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3 Effective Ways to Get Green Out of Blonde

Fashion Blog Mon Mar 28 2022

Nothing can quench summer better than a good old swim with your family or friends. The sun is hitting your skin, and jumping into the pool washes the heat out. But after a good vacation, you find yourself with the green hair stain on your blonde hair.

Why does blonde hair turn green?

The sun's rays or the chlorine do not cause the green people with blonde hair to find the pool. All light-colored hair, more commonly blondes, is susceptible to this phenomenon. This aftereffect is because of the oxidized copper in the collection after treating with chlorine. Copper is a metal that clings to the hair when saturated. These are removable and not permanent.

Another source of copper in the pool that causes green hair is algaecides. Homeowners use this commercial product to prevent algae from growing. Algae can be found in water with sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food or sugar. Using algaecides in the pool is not necessarily required, especially if the homeowner is vigilant about keeping their swimming pool clean.

How to get green out of blonde with baking soda and vinegar?

People had used the baking soda and vinegar combo in many different cleaning tips around the house. However, it can also help the blonde hair eliminate the green tint.

1.       Find a bowl big enough for your hair with a green tint to fit.

2.       Dilute ¼ cup of vinegar to ½ cup of warm water.

3.       Soak your hair in the mixture for 2 minutes.

4.       Rinse your hair until the vinegar is gone.

5.       Add baking soda until it forms a paste in the diluted vinegar you made.

6.       Massage the paste onto the hair that is tinted green and leave it for 20 minutes.

7.       Wash hair with clarifying shampoo.

You may also massage your hair with vinegar solution and baking soda. The vinegar smell will not linger in the hair once it is dry. The mixture will lighten the color of your hair and remove the metals that cause your hair to be green.

If the steps are confusing you, you may watch the actual application of this method in removing green tints. You may see the result in the video.

How to use ketchup to remove green out of blonde?

This one ingredient solution might be messy and icky, but ketchup works for those who do not have baking soda and vinegar at home.

1.       Wash your hair to get rid of the excess green color.

2.       Pour enough amount of ketchup to cover your hair and massage it.

3.       Finger combs your hair to ensure that the ketchup is distributed evenly on each strand.

4.       Wrap your hair in aluminium foil for 30 minutes.

5.       Rinse your hair as usual but let it dry naturally.

The ingredients found in ketchup, which are weak acid and table salt, can dissolve copper oxide, the reason why blonde hair becomes green after swimming. Furthermore, the red coloring of the ketchup cancels out the green discoloration. You may also use red hair dye mixed with conditioner for better results.

To follow the instructions, you may watch the video below.

How to remove green tints using shampoo?

If you are an avid swimmer, buying a professional shampoo will be a lifesaver. There are many brands of shampoo that are meant for the hair of a swimmer, which mainly contains aloe vera, Vitamin E, and edetic acid.

1.       Wash your hair normally with the professional clarifying shampoo.

2.       Rinse your hair until the residue is completely gone.

3.    Let your hair dry naturally. Do not use a blow dryer.

Alternatively, you may use the professional clarifying shampoo as a pre-treatment before you swim to prevent damage and discoloration.

How to avoid green hair?

There are ways that you may do to avoid getting green hair. You do not have to avoid swimming in pools because you are afraid of getting your blonde hair green and doing the process again.

      Pre-treat your hair

Pre-treating your hair with vinegar can help protect the hair when you jump in the pool. Plain apple cider vinegar can block metals and minerals like copper from penetrating hair strands. Saturate hair before swimming.

      Wet hair before swimming

It sounds redundant since your hair will be wet anyways before swimming. People usually ignore the available showers by the pool, but they don't know that they can use it to wet hair so that the strands will be soaked and avoid saturation of pool water that contains copper.

      Use conditioner

Coating your hair with a live-in conditioner protects the hair from different kinds of damage. Before swimming, cover your hair with a conditioner and leave it to serve as a barrier.

      Wear a swim cap

If you are afraid of getting contact or do not trust the water completely, you may use a swim cap to cover your hair entirely. This equipment will avoid damage to your hair and leave it dry when you are done swimming.

It is better to prevent damage and discoloration than treat the aftermath.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What causes the green tint on blonde hair?

Many people blame chlorine for their green hair, but it is not the chlorine that causes it. Copper is a metal found in the water of pools. When chlorine is used, copper is oxidized and saturates the hair. You must remove the oxidized metal in your hair to remove the green tint.

2. How does red cancel green hair?

Like how purple shampoo cancels yellow or blue shampoo that cancels the rusty orange color in blondes, red cancels green tints as it is the opposite color in the color wheel. Adding contrasting colors makes a neutral tone, sometimes making it gray.

3. Why should I not blow-dry my hair?

After any treatments, most notably with ketchup, it is best not to blow dry your hair to avoid more damage. Blow drying your hair can make the hair brittle, or for ketchup, it leaves a strong tomato scent.

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Next summer vacation, you don't have to worry about getting green hair. There are ways to remove the green tint out of blonde hair. You may also pre-treat your hair to avoid discoloration or lessen it.

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