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Sew in Hair Extensions for Natural Tresses

Sew in Hair Extensions for Natural Tresses

Fashion Blog Sat Jan 30 2021

‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the greatest hair of them all?’ Have you always wished for the Rapunzel look with long and enviable hair? Have you been unsuccessful in growing those natural tresses due to inadequate hair growth or no time to maintain them? Well, here is a win-win situation for you! Enjoy your long, luscious Disney princess hairdo in a hassle-free world. Hair extensions give you the freedom from heavy maintenance while awarding you the pleasure of wearing your dream hairdo. Here we weigh the sew-in hair extensions' pros and cons so you can make the informed choice.

Sew in Hair Extensions Pros

  • - The first advantage is that the hair extensions work around your natural hair and cover it. So, your natural hair is protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, dust, smoke, etc., and this protects your natural tresses and improves their growth.
  • - Sew in hair extensions are woven or sewn inside your hair. They give the ultimate natural look. 
  • - You can experiment with your hair extensions, perm it, straighten it, dye it, chemically treat it, and it is fine.
  • - It never comes out; you do not need to remove it at night, and it is the closest one can get to the natural experience.
  • - Contrary to belief, sew in hair extensions pros and cons often do not cover this point well. Your sew-in extensions do not require high maintenance. It is quite like your natural hair, and you can maintain it with ease.
  • - Again, sewing in does not take much time. Most sew in hair extensions pros, and cons guide do not mention this. But sewing a line takes only a few minutes. Doing the whole or maximum area of the scalp does not take more than a couple of hours.
  • - Similarly, removing a sewn-in hair extension also does not take time. You just must break the thread, and the stitch comes off easily.
  • - Sewn-in hair does not stick to your natural hair and damage it. It is one of the most hassle-free ways of having volume added to your natural thinning hair.
  • - Hair is sewn in as a part of hair transplant surgery. Areas that are not having hair growth are covered with sewn-in hair. 
  • - The most crucial point in this sew-in hair extensions pros and cons list is that this method is useful even in fragile hair and severe hair loss. It stays well as it is sewn and does not require a lot of natural hair to latch onto.
  • - The sewn-in hair does not slip, and you can use oil based products, unlike other weaving methods. 
  • - It also does not use glue or heat during application. The glue damages both the natural hair and the extensions by causing caking and clumping with tangles. This side effect is averted with the sewn-in variety. 

Sew in Hair Extensions Cons

  • - Sew in hair extensions need a professional hair expert and one with experience to give a good finish. 
  • - This procedure is expensive as compared to the other available options in the market.
  • - It is needed to retouch them from time to time to keep them looking natural, and this could be cumbersome for some people.
  • - You need to keep the sewn-in hair in proper condition by washing, conditioning, and drying regularly; else, they could get entangled with your natural hair.
  • - The hair extensions are cooked properly to get them to fix well on the hair. Generally, this is uncomfortable during the first few days for several people, and they need to get past this.
  • - If the weave thread comes out or breaks by mistake, you will have to visit the hair expert to have it placed back in place. You cannot do it on your own. 
  • - The most significant disadvantage in this sew-in hair extensions pros and cons list is that you have limited styling options. Usually, this is because of the sew lines called cornrows that need to be concealed.
  • - Sew in hair extensions pros and cons list must include the fact that you have limited styling options with this hair weaving method. With over styling or experimentation, the braids loosen out. 
  • - Similarly, tight plaits or hairstyles may cause tension and hairline receding. Usually, this is called traction alopecia and is an increasingly seen problem with hair extensions over experimented with.

Maintenance Of Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions pros, and cons list must have given you a fair idea of the care needed to maintain your extensions. You need to wash your hair regularly and adequately. Keeping your hair untidy will result in tangles, accumulation of dirt, and even infection and boils. 

Shampoo and condition your hair regularly as you would do to your normal hair. You can use your curler or hair straightener with a blow dryer like how you use it on your natural hair. But avoid elaborate or complicated hairdos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is sew in the method? Is it the same as hair weaving?

Weaving or sew-in is a technique wherein the hair is parted horizontally, and the weave is sewn-in with a needle and thread. The strands of the hair extension are thus woven between your natural hair. 

How long does a sew-in hair extension last?

It usually lasts for about 2 to 3 months with proper care. The sew in hair extensions pros and cons guide above would have given you accurate information on maintaining your hair extension to ensure a longer life for it. It also depends on the condition of your hair, to begin with.

Bulk Up Your Hair, Naturally!

Sew in hair extensions pros and cons mentioned above will help you realize that hair extensions need to be treated like natural hair with regular cleaning and conditioning. Weaving hair extensions is as close as you can get to have naturally thick and long hair.
Though useful even in severe hair loss, the weaving technique is incredibly successful in thick hair that is short. In such cases, it gives tremendous volume and bounces to your hairdo. With little hassle, you can carry your crowning glory with pride and attitude. 

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