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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Vendors In Brazil

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Vendors In Brazil

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Dec 14 2022

There is no denying that in the hair market, the most preferred hair type of people who are hair extension enthusiasts is wholesale Brazilian hair. Many people have been investing in their hair, and they love it so far. Since the hair market has been steadily growing, hair extensions and bundles are accessible to everyone and can be easily checked out one click away in almost all places. There are tons of online hair vendors in Brazil for you to choose from, but not every vendor is trustworthy. Here is everything you need to know about hair vendors in Brazil.

Overview of Brazilian Hair Vendors

1. Wholesale Brazilian hair is one of the best hair in the market

Brazilian hair vendors is one of the best hair vendors in the world. Why is that? Brazilian hair is of an excellent caliber that it does not entangle or break as often as some other air extensions or weaves. Wholesale Brazilian hair extensions also appear to be incredibly natural and lustrous. 

Overview of Brazilian Hair Vendors

2. The origin of wholesale Brazilian virgin hair

Let's clear the misconception that hair types like Brazilian hair are from Brazil. Usually, it comes from China, some Asian nations, and other global industrial goliaths like India. Hair types such as Brazilian, Vietnamese, and Peruvian hair perfectly distinguish the difference for particular hair textures.

Eventually, the subject of what exactly Brazilian hair actually may arise. Wholesale Brazilian hair has natural durability and keeps up well under a wide range of temperatures and environmental circumstances. It features a soft feel, a medium shine, and a thickness. Additionally, it has a naturally rich black hue that is quite attractive to most. 

3. Is it best to choose Brazilian hair manufacturers in Brazil?

The answer is yes. They are experienced and have good hair production techniques. Brazilian hair from suppliers in Brazil has established good relations with its customers. Their clients have always been expecting to receive the best and top-notch quality.

Brazilian hair distributors in Brazil are really easy to find, but finding a trustworthy one is the hardest part. To prevent getting deceived or conned, hair vendors in Brazil should think very carefully before deciding to purchase from manufacturers that are not trustworthy.

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Avoid Being Scammed When Looking for an Online Brazilian Hair Vendor

Nowadays, purchasing wholesale hair extensions online is more accessible rather than hopping from mall to mall to find the perfect hair extensions for you. You will be surprised to know hundreds and thousands of online shops offer different types of hair extensions.

But not every online shop is safe. As the hair market grows, so do people who want to profit and take advantage of it as well as those patronizing the hair market. Do not fret! We will give you tips on avoiding being scammed when looking for online hair vendors in Brazil. You can also use the list about 50 categorized vendors that I created to avoid being scammed.

Avoid Being Scammed When Looking for an Online Brazilian Hair Vendor

1. Check the reviews thoroughly

Some hair vendors in Brazil have been causing quite a headache to many online shoppers as it gets harder to distinguish which is a legitimate website and which is not. Keep in mind that scammers and fraudsters have one goal in mind: to attract customers' attention and steal money from everyone.

The first thing you want to check is the reviews that can be seen on the website or other platforms they have. You can also check for video reviews with the Brazilian hair vendors you want to transact with. If every review you see is positive, it's better to reconsider buying at that shop.

2. Unclear contact information

Legitimate wholesale Brazilian virgin hair vendors provide all their contact information, from their email, phone number, address, and much other vital information, for you to contact them easily. Most of the time, this contact information is indicated on the website or other platforms.

Now, if you have a list of wholesale hair vendors in Brazil you are considering transacting with, look for the complete information. If you cannot find any relevant information or find unclear contact information, it is better to find another that can provide excellent service without the fear of being scammed.

3. Too-good-to-be-true offers

If you are thinking, "how are people being scammed?" It is because they seem to have the edge over other online Brazilian hair vendors. After all, they are a one-stop shop, which gives you a whole lot of options. Aside from this, they also offer budget-friendly deals, which everyone is looking for, right?

Not every online shop that offers budget-friendly wholesale Brazilian virgin hair is a scam. But if they also offer deals that are too good to be true, like buying wholesale Brazilian hair extensions, and you'll get two more, run!

Wholesale Brazilian hair is more expensive than other types of hair in the market. So if you see deals that feel like a win-win for you but are too good to be true, don't engage or transact with them. 

4. Low-quality images and videos

One thing you will notice about suspicious online hair vendors in Brazil is the fact that they all use watermarked, low-quality images and videos. Another thing to note is that if you ask for an actual picture, they will insist that you rely on the photos and videos they have uploaded on their website.

It is pretty suspicious and evident that they are hiding something, and that probably is why they are reluctant to give the actual picture of wholesale Brazilian virgin hair products they have to any potential customers.

Before engaging with hair vendors in Brazil, make sure to see and check the pictures and videos to know whether or not it was stolen from another legitimate website. Suppose your gut feeling is still suspicious with the lack of actual images; it's better to find another shop than be sorry.

5. Asking for partial payment 

Another obvious red flag is when hair vendors in Brazil randomly require you to pay partially before your order is processed for delivery; the down payment may range from 30% up to 50%.

After paying half the price, either you will be blocked but still receive the item you bought, or you will still be blocked but never receive the item you paid for. Most of the time, the products you will be receiving are far from advertised by the website or are entirely useless.

6. Little to no product description

Scammers typically don't give too much information about the specification and product descriptions of their goods when they market them. But they usually describe the hair product, like what the products are, and most have tons of grammar and spelling issues.

However, these fraudsters are more skilled nowadays, and they continue to flaunt each of their products with a lot of encouraging and promising claims. These generic descriptions are overused, so everyone is already aware of the tactic. So if you are unaware and notice that there is little to no product description, run!

5 Best Brazilian Hair Vendors

If you are looking for the best Brazilian hair vendors with a wide range of options from hair texture to length, give our list a try and check them out now!                                                                         


True Glory Hair's primary goal is to provide top-notch quality wholesale Brazilian hair extensions and wigs while staying on the budget-friendly side. This Brazilian hair vendor has been delivering premium-quality Brazilian virgin hair for eight years and counting. 

5 Best Brazilian Hair Vendors

True Glory Hair offers a collection of different types of Brazilian hair textures, such as:

  • - Body Wave Bundle
  • - Straight Bundle
  • - Deep Wave Bundle
  • - Kinky Curly Bundle
  • - Straight Bundle

True Glory Hair offers a collection of different types of Brazilian hair wigs, such as:

  • - Body Wave Lace Front Wig
  • - Straight Lace Front Wig
  • - Straight U-Part Wig
  • - Body Wave Closure Wig


Nadula Hair takes pride in its Brazilian hair extensions and wigs, as it is what its customers love about them. Not only that, but Nadula hair has been in the hair market for 21 years and is known for its never-ending pursuit of innovation and excellence in terms of quality.

5 Best Brazilian Hair Vendors

Nadula Hair offers different types of Brazilian hair textures, such as:

  • - Body Wave Hair
  • - Straight Hair
  • - Curly Hair
  • - Deep Wave Hair
  • - Natural Wave
  • - Loose Deep Hair
  • - Loose Wave Hair
  • - Kinky Straight Hair
  • - Shrink Up Hair

All these Brazilian hair textures also come in a variety of colors and lengths. The wide range of options comes with budget-friendly prices, too.

She's Happy Hair

She's Happy Hair has been true to its words when it said they want to provide high-quality yet affordable human hair products to cater inclusively. This online shop is US-based and is a black-owned business by veterans. She's Happy Hair is also the leading virgin hair supplier in the United States.

5 Best Brazilian Hair Vendors

She's Happy Hair takes pride in its 100% virgin, unprocessed, ethically sourced hair extensions. She's Happy Hair offers different types of Brazilian hair textures, such as:

  • - Deep Wave
  • - Loose Wave
  • - Body Wave
  • - Straight

She's Happy Hair also offers 8A (grade) Brazilian hair extensions and wigs such as:

  • - Frontals
  • - Closures
  • - Clip-on


UNice is one of the many who are Brazil hair exporter. They are all about giving their customers what they deserve, like premium quality Brazilian hair extensions and wigs that their loyal clients love. Not only that, but they also focus on craftsmanship to ensure that each and every product they send out will last longer.

5 Best Brazilian Hair Vendors

UNice also offers a wide range of Brazilian hair selections that you will genuinely love. Each piece they produce is designed to be luxurious, even if it's budget-friendly.

UNice offers different types of Brazilian hair textures, such as:

  • - Body Wave
  • - Natural Wave
  • - Deep Wave
  • - Loose Deep
  • - Jerry Curly
  • - Straight

UNice also offers different types of wigs and many other hair items.


Beauty Forever established its brand in 1999, which has them serving the hair market for 23 years now. They have seen providing unique and colorful weaves, wigs, and hair extensions for a very affordable price.

Beauty Forever takes pride in their Brazilian hair as they keep their collected hair untreated, which means it wasn't dyed or contains any chemicals. Their Brazilian hair also maintains its style and doesn't fade or tangle even if you use it daily. 

5 Best Brazilian Hair Vendors

Beauty Forever offers different types of Brazilian hair textures, such as:

  • - Body Wave
  • - Straight Hair
  • - Curly Hair
  • - Deep Wave
  • - Loose Wave
  • - Natural Wave
  • - Water Wave
  • - Kinky Straight
  • - Kinky Curly
  • - Loose Deep Wave

Beauty Forever also offers Brazilian hairstyles, wigs, and even colored hair extensions. Their Brazilian hair products are durable enough to last more than a year and a half.

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Vietnamese hair factory: The leading supplier for vendors in Brazil

1. Directly import Vietnamese hair to Brazil

Importing hair products to Brazil is more challenging than you think, especially if you have no idea how things work at customs and all the procedures you must do. It takes a lot of time and needs to be registered with Brazilian authorities.

With that, you will need a trusted and proven Vietnamese hair supplier that knows the inside out of the hair market as well as importing.

Vietnamese hair factory: The leading supplier for vendors in Brazil

Since there are still a lot of disadvantages to Brazilian hair, Vietnamese hair has become the best option for alternative hair products in Brazil. But what is Vietnamese hair that makes them the main supplier for vendors in Brazil?


Vietnamese hair is sleek, straight, shiny, and velvety, giving it a distinctive feel. Vietnamese hair does not frequently tangle since it is naturally straight in texture.


Although Vietnamese hair is known to be thick, it is not coarse.


The hue of Vietnamese hair is black. Vietnamese women's hair is perfect to match any hair color.

Easy to maintain

The quality of Vietnamese hair is remarkable. It is easy to style and shape because each strand is velvety and straight.

With that said, a perfect Vietnamese hair factory is leading in supplying in Brazil. Michael has been in the hair industry for ten and has been supplying Vietnamese hair in Brazil, establishing their brand in the country.

2. How to Contact Mic Hair

You can easily reach Mic Hair by calling us:

(+84) 962 279 910

You can also send them an email for inquiries:


If you have the time and are near MicHair, you can visit us at:

Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Street, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam

You can also visit Mic Hair to check wide range selections of hair products or for price quotations. Mic hair got you, from hair extensions to different hair types. You can directly order on the website. If you have other concerns, feel free to reach for our customer service. 


If you are looking for durable and voluminous hair extensions, consider getting Brazilian hair extensions. This type of hair is naturally lustrous and has an amazing bounce. The only downside is that it is a bit heavier than other types of hair. But overall, it's fantastic hair and can also be easily styled.



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