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Top 10 Best Black Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Top 10 Best Black Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Fashion Blog Tue Nov 09 2021

Ombre hair is trending all over the internet. Most women have stopped getting standard highlights and shifted towards ombre hair colors because of the stunning look. Although ombre hair color has been flaunted by celebrities for several years now, the popularity has shown no signs of slowing down. Many women have started searching for the best black, red ombre hair color ideas on social media platforms.

Ombre hair color enhances and reflects the style of the women. Moreover, these hair colors don’t require much maintenance, and the effects last for a long time. When some people first started getting ombre hair, the color they selected was a lot brighter. Previously, the contrast between the two colors was also much higher than the current ombre hair trend.

Nowadays, most women think that the color doesn’t need to be brighter to look great.  The main reason people choose to get ombre is that the hair starts to look healthier and thicker. Various women don’t like the idea of coloring their entire heads. We understand that dyeing and bleaching can cause severe damage to the hair.

Finding split ends is one of the main signs of hair damage that result from bleaching. When you start trying ombre styles, there are fewer chances of causing hair damage because the desired effect can be achieved without applying color to the roots. Here is the list of 10 best-looking black, red ombre hair colors for you to think about.

1 - Black To Raspberry Red Ombre

If you are looking to get ideas for dark ombre, then consider gorgeous black to raspberry red ombre hair color. The combination of raspberry and black look stunning and amazing. Those who try to dye the hair at home might not achieve the desired ombre hair. You should visit to get perfectly black to raspberry red ombre.

Most women prefer to combine the darker section into the lighter red section that is one of the best black, red ombre hair color ideas. If you don’t want to cause any damage to the roots, then keep the top section black.

2 - Red To Golden Blonde Ombre

When women pick red and golden blonde, they get the opportunity to flaunt their tips and new hairstyle. To highlight the new cut and hairstyle, you can add the golden blonde color at the bottom section. Hair colorists add lighter golden color at the hair tips so that it looks healthier.

3 - Red To Copper Balayage Ombre

Presently, red to copper is the most trending hair color because it makes the hair appear more lively. According to experienced hair colorists, the brighter red color gives the warmer feel and makes it stand out.

4 - Black To Vibrant Red Ombre

One of the best things about ombre hairstyles is that the hair colorist won’t have to dye your entire hair to accomplish the desired result. You will feel revitalized after getting a black to the vibrant hairstyle. Moreover, your hair will look thicker and fresh. Among all the best black, red ombre hair color ideas, we prefer black to vibrant red ombre.

5 - Burgundy Red To Blonde Ombre

There are a lot of women who ask their hair colorist whether burgundy red to blonde ombre will enhance their appearance. We love the effect that burgundy, red, and blonde have when mixed.

One must look at the pictures of women who confidently flaunted this stylish hairstyle to understand how the color change will work on their hair. You can ask the colorist to add blonde color to the tips and turn the roots dark burgundy. After the completion of the coloring process, you will be amazed to see the fabulous results.

6 - Deep Red To Vibrant Candy Red Ombre

Those who have naturally dark hair don’t need to change the roots' color to achieve this hairstyle. Moreover, you don’t have to regularly visit a salon to get the roots' color retouched. If you want the hair color to appear immaculate, then combine a bit of dark red with a candy red ombre color.

7 - Auburn To Golden Blonde Balayageombre

We can’t stop admiring this ombre style because it appears so natural. When the colorist turns the roots auburn and the hair tips into golden blonde Balayage, your hair will look beautiful and shiny.

While blonde hair strands can make the hair appear lively, adding a hint of red shade on the roots can make you want to flaunt the lovely hairstyle. Due to the balayage process, your hair will look more natural and flowing.

8 - Black To Red Ombre With A Touch Of Purple

Although the best black, red ombre hair color ideas focus on two main colors, you can always add a touch of a third color because there are no such rules. According to hair colorists, we should focus on the warm tones when adding a red ombre shade.

Nowadays, various influencers on social media platforms flaunt their new hairstyle that includes a pop of purple shade with black and red ombre hair. The reason behind this hairstyle gaining popularity is that these colors work perfectly well when combined.

You should visit a salon to get the desired result. The hair colorist will change the color of the tips to a red shade while turning the base to a black one. Then, she will add a hint of purple to complete the gorgeous look.

9 - Dark Red To Peachy Blonde Ombre

You can choose any color for the roots of the hair. Dark red with peachy tips provide a bit lighter base. One should consider getting this look when they want the ends to be much lighter than the roots.

10 - Dark Brown To Dark Red Ombre

Choose a dark brown with a dark red color. Without coloring the entire head, you can get the gorgeous effect formed by the dark red shade. Furthermore, the hair will look naturally healthy after adding just a pinch of dark red color.


We hope now you understand the best black, red ombre hair color ideas shared on social media platforms. You should contact a hair colorist to understand better which hair color enhances the appearance and which one should be avoided. Ombre hair colors are best for every woman because there is less chance of causing any severe hair damage.

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