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How To Dye Clip-In Hair Extensions?

How To Dye Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Fashion Blog Wed Jul 15 2020

How many ways to dye our clip-in hair extensions? As you know, hair extensions are different with tape-in hair extensions or tip hair extensions, and they are also different with other types of hair such as: weave hair and other types of wigs like lace closure and lace frontal. So, are there any distictions in dyeing clip-in hair extensions with other kinds of hair products? What do we need to prepare before dying our clip-in hair extensions and how do we take care of them in the proper way is what we disuss in this article.

Basically, there is not too much differences between the dying processes of the clip-in hair extensions with that of other types of hair extensions. If a clip-in hair extenion doesn’t match with your hair color and it can’t blend well with you real hair that you expect. This is the great solution for you. Just dye your hair at home. In fact, like a standard human hair, you can just dye them to your preferred shade.

You can make your hair extensions darker or changing tones of your clip-in hair extensions. It is a simple home process for your hair extensions.


Before you start, just check your clip-in hair extensions. It is important to make sure that you had bought your own human clip-in hair extensions. If your clip-in hair extensions are not made of human natural hair, it can be difficult to be colored succesfully, following this way!


One other note that you might need to remember is if you want to lighten or highlight your human hair extensions, you should go to hair salon to meet a professional stylist. Even that you can do it at home on your own, but the risk of failure is quite high and it will, of course, be a harder process that can damage your clip-in hair extensions.


1. What do we need to prepare for the dying procedure?

Here is what we need to have before starting the dying process.

Color bowl and brush

Hair color gloves

Tin foil

Plastic wrap

Wide-tooth comb



Moreover, there exists two more very essential products in this dying procedure: that is the color and the developer. Joico Vero K-Pak Hair Color and Joico VERO K-Pak Veroxide Gentle Developer are good choices; the color comes in a variety of shades that are vibrant and long-lasting.


Select a color from a professional hair color and developer line. A boxed color from a drugstore doesn't give you the option to choose the developer that you will use on your hair extensions, and that's what you want. A 10-volume developer or a demi-permanent color is best. You can use 20-volume developer if necessary, but avoid 30- and 40-volume developers as they will damage your hair extensions if you're not careful.


2. Organize Your Workspace and Mix Color

Before you dye your clip in hair extensions, you will comb them through to remove the tangle before you turn to the next step. Brush your clip-in hair extensions gently and then, follow the instruction of the manufacturer, prepare your color and mix colors with equal parts in a bowl and mix them with the developper. (Most color is made by mixing equal parts color and developer.) You'll need approximately 3–5 ounces of prepared color for your extensions, but more color may be necessary depending on the length. Then you don’t need to wash it, use a comb to detangle your clip-in hair extensions. Next, lay them across the tin foil. Finally, you can let them dry freely, do not color your hair extensions while they're wet.


It would be the best if you can set up a workplace as a large counter or table space with plenty of room to work comfortably. The room that you do your color to your hair extensions should be in the light room, both warm and well-lit. Spread the sheets of tin foil across your work area to prevent staining your workspace from the color.


3. Apply the Color

Next step, you need to use hair color gloves and color brush. Devide your hair extensions into some sections. Apply the color to each section of your hair extensions. Do the color from top to ends and coat them in the whole side of your hair extensions, be sure not to leave any parts undone. Wait until the color cover completely the extensions. There's no room for error here, and it's far better to use too much color, rather than not enough. Start at the top of the extension moving downward to the ends, following the natural fall of the hair. Note that do not applying the color upwards. This can damage your hair extensions and leave them frizzy and tangling. And don’t leave the part that is very close to the clips at the top behind. Some customers forget this part when applying hair color. This can also lead to the failed section after coloring.


4. Process the Color

After you've applied color to each section of your extensions, loosely cover them with plastic wrap in order to prevent the color from drying out before it soaks in. Allow the color to process at standard room temperature for the amount of time specified on the manufacturer's directions, typically anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.


After every 5 to 10 minutes during the processing time, you should check a small section of the hair extensions by gently rubbing the color off the extension with a paper towel. Reapply the color with your color brush after checking, and remember that the hair color when it is dry is always lighter than it does when it appears wet. When the procedure is complete, don’t be rush. Now, it is time to rinse out your clip-in hair extensions. Fold your tin foil in half, and transport them simply over to a sink.


5. Rinse

The rinsing section will be sucessful if you use the cool water at a low pressure, try to use your fingers to work the excess dye out gently. It is important that you allow cool water to flow in the same direction of your clip-in hair extensions naturally falls. Make sure that you had already removed all the color, you can keep on rinsing the hair if you are not sure. A truly thorough rinsing should take an absolute minimum of 15–20 minutes. There is something that you should keep in mind is that: Follow up by shampooing your extensions with a mild, sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo. Of course, you don’t want your color of clip-in hair extensions fade out when you put them on.


6. Comb and Allow to Dry

Lay a towel on the table. Now is the time to apply a leave-in conditioner to each section of your clip-in hair extensions and comb them gently with the wide-toothed comb. Do this step after making sure of your hair extensions had already finished the rinsing processs. Finally, just allow the hair extensions to dry out carefully, don’t use a blow-drier, before styling them, especially when you use the heat tools.  


It seems like these ways to dye the clip-in hair extensions are not too difficult, isn’t it? It is true, these are the simple steps to coloring your hair extensions. With steps by steps, we should do it carefully, to have the great result. Hair shiny, standard and beautiful colors are sure to surprise you, especially when this process is done at home, but the results are very similar to the hair salon. It is very cool, isn’t it?


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