirely saturated, untie the upper section and use the hair color.
  6. 6. Let your hair sit as per the instruction. Some hair dye might also require you to wear a shower cap for better development of color.
  7. 7. After the development process, rinse your hair in cold water. You may apply a color-treated hair conditioner, but do not use shampoo.
  8. 8. Let your hair dry naturally, and you are good to go.

Easy, right? After doing this process for the transitional hair dye, wait at least two days to repeat the same steps for the black hair color. Now, you have blonde to black hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is black hair more manageable to maintain than blonde?

Having black hair requires just the same maintenance as blondes. You must be more careful when pulling black hair as the dark color cannot hide damaged hair and split ends like a lighter one. Moreover, if you are naturally blonde, check out your roots every two weeks.

What can I do to have black hair but am not yet fully committed?

If you’re not ready for the significant change, you may dye your blonde to black hair with temporary hair dyes instead of permanent hair color. It will only last for a few weeks and will wash out eventually. You may also wear hair wigs if you don’t want to tint your hair.

How do I dye my hair blonde naturally? 

There are many homemade hair bleaches that you may try if you do not want bleach. One of the standard bleaching techniques is baking soda and peroxide. If you want to lighten your hair, acids such as lemon and vinegar will do just fine.

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Blonde to black hair is a big commitment. Before deciding to go full-on black, you must be sure you can pull it off. If you like an edgy, fierce look, perfect for smokey eyes and red lips, you must go black and never turn back.



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