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1B Hair Color vs 2 Hair Color: Know The Differences

1B Hair Color vs 2 Hair Color: Know The Differences

Fashion Blog Tue Nov 14 2023

When it comes to choosing a hair color, there are various options that are available on the market. If you want to go for dark color hair, you might run into confusion when you see 1B hair color vs 2. Although they might look the same, these two are actually different, and you should be careful before choosing them. In this article, we will tell you the differences between 1B hair color and 2 hair color.

What Is 1B Hair Color?

What Is 1B Hair Color?

1B hair color - also known as off black - is the closest natural black color to natural human hair. It’s shade lies between 1 hair color (jet black) and 2 hair color (dark brown). The 1B hair color is the most popular one on the market since you can get it without having to dye it.

Most hair extensions and wigs also have 1B color since they can be easily dyed into any color that you like.

What Is 2 Hair Color?

What Is 2 Hair Color?

2 hair color is the darkest brown hair color, which looks very close to black. At first, you can see it looks like black hair. But when you look closely at it, you will notice that it is actually brown. You can see the hair color better when standing under the sunlight.

The Differences Between 1B Hair Color And 2 Hair Color

Now let's join Mic Hair to learn more about the clear difference between 1b vs 2 hair color. Most people are always confused between 1B hair color and 2 hair color. They look almost the same when you see them from a distance, but different up close.

1B hair color is darker than 2 hair color.

2 hair color has more brown shades.

1B hair color is unprocessed, so it comes with color variations. While 2 hair color does not, they have to be dyed to look uniform.

The Differences Between 1B Hair Color And 2 Hair Color

1B Hair Color vs 2 Hair Color, How To Choose The Right One For You

Picking a hair color can be very tricky at times. While there is no right answer for which one is better, you can consider the following to help you make your decision:

While 1B has cool undertones, giving it a more ash-like appearance, 2 has warm undertones that provide a hint of warmth and richness to the brown shade.

Another factor to consider when choosing between these two colors is the desired intensity of your final look. If you have naturally black or dark brown hair and want to maintain that depth while adding subtle dimension, opting for 1B may be ideal. However, if you prefer a slightly lighter and warmer tone without straying too far from your natural base, then 2 might be the better choice.

It's important to note that both hair colors can be achieved through various methods, such as permanent or semi-permanent dyes or even henna-based products. Additionally, personal preferences and skin tone should also play a role in selecting the right color for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I get 1B or 1?

If your skin tone has warmer undertones, choose 1b or 2. If your skin has cooler undertones, color 1 will be a better match. Also, take into consideration the color of your eyebrows or your own hair if you're going for a style with a leave out.

2. Is 1B or 1 hair darker?

1 hair color - also called jet black, is the darkest, deepest of black, and hair color 1B - also known as off black, is as dark as natural black hair color. So 1 hair color is darker than 1B hair color.

3. Is 1B the same as 2?

Although they look similar from a distance, 1B is a shade of black, while 2 is a deep, dark brown. 1B is darker than 2.


While both 1B and 2 are beautiful options for coloring your hair darker than its natural state, their differences lie in undertones and intensity levels. Understanding these distinctions will help you make an informed decision when selecting between these two popular hair colors.

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