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How To Take Proper Care Of Black Hair With Gray Underneath?

How To Take Proper Care Of Black Hair With Gray Underneath?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Nov 19 2021

Do you want to flaunt black hair with gray underneath? Gray hair color is definitely in trend and many people these days add some gray color to already black hair. However, you have to try the bleaching process several times before getting the desired color change. If you want to get a professional look, then going to a salon is the best option.

Best Way To Prepare Before Getting Gray Color

1 - Be Ready For The Expense And Time

You can choose any method to add gray color underneath. However, you must be ready for multiple bleaching processes to get a desirable result. You might have to visit different salons to get all the required information. Moreover, there might be a need to purchase various dyeing kits and other required products in the hair color changing process.

2 - Build Your Hair’s Health

Before deciding to change your look, make sure the hair is not damaged. If you have previously used several hair products or tried bleaching, the hair lacks moisture and needs to be nourished.

You should use good quality shampoo and conditioner every week to wash your hair. Moreover, apply olive or argan oil to regain the shine before you decide to flaunt black hair with gray underneath. Always avoid using fragranced hair products or any hair gel that contains alcohol. You should also stop using products that claim to add volume.

Build Your Hair’s Health

3 - Buy A 10-20 Volume Cream Developer

You need to get a cream developer that can react with the bleaching powder to change the color of the underneath part of hair strands. In the stores, the cream powder is available in various volumes that range from 10 to 40. If the volume is higher, it will quickly change the hair color—however, the chances of damaging the hair strands increase.

We recommend using 10-20 volumes to change the hair color without causing any damage effectively. However, people with coarse hair must use a cream developer of 30 volumes because less volume will take more time to show results. Those who have fragile hair should not use a developer that has more than 10 volumes.

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4 - Get A Hair Toner To Eliminate Brassiness

Toners are necessary because you don’t want the gray part of hair strands to appear yellowish. This product is available in a variety of shades, from blue to purple. Even if you are not trying to achieve black hair with gray underneath at home, owning toner is a must because it helps maintain the desired result for weeks.

You can use toners not only to get rid of unwanted colors but also to remove brassiness. For instance, if you find the gray part of hair strands golden, choosing a toner containing the opposite shade will neutralize the color, and the unwanted color will be removed. Some toners can be instantly applied to get results.

5 - Buy A Gray Hair Dye

Various online retailers provide the best quality gray hair dyes. However, before buying any product, checking reviews about the product is a good practice. You should also keep other products ready before applying the dye, like a mixing bowl, tint brush, gloves, spoons, hair clip, and a shower cap.

Those who have bluish veins in the wrist should choose a white, gray tone dye. If you have greener veins, then buying steely gray will be the best option.

Caring For Your Black Hair With Gray Underneath

1 - Be Gentle With Your Hair

You must always remember that bleached or dyed hair strands are extremely fragile and damaged by certain chemicals. If the hair feels dry and rough, you should take care of it. Avoid using a hair straightener or curler for at least one month. After taking a shower, you must leave the hair to air dry.

If there is an emergency, and you need to use a hairdryer, then use it in the coolest setting. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush the hair strands properly. Those who have to get straight hair should use a blow dryer with a round brush to get the result. You must avoid using a hair straightener because it can severely damage bleached hair.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

2 - Treat Your Hair With A Pre-Wash Primer

Most people don’t know that bleached hair can easily lose color when it gets wet. You should use a primer before washing the hair strands to protect the color. This product can help repel the water. Hence, it protects the color of porous bleached hair. You will easily find pre-wash primers at the nearest drugstores, shops, and salons. 

3 - Limit Washing Your Hair Strands

When you shampoo the hair, the natural oil gets stripped, and the hair becomes dry and rough. Since bleached hair requires to be nourished by natural oil, you should avoid shampooing the hair more than once every week.

However, those who use several hair products and usually work out can shampoo twice every week. After shampooing, you should use a soft towel to pat and dry the hair strands gently. Avoid rubbing the bleached hair because it can make the strands weak.

4 - Deep Condition Your Hair Every Week

You have to buy a deep-conditioner from any salon or nearest shop. Don’t buy deep conditioning treatment from drugstores because they can coat the hair and make it look waxy.

You can get a consultation from a hairstylist to find out about good quality deep conditioning treatment. When people choose a suitable hair oil, their hair feels softer without frizziness. If you have frizzy hair, then try using extra virgin coconut oil because it can condition and hydrate the hair strands.

5 - Touch Up Your Hair When The Color Fades

Dyeing or bleaching some hair strands is almost the same as coloring all the hair strands equally. The only difference is people have applied bleach or dye on some parts of the hair strands that need to be colored to get the desired result.

The main thing to remember after bleaching hair is that you need to do a touch-up whenever the color starts fading, or new hair starts to grow. If you notice unwanted yellowish color hair strands, then don’t forget to use a toner after bleaching the hair.

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We hope now you understand how to take proper care of black hair with gray underneath. You should always prepare the hair and the products before starting the bleaching process. Once you have accomplished the desirable effect, make sure to maintain and take proper care of the colored hair.



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