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Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair - A Complete Guide

Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair - A Complete Guide

Fashion Blog Mon Sep 07 2020

If your hair falls flat on your shoulders without bounce, we feel you. As a thin-hair beauty desperate for fuller and thicker locks, hair extensions could be your best bet.

However, the most popular clip-in extensions are not really designed for fine hair as the clip-in extensions need a huge amount of hair to hold onto and with fine hair they don't get enough support from the hair strands. They are also too heavy for fine hair strands which may cause hairfall and hiding them between the strands becomes an uphill task.

To save the day we got you a bunch of lightweight and non-damaging hair extension options that are best suited on fragile and thin hair.

Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Tape-In Hair Extensions

A relatively new method, tape-in extensions are installed exactly as the name implies. 1.5 to 2 inch of hair weft are taped into your natural hair in a layered row one after the other. 

While the use of tape may sound a little too intense, these are specially formulated tapes that contain no harmful chemicals. The tape wefts are super thin and ultra light which makes sure no pulling or tugging occurs.

The best part about this method is that taping in wefts does not require large amounts of existing hair which makes it perfect for thin hair beauties.

Tape-in is the most highly recommended option to add volume to thin hair. There's no exaggeration to the claim - as tape-in extensions offer the most natural appearance and pose the least risk of damage to natural hair. 

The entire installation process takes about half an hour and the extensions last for around 3 months.

Another variant of tape-in extensions, the micro tape-in extensions significantly reduces the potential damage. In this technique, tiny pieces of individual hair strands are taped into the hair to increase hair volume. This method is most recommended for people who prefer to wear strand-by-strand extensions without causing too much damage.

Keratin Pre-Bonded Extensions

Keratin bond extensions are made out of virgin Vietnamese Remy hair which means that it contains 100% human hair. They blend in beautifully with your natural hair and are impossible to tell apart.

These extensions are attached to the hair via keratin bonds that are blended into the natural strands using a little hot tool. The temperature of this heat connector falls somewhere around 160 degree celsius which is not nearly as damaging as hair straighteners used at 220 degree celsius. 

Most women with keratin extensions claim that they are extremely comfortable to wear and feel incredibly natural. The bonds are small enough to hide between your natural strands and don’t get white, sticky or soft. 

The process of removing these extensions is also hassle-free. The bonds used to stick the extensions are dissolved into a powder which makes the extensions slide away.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano tip hair extensions are installed by placing small sections of extensions within a nano ring and attaching them to your natural hair. 

Nano rings are 90% smaller compared to micro rings and make a perfect choice for beauties with super thin hair. The rings look tidy and are super discreet due to their tiny size.

Flip-In Style Extensions

Similar in looks to halo-like extensions, flip-in extensions give the much-needed volume to thin hair. For flip-in styles, one big weft is connected to a thin-silicone loop making them highly secretive. 

The silicone loop is placed above your head like a crown or a halo. Then the top part of your hair is flipped over completely covering the extensions. 

Since the entire weight of the extension is carried by the scalp instead of the roots, the flip-in extensions don’t cause unnecessary tugging or straining on the hair strands.

Hair Extensions That Don’t Work For Thin Hair

  • Heavy clip-in extensions can damage fine hair and even cause bald patches in the long term.
  • Hot and cold fusion not only cause serious damage but they also can be visible through fine hair strands.
  • Sew-in or sewn wefts make your natural hair take the support of the extensions.
  • Glue-in extensions tend to fall out frequently or need to be pulled out for removal.

How To Maintain Hair Extensions For Fine Hair?

Wash gently and use a lightweight conditioner

Choose a chemical-free gentle shampoo that won’t damage the quality of your extensions. Carefully condition only the hair strands. 

When cleansing your scalp, gently rub your fingertips against the root and refrain from scrubbing too hard as you might disturb the bonds in the extensions and weaken them.

Switch your drying technique

If you are used to blowing your hair dry, you might want to adjust your heat settings to the cooler side. 

Also, you will have to ditch all the towels with rough texture. Instead, dab your hair gently with a soft, microfiber towel or a good-quality cotton t-shirt.

De-tangle as often as you can

Longer hair with extensions tends to tangle a lot more easily so you may have to de-tangle two to three times per day. 

Before sleeping, make sure your hair is 90% dry as sleeping in wet hair can weaken your roots. As an added precaution, tie your hair in a loose braid to prevent nighttime tangles.

Avoid oil-based hair products

Oil-based hair products near the roots can dissolve the bonds and cause them to slip and the extensions to fall completely out of place. Make a habit to look closely at the ingredient list of your hair products.

Do not be tempted to color your hair

The chemicals used in the process of coloring can weaken the extension bonds and also nullify their guarantee.

Your happy days with thick, luscious hair start here. If you have struggled with thin hair all your life, we hope we eased your frustration. 

As we discussed above, there are more than one choice of hair extension you can go for if your locks are at the finer ends of things. So there’s still hope for your hair transformation.

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