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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair? A Complete Guide

Do Extensions Damage Your Hair? A Complete Guide

Last updated date Fri Mar 29 2024 By William Brown

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From excessive hair fall to migraines, hair extensions have to be the most controversial topic in the massive universe of hair styling. There isn't a single side effect that hair extension hasn’t been roped into.

If you are new to the hair extension world, the horrifying stories may have caused you to second-guess your decision. 

Mic Hair is here to put your mind at ease. We’ll answer all the possible questions, from "Do hair extensions ruin your hair?" to "How do you keep extensions in perfection condition?" - by the end of this article, we promise you'll already be making an appointment with your hairstylist.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

In general, hair extensions do damage your hair. Hair extensions are something you wear to have a better appearance. Its performance depends on the hair stylist and the quality of the material (hair extensions).

With practiced professionals and advanced techniques currently available to us, the straight answer would be - NO, if they are professionally fitted and cared for well. Let’s be honest, if they were dangerous to our natural hair, why would they be so popular?

Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Causes of Hair Damage Due To Hair Extensions

Some people ask the fact that “do extensions damage your hair” without caring what the causes are. In order to minimize or avoid hair damage, you have to know the reason for it.

Inexperienced Stylists

The biggest issue with hair extension is not the extension itself, it is the technique used by the people installing them. Inexperienced stylists can do a messy job, pick the wrong set of extensions or install super heavy weighted sets. Carefully research and pick a reputable stylist who can flawlessly fit in your new luscious locks.

DIY Installation

This becomes even more complicated if you try complicated installation methods like hot or cold fusions. Without hands-on experience, the extensions will get damaged and so will your natural hair.

DIY Installation

Hair Extension Designs

Damage by the design of hair extension isn’t that much of a concern, however, it is still a damage. Damage by design is as mild as gluing fake nails, it won’t make you lose hair or thin out your hair volume.

Designs like keratin hair extensions attach to the roots of your hair with the help of melted hair protein, which is the keratin. These kinds of extensions leave a mark on your hair which isn’t something to be counted as “real damage”.

Hair Extension Designs

Lack of Hair Maintenance

No matter which type of extension you choose, every extension requires regular maintenance in order to keep the extension and your natural strands healthy and strong.

The good part is, they don’t need salon maintenance. Avoiding maintenance can be as simple as not brushing your hair as frequently as needed. If you don’t comb out and separate your natural hair from the extensions, both will get tangled up creating awful dreadlocks. 

After this, your stylist will be left with no choice other than to remove the extensions by forcefully pulling them out.

Not washing your hair correctly can also create problems with your extension. Hair strands are most sensitive when they are wet. Tugging on the extensions or scrubbing aggressively can harm your roots and natural hair.

Now you know “do extensions damage your hair?” and how to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Top 3 Least Damage Hair Extension Methods

Since we talked about how the technique and process can make a difference in damage-free hair extensions, we are going to talk about different methods of application out there so you can make an informed choice.


Clip-ins extensions are temporary. You can have fuller and longer hair by attaching it to your hair with small clips which are sewn inside the root of the hair extension. They aren’t tightly gripping your roots and hence allow your hair to breathe. 

Because of its flexibility, you can wear it when going outside and then remove it when coming home. Also, you can give your roots some rest by removing the clip-in extensions while having a shower, workout, or while you are sleeping. By minimizing time on your head, it declines the tensions that harm your hair and your head skin. 


One of the most popular hairstyles is Sew-in hair extension. With the sew-in method, you are sewn weaves into your hair by the hair stylist. It is a permanent method, only to be removed when it has problems, that means you have to live with sew-in hair extensions everyday until you remove it.

When a stylist does the process, your hair has to be braided into small rows. This will cause damage if the knot is too tight and close to your hair. Sew-in requires special treatment to maintain. It’s beautiful although it makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes.


The Keratin Fusion method has been popular for decades. This method includes 2 techniques: Flat technique and rolled technique. Both of them use heat tools to attach strands of hair to your own hair. Although keratin is safe, heat tools can make your hair lose its natural structure and break easily. This permanent method necessarily requires the owner’s natural hair long enough to cover extensions. 

How to minimizing damage from extensions

See a professional stylist: You should have your extensions done by a professional with a suitable method. Although they are experienced, pay attention when they are working. If you feel uncomfortable or have a headache, the hairstyle is too tight, you have to tell them about that. 

How to minimizing damage from extensions

Protect your edges: Your edges, which are the wispy baby hairs that sprout around your hairline, are extremely delicate. Use only water-based style gels on this delicate hair and moisturize it with conditioner. As much as possible, avoid using heated styling equipment.

Switch up your hairstyle: It is critical to give your hair a rest from a weave or extensions to preserve healthy hair. Wear these trends for no more than two or three months before moving to a different hairstyle.

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This article is the answer to the question: “Do Extensions Damage Your Hair?”. We hope you got an honest look into what it takes to get hair extensions and what is expected of you to prevent the damage. Hair extensions are definitely a worthwhile investment if you are looking to unleash your inner Rapunzel. However, you need to treat your extensions with the same carefulness as your natural hair. Condition them regularly, apply a hydrating mask once a week and smooth glossy serum on days when they look dull.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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