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Where To Buy Clip-in Hair Extensions

Where To Buy Clip-in Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Fri Dec 22 2023

When it comes to the best clip-in hair extension, we often have to consider many factors, such as price, longevity, performance,... With many options out there, it will take you a long time to evaluate and choose. If you don’t have enough experience, you may not get the best one. Understanding your pain point, I post this list of the best clip-in hair extensions suppliers to help you save your time and money.

1. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is one of the top reliable hair vendors based in Vietnam. With the mission to bring real human hair to every woman in the world, we focus on the wholesale market with a very affordable price.

If you are looking for a hair vendor that supplies high-quality clip-in hair extensions, Mic Hair is a great choice for you. Clip-in hair extensions at Mic Hair are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair, so they are very smooth and lay flat on your head. Moreover, we have a wide range of products with various lengths, colors, and texture.

The price of clip-in hair extensions at Mic Hair is also quite affordable. The evidence is many suppliers import hair from Mic Hair and make profit from them. That’s why I put Mic Hair Company at the top of the list.

Mic Hair

2. Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless is very familiar with the hair extensions community. If you are finding a pack of real human hair clip-in hair extensions, I’m sure that you’ve heard Glam Seamless. They are one of the market leaders with many years experience.

People choose Glam Seamless because they offer very high-quality hair extensions. When compared with other hair suppliers, the colors and textures of hair extensions at Glam Seamless are not different from others, but their longevity is outstanding. Glam Seamless clip-in hair extensions can last up to 7 months with daily use.

The price for each pack of clip-in extensions at Glam Seamless is often higher than other hair suppliers. However, because of the longevity, it is worth it.

Glam Seamless

3. Bellami

Up to the time I publish this post, Bellami have had 1.7 million followers on their Instagram. They are not only famous for their beauty bar but also their stunning look clip-in hair extensions.

Their clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair that is very smooth and soft. The unique selling point of Bellami is their colors. Their clip-in hair extensions can maintain their colors longer than their competitors. Moreover, they can create many interesting colors that you didn’t see in any hair suppliers.

They have two lines of clip-in hair extensions: classic clip-in and silk seam clip-in. The silk seam is their signature clip-in hair extensions and more expensive than the classic one.


4. Hidden Crown

Like Bellami hair extensions, Clip-in hair extensions at Hidden Crown are separated into 2 smaller groups: Original clip-ins and Seamless clip-ins. However, the real best clip-in hair extensions at Hidden Crown is the Seamless one. They are made of 100% Virgin hair which are very comfortable to use without causing any damage to your hair.

The price of a set of clip-in hair extensions at Hidden Crown is not too high. Most standard customers can get one set from them. Based on customers’ reviews, I highly recommend you buy the Seamless Clip-ins.

5. Beauty Works

Beauty Works is a company which not only sells hair extensions, but also sells haircare products and styling tools. Clip-in hair extensions are one of their best-selling products. Although their quality is not really outstanding, customers still buy from them because of its stability. The performance of Beauty Works clip-in hair extensions will unchange in the first 3 months of use.

Beauty Works

6. Zala Hair Extensions

Zala Hair Extensions focuses on medium-long hair. Most of the length they have is from 16 inches to 24 inches.They claim that their hair is made of raw virgin hair and then curl and styling them into some special textures. Their hair extensions, especially the ombre color, are very natural-looking. When you wear them on, no one can realize that you are wearing hair extensions

However, if you want to get colorful hair extensions, Zala is not a good choice. Zala Hair Extensions does not have many colors. They only have black, blonde and brown.

Zala Hair Extensions

7. Luxy Hair Extensions

Like Seamless clip-in hair extensions at Hidden Crown, Luxy Seamless clip-in hair extensions can lay flat on your hair. The clips are properly sewn into the bonded weft firmly enough to use for a long time. Luxy has most of the popular colors such as black, blonde, brown, gray with many shades. 

Although the price of Luxy clip-in hair extensions is not too high, not many people choose to buy clip-in hair from them because they don’t have curly textures. Their clip-in hair extensions are mostly sold for European instead of American.

Having natural-looking hair extensions requires many complex steps. However, getting high-quality clip-in hair extensions means finishing 80% of the task. Depending on the list of best clip-in hair extensions suppliers I gave, you can save much time and money. I know that the list will change in the future, so I will update as regularly as possible.

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