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The 7 Best Tape-in Hair Extensions For All Types of Hair Conditions

The 7 Best Tape-in Hair Extensions For All Types of Hair Conditions

Fashion Blog Sat Nov 18 2023

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the most effective ways to add length and volume to your natural hair. Because they are really easy to apply tape-in hair extensions at home, people tend to buy them online without going to a hair salon. However, one of the risks of buying tape-in hair extensions online is that there are too many hair suppliers to choose. Among many good quality hair suppliers out there, there are also many bad hair suppliers too. After reading and researching thousands of reviews of hair extensions users, I will give you a list of the best tape-in hair extensions from 7 reliable hair suppliers. Keep reading, my queens!

Best for versatility: Bellami Tape-in hair extensions

Bellami is one of the biggest hair suppliers. Their tape-in hair extensions are recommended by many hair stylists over the world. Tape-in hair extensions at Bellami are well-known for their quality and multiple tones. If you want to get a unique hair color without having a hair stylist dye your hair, Bellami’s tape-in is an ideal choice. 

The price for each pack of tape-in hair extensions is really affordable. At the time I published this post, the price range was between $290-$500. 

What I like:

- 100% unmixed human hair

- Easy color matching

- Great customer service

What I don’t like:

- Lots of black strands

- Proper maintenance needed

bellami tape in hair extensions

Best for wholesale: Mic Hair Tape-in hair extensions

Established in 2009, Mic Hair is the most trusted hair vendor in Vietnam. Mic Hair tape-in hair extensions are very smooth and soft regardless of being used for a long time. Many hair salons and hair importers over the world cooperate with Mic Hair as the main hair supplier. The reason why Mic Hair doesn't go viral like Bellami and Donna Bella is that they focus on wholesale. 

Having a huge factory in Vietnam, Mic Hair can produce thousands of pieces of tape-in a day at a very low price. If you’re having your own hair business and want to get benefit from selling hair, contact Mic Hair NOW!!

What I like: 

- Variety of colors and textures

- Very high quality

- Unbelievable price

- Great customer service

What I don’t like

- Have to wait a month for shipping

- MOQ is 0,5kg 

mic hair the best tape-in hair extensions

Best for curly hair: Perfect Locks Tape-in hair extensions

Perfect Locks is not a new name in the beauty community. They offer a wide range of products such as clip-ins, weft, fusion and tape-ins. Their tape-in is known for its perfect curl. They have wavy, burmese, body waves, deep curls and also natural straight with a good array of color shades. 

The price for each piece of tape-in extension is often higher than others. For 5 pieces of tape-in hair extensions you have to pay $90-$190. For a full head installation, you often have to pay $300-$500. It’s a little higher than others, but it’s worth it. 

What I like:

- Eye-catching curls

- Variety of colors

- Invisible tape-in

What I don’t like:

- Easy to be tangle

- Only come in 4 lengths

perfect locks tape in hair extensions

Best for blonde color: Donna Bella Hair Tape-in extensions

The method Donna Bella Hair uses to make their hair is a revolutionary system. It isn't hard to find that their bright shade tape-in hair extensions are leading the market based on their quality. Unlike other hair suppliers in which their bleached hair extensions are so easily damaged, bleached tape-in hair extensions at Donna Bella still keep their natural structure.

Come with their quality, their price is quite high. You have to pay at least $240 to own their high-quality blonde tape-in hair extensions. 

What I like:

- Perfect bright shades

- Fast shipping

- Ideal for fine hair

What I don’t like:

- Nothing

perfect locks tape-in hair extensions

Best for colored hair: Glam Seamless Tape-in hair extensions

Glam Seamless supplies a breath-taking wide range of tape-in hair extensions. They offer 343 different tape-in extensions with various colors and textures. Plus all of them are made of human hair, so they are very smooth and able to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Perhaps you want to try a unique hair color and an unpopular length, Glam Seamless will have one for you. 

The price for one pack of tape-in hair extensions at Glam Seamless is really affordable. The range of price is between $149-$249.

What I like:

- Various colors, lengths and shapes.

- Many unique shades

What I don’t like:

- Easy to tangle and shedding

- Cannot return the products

glam seamless tape-in hair extensions

Best for softness: Indique Tape-in hair extensions

Indique tape-in hair extensions are honestly amazing. Their hair is pure and made from 100% virgin hair. That’s why you can feel its smoothness once you touch it. They also use unique adhesive for their tape-in hair extensions to make it last longer on your hair. 

In general, their price is acceptable. You can buy their tape-in hair extensions at about $100 or even $80 in a sale event.

What I like:

- The softness and smoothness

- Providing a natural look

What I don’t like:

- Not many shades

- The quality is not the same for each pack

- The curl pattern will turn wavy after 2-3 times of washing.

Indique Tape-in hair extensions

Best for invisible look: Beauty Work Tape-in hair extensions

Beauty Work is a hair extension brand with many years of experience. They have two types of hair extensions: Invisi Tape and SlimLine Tape, which won an award of “Best European Hair Extensions” . Both of them allow you to get a very natural look with only a very small amount of adhesive.

The price for each pack of SlimLine Tape is from $165 to $290, while the price for each pack of Invisi Tape is higher, about $270 for one.

What I like:

- Very long lasting

- Blend seamlessly with your natural hair

- Very lightweight

What I don’t like:

- Don’t have many shades

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