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Hair Vendors List: Get 50 Categorized Free Hair Vendors

Hair Vendors List: Get 50 Categorized Free Hair Vendors

Fashion Blog Thu Oct 13 2022

A person's hair is a person's crown. This is true. But our crowns lose over time. Instead of dwelling on this problem, business people turn this problem into a million-dollar hair industry with products extending from smooth and flawless wigs to high-class extensions. So, if you are planning to join this business, this article is for you. Read on and learn how to rack up profits using the hair vendors list.

What is a hair vendors list?

As society embraces the importance and the art of hair styling, the trade expands to cater to a more significant number of clients. This leads to the birth of the hair vendors list.

A hair vendors list is a group of suppliers from whom you can buy hair extensions and other hair supplies in bulk. 

It is the number one go-to list of business persons who want to save more by buying hair products at the most affordable price.

5 Best Global-Quality Wholesale Hair Vendors List 

With the massive growth of the hair wig and extension industry, you can find several hair vendors in your area. They may be one of the best hair sellers that you can get locally. 

But if you want to elevate your game in this industry and compete globally, here is our top five list of hair vendors that will keep you on top of the game with the best wholesale hair extensions.

Listed Wholesale Hair Companies

  • - Mic Hair
  • - Adorable Hair Suppliers
  • - J.C. Hair Factory
  • - Cambodia Hair Freak
  • - Ted Hair

Mic Hair 


Mic Hair is a top-grade customer-centric company that targets both local and international markets. With ten years plus of experience in the hair industry makes Mic Hair one of the top most trusted  hair vendors.

To cater to its international markets, the company continues its global partnership with business people in the United States, Nigeria, North and South America and Europe, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Italy, and France.

Mic Hair's solid position in the international market and its strategic approach never fail to meet its customers' needs with its world-class and unrivaled quality products.

Pair top-tiered products with affordable prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service, and you will understand why Mic Hair is part of the Hair Vendors List. 

Adorable Hair Supplies

Adorable Hair Supplies is an India-based company that offers quality hair extensions at a very affordable price. They also take pride in their high-class virgin hair and consistently work with top-notch raw hair vendors to provide the finest hair extension for their customers. 

The company's meticulous process and extreme product care give them a place not just in India's top wholesale hair vendors list. 

They are also one of India's best raw hair vendors and one of the most sought-after companies on a virgin hair vendors list.

The company's biggest markets include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and China. 

J.C. Hair Factory

With its mission to help every aspiring hair vendor, J.C. Hair Factory changes the old-style sales method. They lessen their mid-agency partners and opt to offer their products directly to their clients instead.

Remodeling the traditional sales model gives their business a positive impact. Today, the 20-year-old China-based hair company takes part as one of the best companies on the virgin hair vendors list.

Their area of expertise covers but is not limited to Malaysian Hair, Indian Hair, Peruvian Hair, and Brazilian Hair. 

Cambodia Hair Freak


Another global hair supplier in our hair vendor list is the Cambodia Hair Freak.

Unlike the other hair vendors, the Cambodia Hair Freak specializes in supplying Cambodian hairs locally and globally. 

Their hair and products are different from those on the hair vendors list because of their high-quality strong hair from women ages 18 to 25. 

Private Label Extensions

If you are eyeing a hair vendor that uses a modern technique to produce world-class hair bundles, closures, frontals, or even wigs, check Private Label Extensions. 

Private Label Extensions is one of North America's best hair vendors. 

This Georgia-based hair trader is known for its excellent hair products, which its customers love. 

And because of the product's exceptional value, they continue to rank as one of the premier companies that form the USA's top-caliber hair vendors list. 

How Much Does a Hair Vendor List Cost?


Google might be your research friend when finding a hair vendors list online. However, not all are listed online. 

Some companies still follow the traditional trading method and don't believe that a website can help them get more sales. This is where a "finder" comes into play. 

A "finder" is a person who has all the locations of hair vendors in a specific area. Then, they will sell the list to people interested in the hair trading industry. 

How much does it cost? It depends. There are some lists that are sold for less than a hundred dollars. Some are sold for a thousand dollars or more. 

Too costly? We say that's a fair price for a detailed and informative hair vendors list.

For example, if you ask the "finder" for all companies selling raw Indian Hair in New York, the "finder" will give you the list of the companies with their updated contact numbers. They may also add information to the sheet if the companies are raw hair vendors or from a virgin hair vendors list. 

This means that how much you pay depends on the information you need. You may get the list for as low as $50 or as pricey as $1,000. 

Why should you use the hair vendors list?

This is something that you always need to remember - time is money. 

Some people do not get it but put yourself in this situation, your competitor in the hair industry is already ten miles ahead of you, and they are constantly making money whether you take the first step or not. 

You need to double time to catch up with them. You need a professional data researcher to beat your timeline and ensure you get the best hair vendors list out there.

You need their expertise to give you all the details about a specific hair vendor instead of you manually calling and asking the vendors for all the information you need. 

Should you use the hair vendors list? That's a BIG YES. 

How do you find good hair vendors?

If you are not into a ready-made hair vendors list, here are some things you must consider before going DIY. 


Step 1. List down all you need to know.

Before you jump off and start researching for the best hair vendors in your area, list down all your possible questions or all the information you need to know.

This includes the address of the hair vendor's warehouse where they will ship the product from, the wholesale price, the return policy, discounts, and other information relevant and helpful to your hair trading business. 

Step 2. Research the hair vendors in your area.

Good data always comes from excellent research.

Once you have all the information handy, start looking for hair vendors locally or internationally. 

Only keep those sellers who meet your requirements and standards. 

Step 3. Contact the hair vendors.

After you gather the hair sellers' contact information, start sending an email or call them and check if they can cater to your needs.

Crash out those who cannot accommodate you and your requests.

Step 4. Read the fine print before signing the contract.

Every company has a fine print that you need to check constantly. These fine prints are the real deal maker or a deal breaker. This is where the company puts all the "catch" when you place an order with them.

For example, the landing page of the vendor's website says 100% money-back guarantee, but in the fine print, it might say 100% money-back guarantee IF you return the item within three business days.

Look for another seller if the fine print is a no-deal to you.

Step 5. Don't forget to ask for samples.

If you can't visit their warehouse or the company's nearest store, ask for a sample and have it delivered to your address. This is the trick to knowing if the vendor's sales and marketing copy correspond to their product.

Also, you will find out the issues with their shipping methods, the couriers, and how they box the product to ensure that the quality remains exceptional. 

Step 6. Flexible payment plans and channels. 

You must consider payment plans when making a hair vendors list. Each vendor you think makes the best hair trading partner must have flexible or suitable channel plans.

Do they need a 50% down payment, or do you need to pay for the entire product? Do they accept online payments like PayPal, Strife, Wise, and other payment channels apart from direct bank deposits?

Take note their payment system's security must match yours. Otherwise, you might have trouble with hackers and scammers.

Once you are done with all these steps, you may work on your business plan or the papers you need for your business to go live.

Free Hair Vendors List for Start-up

Here's our free hair vendors list for you to help you hunt for the best hair vendor. You may check their website and sales phone number for more info. 


1. Top 5 Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendor List

  • - Sunber Hair
  • - UNice Hair
  • - Nadula Hair
  • - Beautyforever Hair
  • - Julia Hair

2. Top 5 Wholesale Raw Indian Vendors

  • - SGI Hair
  • - A.K. Enterprise
  • - 1 Hair Stop
  • - Chennai Hair Factory
  •  - Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

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3. Top 5 Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Vendor List

  • - Mic Hair
  • - V.Q. Hair
  • - Beequeen Hair
  • - Anka Hair
  • - Layla Hair

4. Top 4 Indonesian Hair Vendors

  • - Indonesia Hair Factory
  • - P.T. Hair Star Indonesia
  • - Bara Hair Company
  • - Fahma Hair

5. Top 5 Wholesale Cambodian Hair Vendors

  • - Virgin Hair Cambodia
  • - Mic Hair
  • - Sambo Hair Extensions
  • - Apsara hair
  • - Ivirgo

6. Top 5 Wholesale Drop-Ship and Private Label Hair Vendors

  • - Pretty Hair Dropship
  • - Something Good Store
  • - Fashion-Feel Store
  • - BEAUDIVA Official Store
  • - Ever Beauty Official Store

7. Top 5 Wholesale Wig Vendors

  • - C.S. Queen Hair
  • - Fab Wigs
  • - Hair ViVi
  • - Lord Hair
  • - USA Hair

8. Top 5 Hair Vendors In Brazil List

  • Mega Hair Barra.
  • Rio Human Hair Brazil.
  • - Mic Hair
  • - The Cabelo hair vendor
  • - The Brazilian hair vendor

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9. Top wholesale Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

  • - Lanqi Official Store
  • - Links Official Store
  • - Jarin Hair Official Store
  • - Beaudiva Official Store
  • - Yavida Official Store

10. Top 5 wholesale Hair Vendors on Amazon

  • - Alimoda / Lemoda
  • - Cynosure
  • - Aelinsi
  • - VRVogue Store
  • - LAPONDAI Store

11. Wholesale Hair Vendors on DHgate

  • - Yirubeauty
  • - Bella Hair
  • - Uglamhair
  • - Kiss Hair Fashion

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Honest Tips Before Using a New Hair Vendor

You need to be on top of the game in whichever business you want to venture into. You must meet your customer's needs from the materials, designs, quality, packaging, and most importantly, the shipping, handling, refund, and return policy. 

Here are a few tips for you. 


Tip #1. Tell them your specifics. 

Before you use a new vendor from the hair vendors list you found, you need to tell them first what exactly you need. 

Tell them about the length, size, and materials of the hair that you want to order from your new vendor. 

Tip #2 Ask them if they can commit.

Commitment is vital in business.

Each company has a marketing calendar that they strictly follow. A vendor that fails to deliver your order on a given date will affect your schedule. It then will create a domino effect that will mess up your timetable.

Tip # 3 Ask them about how the products are sent.

Packaging and shipping and handling must go hand in hand. The packaging must be sturdy enough to withstand any unfavorable circumstances when shipping and transferring the product from one location to another. 

Tip # 4 Let them discuss with you the refund and return policy.

Refund and return policies are the primary things you must ask your new hair vendor. 

A clear and detailed refund and return policy establishes trust between you and the seller. 

It also helps both parties fully understand their duties and responsibilities, which is important to avoid miscommunication that may result in misunderstandings and disagreements. 

Are the Best Virgin Hair Vendors on a List? 

Sometimes the best virgin hair vendors are on the list. Sometimes, they are not. The thing is, the hair trading industry is a fast-paced business. This means the list is being updated from time to time. 

There are also instances that some vendors will pay the "finder" for their company to get listed. 

So, whether you find new reliable raw hair vendors, purchase a hair vendors list, virgin hair vendors list, or at least get new hair sellers from a free hair vendors list, you must check how legit the hair sellers are. 

Take Mic Hair, for instance. The company has more than a decade of experience continuously researching the best materials and practices that may fit today's norm. 

Add the business' experience in trading the hair globally, and you will understand why most customers, retailers, and wholesale buyers run after Mic Hair's stocks.

Things You Must Know About Mic Hair

The company's stocks are proven and tested - soft, smooth, and burnish hair quality. With these qualities, you won't worry about your customers complaining about their money's value. 

Quick delivery

This company knows no shipment delays. Once you make the payment, they ensure that your orders are shipped within 3-5 business days via DHL, FedEx, UPS, and DPEX.

Flexible payment

The company has a flexible payment method. You can choose whichever is favorable to you. 

Returns & Exchanges

Mic Hair has an excellent return and exchange policy. They will still accept returned products as long as it is within the 30-day timeframe from the time you purchased them. 

But, ensure that the products have not been used to qualify for the policy.

Affordable Prices

Because they have a factory, you can buy their globally competitive products at a very affordable price.

If you wish to know their process more as one of the best hair vendors on the list, call them at (+84) 962 279 910 or email them at sale@michair.vn.


A hair vendor list benefits you, especially if you are just starting a business. To avoid any problems, do a quick research on the company on the list before you call them and make a deal. 

This process will help you have a successful partnership with any hair vendor, whether they are from a free hair vendors list, or from a virgin hair vendors list. 

Recheck our list and start ticking off your checklist! 

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