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9 Stunning Natural Black Hairstyles

9 Stunning Natural Black Hairstyles

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Sep 14 2022

You may not be ready to rock your natural hair. Hiding it in weaves and hair extensions might give you confidence and allow you to style your hair in many ways. However, these natural black hairstyles might change your mind about tucking away your beautiful curls.

Loose hair with bangs

If your hair has tight curls but is not too kinky, this is a perfect way to showcase your natural hair. Letting your hair loose allows it to relax and recover from the pressure and tugging. You can even amp up your hair with long curly bangs.

Aside from your hair's benefits with this hairstyle, you will also look gorgeous and lively. It will give your hair a bouncy texture instead of feeling flat. Instead of having a straight cut, ask your stylist to have it layered. Add this to your list if you are looking for laid-back natural black hairstyles.

High ponytail

For those who have coiled or kinky hair, try this hairstyle. Although this is pretty with straight hair, this is perfect for curled ones. Wearing a high ponytail will also give you a clean look as it removes the hair from your face and clothes.

This hairstyle suits you well if you are outgoing or during summer. You can feel the breeze in your neck without your hair flying around and going crazy. If you want to look edgier, add a scarf around your head.

Low Ponytail

What is better than a high ponytail is a low puff or ponytail. If you have long hair, this is one of the natural black hairstyles that will look cute on you. You can effortlessly do this ponytail, making it a go-to for those feeling lazy to style their hair. 

This hairstyle's versatility is its best feature. This hairstyle's versatility is its best feature. You can make it sleeker if you add gel to your hair. You can look edgy by making it messier. You can make your hair even cuter by adding some face frames. Instead of gathering all of your hair at the back, leave a few strands in front.

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Double Afro Puffs

Do you want to take your ponytail a notch? This hairstyle works well for those who have short afro hair. Instead of just tying your hair in one ponytail, this will require you to divide your hair in the middle and tie pigtails.

Of course, since your hair is afro, the pigtails will puff up instead of going down. It is a fun look, especially with a sleek edge. Your hair will look like a pompom after.

Box Braids

Braids are great for protective hairstyles, but you can rock them as one of the natural black hairstyles. Box braids showcase your dedication to yourself and let everyone know you are high maintenance. 

It takes hours to finish, but you can wear it for many days. The braids are durable, and you can just let them as is, tie pieces of braids, put them in a bun, or add hair accessories to enhance the look. 

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Braid out

Once you are bored with your box braid or when it is time to let it loose, another hairstyle is already waiting for you. You must unravel the braids and separate the strands gently, depending on how kinky you want your braid to look. 

This hairstyle is perfect if your hair is not too curly, but you want to give it defined curls without heat. Just make sure that your hair is not wet before unraveling it. You can also do this with other braids and even twists. 

Low bun

A low bun is one of the natural black hairstyles that are low maintenance, and you can do it in just a minute. It works well in any hair texture. You can add some hair clips to keep flyovers in place and add glam to your hair. 

You can wear this anywhere and on any occasion. This basic hairstyle works well when working out in a gym, on a casual run, or even in formal events by adding some hair accessories.

Pigtail Cornrows

If you are used to doing cornrows as your protective hairstyle underneath the wigs or weave, this hairstyle will be easy as pie for you. It is one of the natural black hairstyles that are cute yet easy to do. 

You can do this hairstyle in under 15 minutes if you know your way in cornrows. However, if it is your first time, it is a perfect way to learn and perfect the braid pattern. It might take a while, but the result will be worth every minute. Plus, you will discover a new braiding technique.

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Half-up Half-down

The half-up half-down hairstyle not only works for hair extensions but is one of the natural black hairstyles. Since you will not need to add hair extensions, doing this hairstyle is easy as pie. You will have to tie the upper half of your hair and let the lower part loose.

To add glam to this simple hairstyle, you can leave some face-framing pieces or add hair accessories. You can also make baby bangs if you are more into a sleek edge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is having natural black hair hard to maintain?

If you have been living with your natural black hair, you know it is not hard to maintain as long as you take care of it. Since curly hairs are more prone to breakage, you must use quality hair products. Not wearing wigs once in a while can avoid damage.

2. Do all hairstyles work as natural black hairstyles?

Not all straight hairstyles will look the same as natural black hairstyles and vice versa. Some hairstyles will not look great with your kinky hair, while some perfectly fit your texture. It also depends on how well you can carry yourself while wearing your hair.

3. Should I wash my hair every day?

You can wet your hair daily, but you must only wash it with shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week. When you leave your hair unwashed, your scalp will produce a natural oil that keeps your hair strong.


Now that you have learned the different natural black hairstyles that you may do, it is time to show them your stunning locks. A little confidence in what you have will leave everyone in awe.


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