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Everything You Need to Know About Indian Hair Vendors

Everything You Need to Know About Indian Hair Vendors

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Thu Oct 27 2022

The demand for human hair has grown since society has normalized the use of wigs and extensions. With this, the demand for hair quality rises to meet the customer's requests, wants, and needs. Famed and reputable hair sellers that provide the best hair extension qualities are Indian hair vendors. But there are things that you should know before you start buying Indian hair. Here are some facts about the hair vendors in India that will help you establish your hair business.

3 Facts You Must Know About Indian Hair Vendors

Whether you are building a business or starting an empire, you need thorough research on your suppliers, their products, or the products you want to sell. 

If you are considering purchasing products from hair vendors in India or selling Indian hair, read the three facts you might benefit from.

1. India is the world’s major hair extension supplier

India is one of the first places to develop the hair extension industry, and for years they have dominated the market with quality products. In both the raw or virgin hair category, the raw Indian hair vendors and the virgin Indian hair vendors did not upset their customers.

Indian women's large population and beautiful silky black hair have become the standard quality of hair extensions. 

Add the product's affordable market price and the materials that compose the hair extension, and you will understand why Indian hair vendors from India come up in almost every search. 

Input the keyword, and you will find each list includes India, and some results automatically show the best raw Indian hair vendors. 

2. Sources of raw Indian hair

Indian hair vendors have two hair sources that contribute to their success. 

  • - Hairballs (Fallen and tangled hair.)
  • - Hair donations from pilgrims at the Temple

Sources of raw Indian hair

Unlike other countries that collect the hair from salons or barber shops, Indian hair vendors source the hair from fallen and tangled hair and those people who offered their hair to their gods at the Temple. 

Are you wondering why Indians donate their hair? In Indian culture and beliefs, Indian human hair is valuable and offering it will make their gods happy. This belief causes millions of people to flock to temples to pray. 

In return, barbers in white clothes shave the pilgrims' hair in exchange for a favorable answer to their prayers. 

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3. India falls behind Chinese Indian hair vendors

Most Indian hair vendors manually process different hair extensions to ensure quality. This traditional process of manufacturing hair extensions produces a list of the best raw Indian hair vendors. 

However, the thorough process of collecting Indian hair sacrifices the manufacturing stage. It slows down the timeline and puts every sale at stake. Indian hair vendors from China see this opportunity.

Chinese hair vendors know that Indian hair is sellable and has a bigger market as it has similarities to Caucasian hair. They also know that the whole process of how Indian hair vendors collect and manufacture the hair can cost them their clients. 

Moreover, the Chinese know that some Indian hair vendors sell lesser quality Indian hair while others deceive their customers with non-Remy hair packaged like authentic Remy hair. 

The Indian hair vendors in China address these issues by producing quality Indian hair in a brief period. 

The technology and the machinery that the Indian hair vendors from China give them advantages over the Indian hair vendors in India. Because of this, China now has more Indian hair vendors than India.

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What are the notable characteristics of Indian Hair from Indian Hair Vendors?

characteristics of Indian Hair from Indian Hair Vendors

Every hair has its characteristics: Remy hair, virgin hair, Vietnamese hair, or Burmese hair. Add the region where it came from and the vendor selling it, and you can easily distinguish what differs from the other. Here are some of the hair characteristics of Indian hair from Indian hair vendors. 

  • - Shiny
  • - Soft
  • - Thin
  • - Wavy or curly

In general, Indian hair is shiny, black, soft, and thin. However, Indian hair is sometimes wavy or curly. Unlike Vietnamese hair, it can go messy and needs a substantial treatment to straighten it completely. 

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What are the Features of Raw Indian Hair from Indian Hair Vendors?

The product's features are sometimes the deal maker or deal breaker. Here are the features that you need to consider before investing in Indian human hair.

What are the Features of Raw Indian Hair from Indian Hair Vendors?

1. Quickly gets tangled and falls off

India has the broadest source of Remy's and virgin hair. They can effortlessly source it from the temples where pilgrims donate their hair or from the hair combs they usually use to untangle their hair.

But there is a bigger problem that Indian hair vendors face as they continue sourcing their hair these ways. Since several donors have different hair qualities and textures, Indian hair vendors cannot guarantee to offer 100% quality human hair, Remy hair, or virgin hair. 

The inconsistency of the hair's quality and texture sometimes leads to a bigger problem for the customers – it tangles and falls off. 

2. Shorter lifespan

Another issue with hair from Indian hair vendors is its shorter lifespan. Until Indian hair vendors stop hoarding large quantities of human hair, their products will still have quality issues as it is hard to maintain and attend to massive hair volume. 

3. Prone to hair breakage

Like our regular hair, the Remy hair or any hair extension must have an artificial source of nutrients. It must have a moisturizer to maintain its texture, shininess, and color. 

But because most of these hairs are stored in bulk in the warehouse without proper maintenance, the hair's strength deteriorates, making the hair prone to breakage. 

How Diverse Are the Products of Indian Hair Vendors from India? 

One way to tell the success of a hair vendor is the diversity of their portfolio. However, though numerous Indian hair vendors are successful in the hair industry, Indian hair vendors from India struggle to compete, at least locally.

the Products of Indian Hair Vendors from India

Some reasons that hinder them from becoming globally competitive are listed below.

1. Poor source quality

Product diversity is another reason why Indian hair vendors from India fall behind Indian hair vendors from China. The former needs to consider several factors to diversify its hair products. 

For example, Indian hair's lustrous jet-black characteristic may seem perfect for different hairstyles. But consider these three things that challenge the Indian hair vendors to produce a diverse hair product line.

  • - Indian hair is usually wavy.
  • - It is quite dry.
  • - Most Indian hairs have a coarse texture.

All the qualities mentioned above are why most Indian hair vendors stick to only one product line. 

If only the Indian hair vendors from India had a solid quality assurance team to check all the human hair, they collected from their sources. They might continue to dominate the hair industry.

2. Lack of technology

Another factor that deters Indian hair vendors from producing a top-of-the-line diverse product portfolio is innovation and technology. India may be the leading supplier of human hair, but its lack of technological advancement stops them from branching out with a different product. 

One example of this is virgin Indian hair. One of the best qualities of virgin hair is that you can bleach or dye it. This is what other Indian hair vendors do to optimize what they have and maximize the potential of reaching a bigger market. 

But most Indian hair vendors from India miss this as they prefer to painstakingly collect and create the hair product instead of investing in a machine that may help them increase their productivity and diversify their hair products. 

Raw Indian Hair Price Range from Hair Vendors in India

Raw Indian Hair Price Range from Hair Vendors in India

Hair vendors from India usually price them lower than those other regions selling raw Indian hair for two reasons.

1. The labor cost of producing Indian hair is cheap. 

2. Most raw Indian hair has average quality.

For a hair vendor to excel, their products must have a global quality, like raw hair from Vietnam. 

Raw hair from Vietnam are fully equipped to produce a diverse portfolio of quality hair product lines. They have the workforce, the machinery, the quality assurance team, and, most importantly, a good source of raw Indian hair. 

Top 5 Best Raw Indian Hair Vendors List

When it comes to Indian Raw Hair suppliers, nothing can beat the Asia-based Indian hair vendors who have competitively exported their products to American and European countries.

1. Chennai Hair Factory 

Chennai Hair Factory is a decade-old supplier of Indian human hair extensions that manage to live the expectation of its customers. They manufacture their hair product line by their standard. 

Check Chennai Hair Factory's catalog if you want top-quality Indian hair or an Indian hair vendor. Their portfolio includes a wide range of selections from virgin hair, Remy hair, and other types of hair extensions that best fit your hair and the looks you desire.

2. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions has a specific feature that you can easily distinguish from other Indian hair products. The company uses innovation and technology to tightly sew the hair with a clean finish to ensure that the durable hair extensions look natural when its buyers use them.

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

3. SGI Hair

Quality and price must go hand-in-hand. Thus, expect that Indian hair with supreme quality is a bit pricey. But that's not always the case. SGI Hair supplies excellent Indian hair at a lower cost. 

This India-based hair manufacturing firm uses technology to mass-produce virgin Indian hair. They also offer constant discounts to their new customers and patrons.

4. A.K Enterprise Hair

A.K Enterprise is a customer-oriented company that manufactures and supplies human hair extensions, clip-on extensions, hand-tied wefts, and Remy's hair, to name a few. 

The quality of their products gains the trust of most hair extension users and resellers internationally, giving A.K enterprise a solid position in the domestic and global hair arena.

Moreover, they have a detailed and systematic process for making raw Indian hair, and they can create custom-made hair extensions based on their client's needs and specifications.

5. 1 Hair Stop

Hair stop was a female-founded hair company in 2019. It aims to ensure that every woman will feel and look beautiful with their hair extensions and wigs. This Indian raw hair vendor hits two birds with one stone as 1 Hair Stop is a business that addresses a call for women's empowerment.

1 Hair Stop has a diverse product portfolio and sells Indian raw hair, hair wigs, hair extensions, tape-in and clip-in hair, and more.

1 Hair Stop

Vietnamese Hair Vendors: The Biggest Indian hair vendor competitor.

When it comes to buying wholesale hair extensions, people often think about China, India, Vietnam, and Brazil. If China is the biggest competitor of Indian hair vendors from India, Vietnamese hair is the fast-rising challenger of Indian hair for two reasons.

1. Good quality hair source

Vietnamese hair is consistent with its quality – smooth, flowy, and silky straight hair. This hair variation is the advantage of Vietnamese hair over Indian hair. 

Because it mirrors your hair and is naturally bouncy, soft, and durable, you don't need extra hair tools and materials to style it to your liking.

Vietnamese hair - Good quality hair source

2. Rapid development of production technology in Vietnam

After the successful economic and political reforms in 1986, the country's financial status stabilized. The government then lifts almost 50 million people from poverty from 2002 to 2018, and today, Vietnam is in its initial phase of becoming one of the world's tech giants. 

Innovation and technology are developing rapidly in Vietnam, which restructures how people do business in the country, from designing their products and manufacturing them to selling them to the market. 

One company that embraces the technological transition is Mic Hair Vietnam. Mic Hair is one of Vietnam's best hair suppliers.

Mic hair has a comprehensive Vietnam hair luxury portfolio that ranges from wefts to extensions and wigs. Mic Hair is also part of Vietnam's top-caliber virgin hair vendors and best raw Vietnamese hair vendor lists. 

The company's raw Vietnamese hair bundles and other Vietnamese hair products have export qualities and are durable enough to last up to 3.5 years. 

But what parts Mic Hair Vietnam and its products to other hair vendors are that their hair products blend nicely with most American, European, and African women.

For more than a decade of trading hair in the industry, the Mic Hair company consistently meets the customers' demand for quality, whether a wholesale or single purchase order. 


Nowadays, Vietnam-based businesses are transitioning from traditional machinery to more innovative machines that can do the job at least two-fold more than outdated ones. Soon enough, Indian hair vendors from Vietnam will become a threat to hair vendors from India and China.


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