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Keratin Hair Extensions Pros And Cons You Must Know

Keratin Hair Extensions Pros And Cons You Must Know

Fashion Blog Tue Sep 21 2021

How many times have you wished to carry long hair in get-togethers? We understand it is difficult to maintain long hair. There is a way you can get long hair within an hour. Hair extensions are popularly used to flaunt long hair. However, you must know about keratin hair extensions' pros and cons before adding them to the cart. Although there are many benefits of hair extensions, the downsides of using them often remain hidden. If you book an appointment with a hairdresser without knowing the cons, there is a huge chance of getting disappointed. Let’s first discuss what hair extensions are and the reasons people use them.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are integrations made of synthetic or natural hair. When people wear hair extensions, it gives an appeal of real lengthy and voluminous hair. If you want to get the most natural look, wear virgin natural hair extensions. These extensions ensure that all the hair runs in a single direction.

Synthetic hair extensions are a good option for people who don’t have a good budget. If you want a temporary change in look, then buy synthetic hair extensions. However, these extensions are not appropriate for heat styling. Another common problem is synthetic hair extensions tangle quite easily. Compared to natural hair extensions, these extensions require less maintenance.

Reasons To Go For Hair Extensions

Before we discuss keratin hair extensions' pros and cons, let us explain the reasons you should use hair extensions.

Add Extra Length And Bounce

Hair extensions are the best alternative for people who don’t have good hair growth or can’t maintain long hair. These extensions make the hair look bouncy and long.

New Look

You don’t have to cut hair to get a temporary look for parties and events.

Change The Color Without Using Chemical

If you want to carry blonde hair temporarily, extensions can look without bleaching any dying. Hence, our natural hair doesn’t get damaged while we flaunt a new hair color.

Things To Remember Before Getting Hair Extensions

There are few things to remember before you add a few extra hair strands to the natural hair.

Contact A Professional Hairstylist

You should always contact a stylist to place the hair extensions in the best manner. Although people think that the extensions are easy enough to place by themselves, they damage their hair.

Hair Extensions Should Not Be Too Tight

If the hair extensions are too tight, they can cause pain and discomfort. People should immediately talk to their hairstylist as soon as they feel any discomfort.

Choose The Best Quality Hair Extensions

Avoid buying cheap hair extensions, even if you are using them temporarily. Good quality hair extensions can be a bit expensive but surely won’t harm the natural hair later.

Take Special Care Of Natural Hair

When you are using hair extensions, the natural hair needs to be moisturized and maintained. Hair extensions add more volume to the naturally healthy. When you are not wearing extensions, apply oil to your natural hair twice every week. Go for spa treatments.

Keratin Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

1 - Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are the best option for people who want to place hair extensions within 2 hours. These extensions can be around 1.5 inches to 8 inches long. Tape-in extensions come in wefts which include either single or double-sided polyurethane tape tabs. Between tape-in hair extensions, the hair of women is mostly sandwiched and stuck.


  • - Since tape-in hair extensions take less than 2 hours to be placed properly, it is the quickest way to change the look.
  • - These extensions don’t need any heating. Thus, you will find these extensions easy to apply without any damage.
  • - Less strain on your head. These extensions are spread over most parts of your head.
  • - These extensions provide a natural look to your tresses. Unlike cheap extensions, these extensions are laid flat against your head.
  • - You can reuse these hair extensions for 6-8 weeks after the first use.


  • - After wearing extensions, you can neither wash the hair for 2 days nor do anything which causes sweating.
  • - Silicone-based products and oils can’t be applied to your hair. The hair extensions can slip down on the application of such products.
  • - These hair extensions should be avoided if you are planning to swim.
  • - You will face difficulty in tying the hair while wearing extensions.

2 - Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions require 4-5 hours to get placed in the hair properly. These extensions come as small bundles of hair. You have to loop the micro ring hair extensions through small sections of the natural hair. Then, secure the extension using a metal bead. Get the help of a pair of pliers to clamp the metal bead around the hair extension.

Alternatively, get a micro loop hair extension which comes with a loop and bead attached. You won’t separately need a loop to attach hair extensions. Let’s look at the keratin hair extensions' pros and cons.


  • - You don’t need heat or glue to attach micro ring hair extensions. Thus, your hair won’t be damaged in the process of application and removal of keratin hair extensions.
  • - You can reuse these hair extensions for 4 months.
  • - Micro ring hair extensions are adjustable. According to your requirement, you can move these keratin extensions up and down.
  • - These extensions can give a natural look by blending seamlessly with your hair.
  • - You won’t find issues while washing it.


  • - Micro ring hair extensions are not recommended for girls with short or fine hair.
  • - You can experience discomfort and strain on the hair scalp.
  • - Natural hair can break when these extensions clamp down with the pliers.
  • - If you don’t get the help of a stylist, the hair can get damaged while you are trying to remove the extensions.
  • - You won’t be able to tie high ponytails.


We hope you now understand keratin hair extensions' pros and cons. You should always use good quality hair extensions which won’t cause hair damage. Buy extensions that don’t require heat styling to attach them to natural hair.

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