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Top 6 Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta

Top 6 Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Nov 11 2022

Planning a hair business in Atlanta GA takes much time and hard decisions, such as deciding on a great partnership with wholesale hair vendors. These vendors might be popular because of the excellent quality of the hair that they are selling at a reasonable price. However, there are some instances that the quality depends on the price, and instead of getting the best hair, you might end up paying for the worst. So, before making a deal, here is a quick overview of the top six reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta.

Atlanta wholesale hair vendors Overview

1. Why is Atlanta wholesale hair vendor the most popular? 

The hair vendors in Atlanta sell high-quality hair extensions that can achieve sleek, thick, and durable hair. But despite the name 'wholesale hair Atlanta,' the hair extensions did not come from Atlanta but from different Asian countries such as China, India and Vietnam. People buy wholesale hair extensions from these countries and open their own stores in Atlanta to sell the extensions.

2. Where does hair come from?

Some wholesale shops are based in other countries but have warehouses in Atlanta, GA. These wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta label their hair as their own to attract customers. The vendors supply their shop with Vietnamese hair extensions as these are more economy friendly for their line of business.

Where does the hair from Alanta wholesale hair vendors come from?

Characteristics of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Since the hair that the wholesale hair vendors Atlanta sell comes from different places in the world, the qualities and characteristics of each product will also vary. It is also why they gained popularity. Their diversity allows all women to find the perfect hair for them. 

Characteristics of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

The most average quality that they have comes mainly from China and India hair vendors. Thus there are fewer wholesale wigs Atlanta, GA, that sell products from these countries as they primarily focus on high-quality hair. The hairs from these places mostly have chemicals used that cause hair fall and easy tangling.

Meanwhile, those imported from Vietnam are one of the best in the market as it is 100% virgin hair, meaning there are no chemicals in the materials. Furthermore, Vietnamese women are particular and take care of their hair, thus making it shiny and soft. Hair extensions from this country are popular among wholesale vendors.

Since there are different qualities of hair, the price range also varies. Expect that products from Vietnam will cost higher than others since it is high-quality. But despite the higher cost, customers are still satisfied as they can use the hair extensions for longer than cheaper ones.

Top 6 Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta

There are many hair vendors in Georgia, including in its capital Atlanta. The shops keep growing over the years, making finding the perfect hair vendors in Atlanta for your business confusing.

Before deciding on the supplier you are willing to make a deal with, you must consider the type and quality of the hair and the excellent partnership they are ready to offer. Below is the list of the top 6 best reputable wholesale vendors in Atlanta, GA.

Private Label Hair

Top 6 Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta

Private Label Hair is the best choice if you want to create your own business with your label. They let you customize your logo, name, tags, and packaging. They can help you supply your needs, and their package can help boost your starting business.

They also have a wide range of hair products, from hair extensions to hair styling tools. Their team is mainly located in China, so the pricing is low, and they can supply large orders. They have a team in Atlanta for concerns and direct contact for better communication.

Bottom line, Private Label Hair helps you start your hair business by not just supplying the hair products but also allowing you to personalize them.

Soie Hair

Soie Hair reassures its customers of high-quality hair products like no other. They are a wholesale vendor of raw virgin human hair from different Asian countries. Since they gather their supplies from various places, they have varied hair characteristics that you can choose from.

Their hair donors are thoroughly picked to ensure they only use excellent quality hair when making their products. Despite their great hair extensions and wigs, they are more focused on giving the top and best customer service in any way they can. This factor gathered the hearts of their clients, making them one of the best hair vendors in Atlanta.

Ted Hair Warehouse

Top 6 Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta

For a wide variety of hair products, choose Ted Hair Warehouse. They have all kinds of bundles of hair extensions and wigs that will suffice the demand of your customers. Their closures and frontals can be as comprehensive as 38". They ensure their shop is always fully stocked with all their products.

More than 38,600 salons and shops already trust the Ted Hair Warehouse. This wholesale hair vendor in Atlanta will not spare you hair quality as it can survive restyling and coloring. Moreover, they have an excellent delivery system that will give you convenience as you order.

 Atlanta Bundle Boutique

Atlanta Bundle Boutique allows people to experience luxurious virgin hair in the category of 6A without paying as much as it will cost in a regular market. This shop is a small business that proves that looking good doesn't mean spending a lot.

They get their products from Malaysia and Brazil. They have textures from curly to straight and different hairstyles. You can visit their cute little shop to see the products for yourself.

Tresses Hair Extensions

Top 6 Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta

Tresses Hair Extensions have straight, loose waves, body waves, and deep wave hairs. The shop has bundle specials containing three hair bundles with different hair lengths for you to choose from, and Tresses specials with two hair bundles with different sizes, with the longest of 38".

Tresses shop sells human virgin hair that claims to be the most luxurious hair extensions at a great value. If you want a wholesaler that will exceed your expectations, this is one of the Atlanta wholesale hair vendors you should consider.

Hair Fetish Atlanta

Brazilian and Malaysian hair might be common, but Peruvian and Eurasian brands are hard to find. Luckily, this shop has all four of them. Peruvian are perfect for black, curly hair, while Eurasian brands are for blonde hair.

You can also dye their hair products without ruining them, as it is 100% virgin human hair. Wigs, tape-in, clip-on, bundles, and frontals are available in the shop.

All of these shops have their strengths to offer. It is up to you to choose what kind of wholesale vendor you are willing to connect with.

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5 ways to identify reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

If you already have a list of choices, that's great! But if you think that some of the hair vendors Atlanta are a bit sketchy, here are five ways to identify reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta.

5 ways to identify reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

1. Read the reviews

If you searched the wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta, read each vendor's reviews. You may also check for testimonials but don't fall on fake and paid testimonials. These will allow you to know if the shop's claim is valid.

Furthermore, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of partnering with the shop you are considering.

The more positive feedback there is, the more credible the shop will be, which means that many clients trust the shop.

2. Contact the wholesale vendor.

Not everything will be on their website. However, the shops will have their contact number and email for any queries. Try to contact them with your questions. Aside from knowing the answer to your concern, you will also learn more about the shop.

You can see their customer service by how they reply and how quickly they return to your messages. Some shops are also open to video calls for better communication. Asking the shop directly is like hitting two birds with one stone as you get information and test the customer service.

3. Make a sample order.

Now that you think a wholesale vendor is good for you, it is time to try their products. If they have no physical store, order some of their hair extensions. This is one of the best ways to know if their materials are high quality.

You may also try the great deals the wholesale vendors have to see if the quality they will give you is consistent. However, you must still consider the price as it will only be a quality test. You can also test the delivery process and time of the shop by ordering their product.

4. Legal papers

Of course, a legit business will not run without legal papers. Ask for their documents, license, and registration to know if the shop is not a scam. You can also ask for their sales contract to understand their relationship if you choose them.

An owner with nothing to hide will not hesitate to show you any proof of their legality. So, if they refuse to give you any of these, it is best not to work with them even if there are great reviews.

5. Learn their wholesale deals

Let the shop know that you are looking for a wholesale vendor. Their wholesale prices differ from their retail, so it is better to know ahead of the deals of the shop you are planning to build a relationship with.

Aside from the prices, they have different offers for wholesale. For example, some might be willing to offer cash on delivery or buy now, pay later payment methods. Learn their marketing strategies to see if you can rely on their system for a long-term partnership.

Some hair vendors in Atlanta GA are too good to be true. It is better to do these steps to see if their offers are not a scam.

What other option than hair vendors in Atlanta?

Since the hair products that wholesale hair vendors Atlanta sell are not made in Atlanta, you can buy the same products outside the city. All you have to note is the origin of the hair extension or wig.

If you are unsure what hair product you will like, here are some options you might want to consider, along with their pros and cons.

1. Mic Hair Wholesale Human Hair Extension

As mentioned earlier, Vietnam provides one of the best qualities of hair extensions and wigs out of all the origins. This store sells precisely that. They are based in Vietnam but ship worldwide with a low price guarantee.

This shop delivers on time with a 30-day return policy for orders that aren't used or damaged. They accept payments in various methods, and their customer service is available 24/7.

2. My Filipino Hair

Filipino hair extensions have a diverse quality in one hair since most Filipinos have mixed blood. The hair is remarkably thick and has a nice black color. They have a wide variety of textures, as there are straight hairs and different kinds of curls in the Philippines.

Their shop is great if you want to test out their products, as they have low MOQ requirements to avail of the huge wholesale deal. They have a stable stock, ensuring you always have the length and style you need. However, expect a longer delivery time as they are based in the Philippines.

3. Leis Hair

This wholesale hair vendor is based in China and is prevalent in the industry. However, their shop also has Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian brands. Their Brazilian hair extensions are the most popular product in their wholesale shop.

As you know, Chinese and Indian hair extensions have average quality. However, because of it, their products are cheaper than the other shops. Their shipping cost is inexpensive, and they ship instantly as they always have their stock ready.

If you cannot find the kind of hair product that you want in the wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta, these shops might have the answers. For those who want to find other vendors, I've published a list of the reliable raw hair vendors, you can refer the list and make the decision later.`


If you are planning to start your own hair business, let this article guide your decision-making. The lists of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta are the best in the industry around town. However, other wholesale vendors outside Atlanta are also reputable.



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