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How To Use Flexi Rods On Weave

How To Make The Best Flexi Rods Curl On Weave Hair

Fashion Blog Wed Nov 25 2020

Flexi rods are the cute looking and colorful soft tubes with a flexible rod running in between. These easily bendable rods are now the trending tools for making voluminous curls without using heat. No heat means no damage to your hair. What’s more interesting is they are effective on both natural hairs and weaves, giving similar results. It is the most economical way of curling your hair. In comparison to rollers, these rods work without damaging the hair, as they have a foamy cushion that does not tense it. Let us see how to use Flexi rods on the weave and natural hair, along with a few exclusive tips and information on them in this article.

What are Flexi Rods?

Flexi rods are soft tubes with a flexible rod running in between. These easily bendable rods are now the trending tools for making voluminous curls without using heat. What’s more interesting is they are effective on both natural hairs and weaves, giving similar results.

Flexi rods come in different diameters to achieve various sized curls. Thinner rods make tight, small curls. Bigger rods make looser, farther curls. Also, there are several procedures in wrapping a Flexi rod. You can use flexi rods on weave and get the same result like on your real hair.

Pros and Cons of Flexi Rods

Pros of Flexi rods

- Flexi rods can create different types of curls, from tight coils to loose waves, allowing for versatile styling. This adaptability makes them appropriate for various hair types and textures.

- Styling Without Heat: Flexi rods provide a heat-free alternative to curling irons and other heated styling tools. This is beneficial for those looking to reduce heat-induced damage to their hair.

- Hair-Friendly: People generally perceive flexi rods as a gentle styling method. They don't yank or drag on the hair, lowering the likelihood of hair breakage or damage.

- Durable Curls: When correctly used and set, curls created with flexi rods can endure for several days. This is beneficial for those who prefer not to style their hair regularly.

- Light and Portable: Flexi rods are light and easy to transport, making them handy for travel or styling on the move.

Cons of Flexi rods

- Flexi rods only work on human hair. People with synthetic hair extensions can style with flex rods.

- Using flexi rods to achieve the desired result can take a long time, especially for people with long or thick hair. The application and setting of the rods demand patience and can consume a considerable amount of time.

- Skill Acquisition: Mastering the art of using flexi rods effectively might require some practice. Achieving uniform and consistent curls can be a daunting task, especially for novices.

- Risk of Knots: Improper application or insufficient detangling of hair before using flexi rods can result in knots and tangles. The removal of the rods without causing damage or further tangling can be a complex task.

- Restricted Styling Choices: Although flexi rods can produce stunning curls, their primary function is to curl hair. If you're seeking a range of hairstyles beyond curls and waves, you might need to consider other styling techniques or tools.

- Setting and Drying Time: Flexi rod curls usually need ample time to set and dry thoroughly. The time it takes to moisturize your hair depends on its type and how much moisture you want. It can take a few hours or all night. This waiting period might not be suitable for those who favor quick styling options.

Weave hair needs little prior preparation before you apply Flexi rods. There are several textures in weave hair, and not every one of them is as quickly flexible as others. Depending on the flexibility, you need to apply the right products and techniques to achieve your best-curled look. Applying hair products in this process helps in frizz-free long-lasting curls.

Pre-Using Flexi Rods On Weave

Flexi rods are the most viable option to curl your weaves as they are susceptible to heat damage easily. You can also use them in combination with heat iron curler if they are made of natural human hair to achieve more dense and voluminous curls. The process is similar to the above. However, it needs a little more caution and finishing touches. 

Below is the preparation for using flexi rods on weave

- Shampooing your hair to remove dust and excess oil. If you don't have time to shampoo, you can use dry shampoos instead.

- If your hair is dry, you can condition your hair or apply natural oils to prevent your hair from shedding. Don't forget to choose the right conditioner

- If you want to blow dry, then this is where you will be doing it

- Detangle them well and comb them nicely and as straight as possible

- Apply the curling mousse or similar hair product that helps in the curling process as per your preference

After preparing your hair, you can put the Flexi rods in to create beautiful curls. When you apply Flexi rods on wet hair or blown-out hair, they form better curls than dry hair. The moisture aids in holding the shape well as it dries on the rod and stays put longer. Get beautiful curls without damaging your hair by using a setting lotion and heat-less Flexi rods.

Process Of Applying Flex Rods

Now comes the actual process of applying Flexi rods. You need to neatly partition your hair depending on the fall of the curls you want to achieve. You cannot do all curls in the same direction as this will dense them up in one place, so this division will help you distribute them evenly. Clip up all partitions and leave out only the one you are working on. Now make thinner partitions in this part, suitable for wrapping on each rod, and start wrapping from the bottom. Repeat the process on each partition, making sure you give them all a different direction to fall. 

The thinner the partitions denser are the curls. While wrapping, you can twist and wrap at the same time or simply wrap, and each method gives different results. There are several variations in twisting alone, which give different results. Also, sealing the flex rods can be done as a single bend at the root end or a double bend at both ends. 

Here is a video of applying Flexi rods on blown-out hair along with styling products. You get a proper idea of which hair product to use in what stage of curling your hair to achieve the luscious and bouncy curls. Also, don’t miss the valuable tip on how to get the Flexi rod closer to the root of your hair while using window motion. More such simple yet handy tips are provided in this video, making you a little more knowledgeable on the Flexi rod application technique than you were before watching it. 

I mentioned a video in the section “how to use Flexi rods on weave?” check out that video also as it contains more subtle tips on finishing your hairstyle.

Leave them out overnight or 2 to 3 days, depending on your time and patience. You can also remove them within an hour or so if you are in a hurry, but the curls last proportionally to the time you have them on. If you remove them in an hour, they will hardly last a day. You must remember that the hair should be dry before you remove it, and if it is not dry, you can air-dry your hair.

After removing the Flexi rods from your hair, you need to gently separate them and apply the final product on your hair for retaining the curls. Some prefer to apply oil lightly for shine, while few others prefer hair serum. Generally, this is also when you blend in all your separated partitions gently without disturbing the curls a lot. 

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