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Hair Extensions and Make It Soft

How to Revive Dry & Frizzy My Hair Extensions and Make It Soft

Fashion Blog Wed Dec 25 2019

How to make hair extensions soft is an age old question which we believed we would attempt our best to respond to. Maintaining that very first silky smooth feeling of brand new hair extensions is something we all face - it's an unavoidable and regrettable truth that comes with wearing hair extensions. Read on to learn how to make hair extensions soft and discover some pointers which you may discover valuable.



Why Have My Human Hair Extensions Gone Dry and Frizzy?


In a perfect world our clothes would last forever and we would never need to change them, our tires would never ever wear out and our make up brushes would stay soft and fluffy permanently. Because same world our hair extensions would remain soft, thick and filled with lustre for the rest of our lives.

Sadly the bitter truth is that hair extensions, like running shoes or tyres, are likewise an extremely consumable item and need to be treated extremely thoroughly and will eventually need to be replaced.

Human hair extensions can go dry and frizzy since they are not receiving any sebum (oil) from your scalp. Your scalp produces sebum, which has lots of great things and is what keeps your hair feeling soft. As hair extensions are not connected to your scalp they don't receive any of this natural oil and as a result can make your extensions feel dry over time.


What Are The Top Causes of Damaged Hair Extensions?

The top causes of damaged hair extensions are more typical in your day-to-day life than you would believe. As not getting any oil to keep the hair extensions nourished and healthy, there are a number of other factors which can speed up the speed at which your hair extensions become dry.


Poor quality hair-- If the hair you have acquired is not from a trusted supplier, then it is most likely to end up being harmed at a quicker rate, as it has probably currently been over processed as this is a low-cost method to produce hair extensions. If the hair is over processed, it will be weaker and more vulnerable to damage. If your hair extensions are poor quality, it is absolutely necessary that you condition them correctly in order to reconcile them.


Absence of natural oil-- As detailed above, natural hair gets oil from the scalp, and therefore conditioning after you shampoo will not be enough to keep them hydrated. You need to add oil back into the hair to stop them from drying out.


Tough Water-- In the US and UK, the water from our taps contains a high level of minerals. This makes the water really "hard" as these minerals stay on the hair after cleaning and can cause the hair to dry. Tough water is also responsible for stripping away colour in our hair, which highlights simply how harmful this can be.


Sun direct exposure-- We all know that we need to protect our skin in the sun, but a lot of us forget that our hair likewise requires protection, as just as the sun burns and harms our skin, it burns and damages our hair. Look for shade where possible and add an additional dose of conditioning to your holiday regimen to stop your hair extensions becoming dry in the sun.


Sea Water-- Full of salt and minerals, getting your hair extensions damp with sea water is a sure fire way of drying them out, especially if you follow your dip in the sea with a bake in the sun. Attempt to avoid sea water on your hair extensions at all expenses, however even if you do manage to keep your locks dry, the salted wet air isn't much better, so moisturise moisturise!


Chlorine-- Much like sea water, the chemicals in chlorine are no good for our hair extensions, they dry them, and can strip away colour. Avoid chlorine as much as possible, nevertheless if you are a routine swimmer, then a regular oil treatment is going to be a must.


How to Repair Damaged Hair Extensions?


When repairing harmed hair extensions, in 9 out of 10 cases damage was brought on by the moisture or absence of it. The outcome is skanky hair, which can be prevented.


LOC Method

A great deal of females want to find out how to keep their hair extensions moisturized for a prolonged time period. You may have seen expert hair stylists utilize this strategy without even believing. It looks like a casual procedure with no thought procedure. However, you 'd be wrong!


What's a LOC Method?

The secret is in the process of you layering products, from the wateriest consistency products to the thickest. This is called the LOC approach. It is an abbreviation for the type of items that you use and the order in which it is applied to your hair.

L represents liquid, which can likewise be water or a watery item

O stands for any type of oil

C stands for cream and its items

The LOC technique is especially crucial if you have very curly, wavy or kinky hair extensions since simply a little bit of oil may underestimate for keeping the hair hydrated, healthy and glossy. Especially when you're utilizing curly extensions to add to the look of your hair! There's no argument, you need to incorporate the LOC approach to prevent the extensions ending up being dry.


How to Fix Tangled Hair Extensions?

The things you do not want to do is yank the tangles out with a brush or a really fine tooth. Instead get the antistatic comb or incredibly large comb. These will not harm extensions.


Start off with your hair extensions towel dried, not totally damp or dry.

Utilize a detangler and exercise the knots with a very wide tooth comb.

Afterwards, condition them. It's important to be gentle with your hair extensions and be patient.

The leave-in conditioner will help you to eliminate the tangles, so you do not need to use much force.

If you have a particularly huge knot, it's a great idea to utilize a tail comb and gently resolve the knots. In this manner you're ripping out less hair.


How to Make Hair Extensions Soft


1. Tips for cleaning your hair extensions

Usage Sulphate and Paraben free products to clean your extensions


Sulphates develop that foamy texture when you are cleaning your hair and it sure does tidy your hair, however since sulphates are so strong, they can remove your hair extensions of all their wetness, leaving them looking dry and frizzy. Attempt our HairTalk variety of care products which are specifically developed for hair extensions.


Carefully wash and dry naturally


Just wash your hair extensions every 10-20 wears. An option made up of water and about a tablespoon of hair shampoo, works finest for this. Very first brush your hair extensions and after that tie your hair extensions together on top and immerse the extensions into the shampoo option for 10 minutes, wash the hair thoroughly before applying your picked conditioning treatment.


Deep condition


Tips for deep conditioning the hair extensions:


You do not require to leave in the conditioner for longer than 30 min. Longer than this will have no additional benefits.


You can use a warm up treatment or a leave-in treatment.


When purchasing a leave-in item don't buy the most expensive item however rather take a look at the components of the product. As mentioned above steer clear of sulfate and parabens.


Attempt utilizing a product that doesn't leave a great deal of buildup as this will leave the hair feeling sticky and cause the hair to knot more.


Make certain you moisturize the ends well.


Wash any conditioning item thoroughly with lukewarm water.


2. Utilize a Low heat setting and a Heat Protection Spray

This is so crucial in order to safeguard your hair extensions from being burnt. We successfully use GHD irons on our hair extensions, if you do have an iron which enables you to adjust the temperature level, we recommend never surpassing 180 degrees and do not leave the iron focused on one location on the hair extensions for longer than 5 seconds. Use the correct brush and brushing technique on your hair extensions

3. Use the correct brush and brushing technique on your hair extensions

You ought to never ever utilize a great tooth comb on your hair extensions, this will harm the hair and ruin the cuticles. You ought to likewise prevent teasing your hair extensions. Prevent blow drying brushes, as they tend to pull the hair from the bonds, causing shedding. So what can I use? We recommend utilizing a high quality paddle brush that quickly moves through knots and constantly work from the bottom up.


4. Prevent blowdrying your hair extensions.

Blowing your hair extensions all over the place will leave them knotty and frizzy. Rather leave your hair extensions to dry naturally, laid flat on a towel over night. If you clean them thoroughly they should be mainly tangle free and once they are dry, they can be brushed with a paddle brush and straightened prior to being applied to your own hair once again. You can utilize our nifty hair hanger to hold your hair extensions while styling them.


5. Do not leave your extensions in direct sunshine

Excessive time in the sun can have it that the UV rays harm the external cuticle of the hair, exposing the inside shaft of the hair strand, causing your hair extensions to end up being dry, frizzy, and significantly difficult to handle. Use a heat secure spray on your hair when you venture into areas with a great deal of sun direct exposure and use a hat to protect your own hair and your hair extensions. Our HairTalk conditioning spray helps secure your hair from harmful UV rays.


6. Do not bleach your hair extensions and avoid colouring if possible

Did you know a lot of hair extensions were black or an extremely dark brown colour prior to they were colored to the variety of different blonde colors offered for you to buy online. Think about yourself or a friend you know who has bleached their hair often times and the sort of pressure their hair took.


While hair extension manufacturers have extremely smart techniques for bleaching hair extensions there is no way to do this without causing damage to the hair. Even your darker tones will have gone through a whitening and recolouring process.


It is for this reason that we NEVER advise lightening or lightening your hair extensions A silver hair shampoo can work to tone the extensions, but even silver hair shampoo used multiple times can cause the extensions to feel dry.


You can dye hair extensions darker with minimal damage, however, we discover unless you are solely depositing colour without a developing agent, there will always be some level of damaged caused to the hair extensions. Rather always dye your own hair to match your hair extensions.


7. Usage nourishing oils on the hair extensions.

This will keep your hair extensions looking soft and tangle complimentary, it also makes it simplier to brush knots out of them, so you do not have to tug at the wefts. I enjoy this one by John Frieda available at Clicks.


8. Store your hair extensions carefully

Leaving your hair extensions bunched up in the bottom of a drawer or in your travel case will cause them to knot. The trouble you experience when brushing out these knots contributes to the amount of damage that is triggered throughout brushing. Connect your extensions together at the clips and keep your extensions in a box or on your hair hanger after brushing all the knots out.

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