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Two-Strand Twist With Extensions and Weave: Everything You Need To Know

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Apr 01 2022

Our hair can do so many wonders and hairstyles that you can wear and still look fabulous. Among these popular looks that most women are going for are the two-strand twists. Let’s get to know more about the style! Here’s Two-Strand Twist with Extensions and Weave: Everything You Need to Know!

What is a two-strand twist?

When you see gorgeous hair locks that look like ropes in someone’s head, it is a two-strand twist, a popular protective hairstyle, especially for those who have curly or kinky hair. The main intention of protective hairstyles is to keep the damage, knots, and tangles in the hair to a minimum.

Two-strand twist is done by wrapping two strands of small portions of hair around each other. You can also add weave to make two-strand twists with extensions. Most people do this because it is convenient, as it lasts for a month and more without taking it off. It is also versatile as you can style it in many ways.

This hairstyle can also be done when wearing a weave. If you plan to do a two-strand twist with weave, make sure it has the same texture and color as your natural hair. However, the length will depend on how long you want your twists to be to go as long as possible.

If you are unsure what weave will suit you, asking for professional help in a salon will make it easy.

What is a two-strand twist?

What are the different kinds of two strand twists?

Two-strand twists or locks have different variations depending on how thick and intact you want the twists to be. Some like their hair to be very tight and thin, while others like their twists more loose but thick. When you add extensions to it, the chunkiness of hair will also vary.

There are four kinds of two-strand twist with extension. Havana twists are thick, long, have a rough texture like kinky hair, and are much lighter than Marley twists as it is more fluffy and uses expensive faux. This two strand twist with weave is an excellent option if you plan to swim as it will not be too heavy when wet.

Marley twists are dense and thin. You may add more hair extensions to it to make it fuller. It has a smooth look, which means fewer cuticle cuts for your hair. The hair extensions are available in almost every store that offers extension services, which means you can install them the same day.

Nubian twists are very tight twists and make a coiled and kinky pattern. It embraces the naturally tight curls rather than making the hair look more relaxed. These are short and mostly use synthetic hair extensions that give springiness.

Lastly, Senegalese twists have neatly tucked hairs, somewhat called rope twists. People like to use the common hair extensions like Kanekalon or Marley hair to have that smooth look. If you are interested in the Senegalese twists, you may follow this tutorial that shows you every step.

Why is a two-strand twist with weave better than other twists?

Among the other twists, two-strand twists with weave are lighter and do not tug hair too much. The lesser tension there is, the more secondary the damage in the roots that might happen. It also does not require heat and keeps moistures in the hair longer. Since it is a protective style, it is also tangle-free.

Depending on how you take care of it, you can wear your two-strand twist with weave for about a few weeks to more than a month. It is low maintenance and requires less manipulation than other hairstyles. The extensions used to achieve these twists also blend in with the natural hair perfectly.

Some of the two-strand twists with weave can also allow you to wear different hairdos like ponytails, put it in a bun, or make a larger braid with the twists. And when you are tired of the two strand twist look, you may unravel the hairstyle and turn it to a twist out. 

Why is a two-strand twist with weave better than other twists?

What should I do before I do a two-strand twist?

To prep your hair for a two-strand twist with extensions, you must thoroughly clean your hair with hydrating shampoo. After taking a bath, let it dry before brushing it to avoid damage. Brush your hair until there are no tangles so that it will not cause matting.

Pre-treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner to keep the moisture in the locks. Apply cream or oil of your choice on each strand before twisting them. To keep the twists tight, you may follow these steps before going to sleep.

Part your hair into two sections: left and right.

Grab all the locks of either side and twist it together, following the direction of the twist.

Clamp your hair on the top of your head.

Repeat the second and third steps in the other section.

 Once they are all in place, wear a satin scarf or cap to hold it.

You may rehydrate your hair in the morning with mists of water. It will refresh your two-strand twist with extensions and reset the form. For a more detailed demonstration, you may watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long can I keep my two-strand twist?

Although making the two strand twist with extensions and two strand twist with weave can be time-consuming, it is worth the effort as it can stay intact for 2-6 weeks. Make sure to wash them and deep condition them to maintain freshness.

2. Do I need extensions when doing a two strand twist?

Two strand twists do not require extensions or weave. You may do it with your natural hair, and it will still be gorgeous. However, if you are going for a fuller or more extended look, an extension will help you achieve the hairstyle you want.

3. Can I twist my hair even if it is short? 

If you have a bob cut or your hair is up to your shoulders, you can still do two strand twists. Brush your hair upwards and do smaller sections with tighter locks. However, pixie cuts are impossible to twist, so you will have to grow them.

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The Two-Strand Twist with Extensions and Weave makes us realize that no matter what kind of two-strand twist with extensions or two strand twist with weave you want to wear, you will still look gorgeous if you wear it with confidence. Make sure to pre-treat your hair before doing your locks to protect your hair.



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