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8 Contemporary Weave Hairstyles Ideas For Round Face

8 Contemporary Weave Hairstyles Ideas For Round Face

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Nov 27 2020

Hairstyles can make or break your style. If you make a mistake while choosing a hairstyle, you might need to live with it for a certain period. So, that would be a costly mistake both in terms of money and style. Get to know what kind of styles suit the best for a round shaped face and choose them accordingly. You will not only look gorgeous but also avoid the unpleasant experience of living with an ill-suited hairstyle. These hairstyles require voluminous hair, which is achievable using weaves, to flaunt these gorgeous looks. These hairstyles for weaves are sure to turn heads with both awe and envy.

Which Hairstyles Best Suit The Round Shaped Face?

You need to lengthen the hair and add definition using layers that structure it. Also, create symmetry using the middle partition and style the right part into a top knot or flowing long hair. Soft layers paired with straight hair transform your look and make your face seem oval-shaped due to the elongated illusion.

Similarly, a wavy-haired woman should keep the minimum of the wave on top and increase it from the length below the chin. When looking for fringes, choose something like a side-swept style. As a rule of thumb, long hair looks fashionable for a round-shaped face.

Slicked ponytails that are tightly pulled back must be avoided. Also, blunt bangs and bobs are things you should avoid. Less than shoulder length hair usually does not go well with round faces and very few short styles are safe panaches. So, it is better to avoid them altogether as when you get too close to your face, other facial features might also play a specific role in deciding the proper pixie cut. This part can be done only under an experienced professional’s supervision.

Let us check out more in-detail about sporting the chic look when you have a round face, just using weave hair.

Updo With Leave Out Strands

Though long hair is flattering, you might not always want hair on your shoulders. In that case, you can still frame your face using lengthy strands with loose waves to create the much-required illusion. This is one of the easiest updo hairstyles for weaves as you just need to part little hair in the front, and the rest goes up into a stylish loose updo. Your weaves will add volume to the updo, which makes you look voguish.

Long Braids

Long length, dimension, and the symmetric middle part are all possible with braids. Moreover, you can go with weaves or quickly add braided hair extensions to add volume to braids.

Off-Center With Gentle Waves

The slightly off-centered part adds an element of interest without deviating much from symmetry. The gentle waves at the side draw the attention away from the top of the face. Pull off this smart yet stylish look effortlessly.

Layered Style With The Middle Part

Layered hairstyles for weaves add an attractive look to round faces. As they have a stylish definition and sophisticated appearance, they give you an ultra-modern impression at work. Add little drama to the flowy layers of the hair with highlights. The layers help in hiding the cheeks and elongating the face.

Side Sweep

Covering both your cheeks means your ear jewelry stays hidden in your hair strands. When you have to show off your earrings or ear piercings, go with the side sweep. This one of a kind, the super-cool style suits all occasions equally well.

Long Angled Bang With Straight Hair

Some people have silky smooth straight hair that cannot hold waves or curls. Long and sharp bangs do the trick of masking the facial view, partly taking away the roundish look. Also, the sharp edge flatters your face, and the angle of the bangs leads the onlookers away from your cheeks. The diagonal side sweep is also known to elongate the round face as it draws the long line with its angle.

Face-Framing Feathered Layers Medium Length

The face-framing layers that fall towards your face and beyond your shoulders draw attention to your shoulders. They complement your fuller face with their sharpness and give a slimming effect by curtaining the face's sides. The medium length of the hair elongates the face, which gives an overall elongated look.

Crown Volume

Hairstyles involving crown volume make your round face look oval. Crown volume requires a lot of hair in the front, and doing these hairstyles for weaves would be good if you can tease the hair in stages to achieve the volume. But remember to untangle very gently as the teased hair can be tricky to comb out, and remember the weaves' position.

Hairstyles for round faces of celebrities

Check out the celebrities having round faces flaunt the wonderful hairstyles that make them look graceful. One of them is Selena Gomez. She can inspire you with her amazing hairstyles. Selena Gomez dares to try a variety of hair styles and that makes her look really impressive. Don't miss these awesome hairstyles if you're looking to rock your hair.

Final Words

The pretty hairstyles give you a new look by masking the imperfections and making your face look slimmer. It even helps in taking away 10 pounds of weight instantly. I believe you will take this seriously now! Remember, keep it long; even medium length is acceptable, but if you only need a short hairstyle, make sure it is up to the shoulders.

Anything shorter than that does not do any good for you, and you will end up looking more rounder and older for most of the hairstyles you do at this length.

These tested and tried round face hairstyles that come across as alluring when experimenting with hairstyles. Pin this list for when you require dapper hairstyles for weaves if you are round-faced. Every hairstyle has its elegance that enhances your beauty and gives you a personality.

When you use these styles to get your weaves done, you will achieve the perfect look that accentuates your beauty by reducing your cheeks' width. The trick is to draw away the attention from the cheekbones, hide them with waves or elongate the face's look using the long hair illusion.


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