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10 Flattering Blonde Hair Colors For Brown Skin

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Apr 13 2022

Let's agree to disagree that you do not have to be fair-skinned to dye your hair blonde. But what makes dying your hair blonde more challenging is finding the perfect blonde hair color that will match your brown skin. Lucky you, this blog will talk about the 10 flattering blonde hair colors for brown skin.

Different Colors of Blonde

Do you know that there are different colors of blonde? You might think, "What? Blonde is blonde." Well, I thought so too. Here are some of the blonde colors that you commonly see.

Ash Blonde

The first one on different colors of blonde is Ash blonde. You've probably seen this color as it is the go-to blonde hair color on brown skin.

Platinum Blonde

Next is Platinum blonde, one of the most common blonde colors on brown skin. Most celebrities choose platinum blonde as it mostly goes with everything, plus it's not that hard to maintain.

Light Ash Blonde

This hair color has been one of the most sought blonde colors. Light ash blonde is quite hard to achieve, especially if you have naturally black hair color. And because of that, a craze about how to achieve a nice light ash blonde online started. 

Natural Blonde

Like light ash blonde, natural blonde is one of the different colors of blonde that is tough to achieve. There's a lot of hair bleaching and hair damage going on in this hair color if done incorrectly. This blonde hair color is perfect for brown skin.

Beige Blonde

Contemplating whether or not to dye your entire hair? Do a bit of experimentation and try beige blonde as a highlight. Why? Because this blonde color looks amazing as highlights and to check if it complements your skin tone.

Creamy Blonde

In all the different colors of blonde, creamy blonde hair color is the best option to consider for brown skin and those who have brown eyes.

Honey Blonde

Unlike light ash blonde, honey blonde is the easiest blonde hair color for brown skin to achieve, even with naturally black hair. 

You can also find some hair color trends here: 

10 Blonde Hair Colors on Brown Skin

Icy Blonde Hair Color

One of the most seen blonde hair colors for brown skin is icy blonde. Why? Because this hair color suits any skin tone, it is pretty cool in the eyes. However, to achieve this trendy hair color, you will need to bleach your hair if your hair is naturally black.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde has a warm eye-catching reddish kind of color that will ideally look best to people with brown skin. If you want something simple yet head-turner hair color, go for strawberry blonde.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Tired of having dull monochrome hair? Are you hesitating about whether this blonde hair color match your brown skin? Or maybe you don't want to gamble your healthy black hair? Then try caramel blonde for your highlight instead and make your hair outstanding. It's a simple yet vibrant color that will definitely give you a solid sweet result.

Pale Peach Blonde Hair Color

Another trendy hair color we got here. Consider pale peach blonde if you want something new for your hair but don't want to overdo it. Not only does it give a cool vibe, but it also compliments brown skin. Who wouldn't want that? It's time for you to get out of that shell and slay this blond hair color. 

Silver Blonde Hair Color

Ahhh, the craze for silver-blondes. This blonde color is such a pain in the guts and pretty tough to achieve. If you remember, there was a granny hair craze all over the internet a few years back, followed by the silver-blonde.

silver-blonde is like a granny hair color but shinier and lively if you know what I mean. It's elegant but not extra and will go perfectly with brown skin. If you want to be extra fun, you can dye your roots black and your mid-length silver blonde. Stunning!

Champagne Blonde Hair Color

If you're more of a brownish kind of person with brown skin, champagne blonde is for you. The color is neutral, a pleasant color for the eyes, and is not hard to style. This blonde color is also great with highlights, so try having the champagne blonde with caramel blonde.

Mocha Blonde Hair Color

Mocha blonde is a perfect example of versatility in terms of skin tones. Why? Because it compliments all skin tones and will definitely frame your features. It also is a neutral color and looks more natural than other blonde hair colors on this list.

So if you are timid but want a hair makeover, mocha blonde will definitely give you a satisfying result.

 Butter Blonde Hair Color

This delicate, warm hue of blonde looks stunning on brown skin, with a faint golden undertone and darker skin tones. Also, it serves as an excellent base if you're thinking of having some light-colored highlights.

Golden Blonde Hair Color

Listen, if you have brown skin or a warm undertone, this hair color is for you. It is even said that the golden standard for people with brown skin is golden blonde, and it even highlights the eye color.]If you're feeling more confident with your hair, have a golden blonde with a lighter shade of highlights for a more vibrant result.

 Rose Gold Blonde Hair Colo

Can you decide between pink and peach hair colors? Then, try rose gold blonde hair color. This blonde color combines pink and peach colors that will make your hair more lively. Do not worry because this hair color goes perfectly with brown and will even make your complexion poppin'.

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We all want to look young, fresh, and beautiful by dying our hair. There are tons of wonderful blond hair colors that suit brown skin the best. All you have to do is bring out the creativity in you and experiment with different colors of blond to create your very own signature look. 



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