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Finding Best Hair Vendors in 2024

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors in 2024 (New Updated!)

Last updated date Wed Mar 20 2024 By Phạm Thị Kim Nga

Hair Business

The hair market in 2024 is getting bigger than ever before. You can easily find hair related businesses everywhere, especially those selling hair. There are hundreds or even thousands of wholesale hair vendors all over the world. However, finding the right hair vendor for you is not a simple task. If you have a hair business and you are looking for a good, reputable hair vendor with a wide range of products, this is the right guide for you. In this article, we will help you find the best hair vendors in 2024.

List of Best Hair Vendors List 2024

Below is the list of the best hair vendors that are already proven to be reputable and provide many different types of hair. You can check out these hair vendors to see if they are suitable for your business.

1. Mic Hair

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Birth of Michair.vn: 2010

Customer Service: 24/24

Mic Hair

Mic Hair Company is one of the top trusted raw hair vendors which specializes in wholesale natural raw hair, virgin human hair from Vietnam to many countries around the world. With 10+ years of experience in the hair business, our company understands the demands and expectations of our customers.

We built a brand name for ourselves and a solid position in the international market with major partners from many countries such as Nigeria, the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Ghana, Brazil, and so on. Last but not least, the prices of our wholesale hair extensions are very reasonable and fairly competitive with other companies.

Michair Wholesale Virgin Hair Review
☑️ From Kelci Cox: Your hair i really liked this excellent raw material, I will work with you to continue definitely.
☑️ From J.Taylor: I have used hair extensions for about 2 weeks now and still love them. It's so easy to use and the quality is better than the real thing.

2. UNice

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Birth of Unice.com: 2016


UNice Hair has been a professional manufacturer specializing in 100% Human Hair Products for over 2 decades with over 2000 workers. With E-Commerce growing for over 10 years, UNice Hair is one of the leading online high-end wig and hair weave manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.

Their products range in all kinds of wigs, hair weaves, closures, and frontals. New products are launched monthly. 7 warehouses around the world, 5 physical stores in the US. They service large and small wholesalers, online shop owners, salon owners, hair stylists, and beauty supply stores.

Unice Wholesale Hair Vendor Review
☑️ From Jesse PinkI like the wigs from this brand. They have the best texture and quality I've found so far. I've been using this brand for the past three years and have recommended it to my friends, all of whom are very satisfied.
☑️ From Amirah McintoshGreat customer service from the manager and staff . I always come get and feel like i spent money to n food quality hair 962 Flatbush ave

3. Julia Hair

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Birth of Juliahair.com: 2017

Julia Hair

Julia Hair is an original brand that focuses on designing, producing, managing, and selling human hair from China. With the brand idea of youth, vitality, and individuality, they insist on creating high-end fashion Virgin Remy human hair products at a reasonable price. 

Based on the original hair style, such as straight hair, body wave, curly hair, Julia constantly innovates the design of new products to cater to the personality concept "new hairstyle, new style" of customers.

Julia Wholesale Hair Vendor Review
☑️ From SachaWhat made my experience great with Juliahair wig company is the wigs themselves! They're very beautiful, of high quality, and at great affordable prices. They Look so natural and luscious.
☑️ From TeeThe hair is beautiful I orders a pre plucked with edges curly wig this was my very first order and I am very impressed. I contacted customer support to get a delivery update and they were able to give me information right away my order arrived on time I have zero complaints I will definitely be ordering from them again very soon..

4. Nadula Hair

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Birth of nadula.com: 2016

Nadula Hair

Nadula is a hair company that is fashionable and luxurious with a global vision. So far, they have 12 categories of hair products and hundreds of options for you to choose from. We’ve successfully met the diverse needs of beauty for everybody.

As the top Indian hair vendors, they have premium quality weave hair, closures, frontals, and wigs with many different colors and textures. Nadula Hair, a natural root-to-tip 100% Remy human hair manufacturer, provides top-quality human hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners around the world.

Nadula Wholesale Hair Vendor Review
☑️ From Jasmyn VasonLove the efficiency of the customer service with Nadula. The hair is always a treat to receive great quality great cost ! Have already ordered from nadula multiple times will encourage others to do so!
☑️ From CoraI’ve purchased from one other company and I was so disappointed. Now after buying my second wig from Nadula I’m hooked not much shedding fits almost perfect.

5. Beauty Forever Hair

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Birth of Beautyforever.com: 2016

Beauty Forever Hair

Beauty Forever Hair sells affordable, high-quality hair that is free of the odor, tangling, and shedding that are common among suppliers of human hair. This hair company sources virgin hair that has not been treated. They are currently one of the top hair vendors in the world.

Their hair maintains a smooth, natural feel that is simple to comb through and integrates flawlessly with the majority of hair textures. withstands heat and dyeing well, and it keeps its lovely curl pattern for a very long time. Shipping is extremely quick, and even the packaging is adorable.

Beauty Forever Hair Vendor Review
☑️ From TonesseVery pleased. Beauty Forever never misses. The units arrived fast, are great quality, and the price was right. Highly recommend.
☑️ From DeniseWig was delivered quicker than I thought. It was absolutely beautiful, just like it was depicted on line. I receive many compliments whenever I wear it. Main compliment(s) is that "it looks so natural," "looks just like your own hair," "the color is beautiful."

What Makes The Best Hair Vendors?

When it comes to the standards of the best human hair suppliers, there are many things they have to satisfy. Take a look at the reasons for a good supplier together with the CEO of Michair has over 10 years of experience in the hair extensions wholesale industry.

1. Price

The lowest price is not always the best, but a reasonable wholesale price with good quality products is the most ideal. Of course, the price must be good enough so that when the hair is sold directly to retail stores, salons, etc., they can make a good profit.

2. Products Quality

It is evident that the quality of the hair should match the price. Whether you are buying a few bundles or wholesale in large quantities, the quality of the hair must be ensured.

3. Customizable Products

Every customer has their own preferences when buying hair products. The best hair suppliers should be able to provide personalized, customized products to customers whenever they need.

4. Fast Response Rime

Waiting too long to get a response is something that irritates customers. It is one of the key factors that directly affects the buying decision. Hair vendors must respond as quickly as possible so that customers will be more likely to buy from them.

5. Direct Delivery Service

While most delivery services like FedEx or UPS are good enough, the hair vendors with direct delivery services still have a big advantage since the procedure is more straightforward. In addition, customers can also save money on shipping fees.

Choose a hair vendor who is not only interested in sending you an order but can also act as a vendor that your business partner can help you with when needed.

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How To Find Good Hair Vendors

How To Find Good Hair Vendors

You own a hair business, and you want to look for the best material resources, so how can you find the best wholesale hair vendors? 

The biggest and cheapest are not always the best. The best option is the one that best suits you. The best course of action is to determine which is best for you.

- If you want to launch a hair business, you should experiment with a variety of hair product brands to determine which is best for your target market. Perhaps you should test out some low-cost or expensive high-quality options.

- If you're a hairstylist, you should pick a virgin hair supplier who offers high-quality hair because most of your clients may need to style their hair. If the hair quality is poor, this will hurt your business and you may even lose clients.

- If you want to switch hair weave suppliers, look for one that offers high-quality hair at a reasonable cost. Finding a more reputable hair factory is preferable for you because you will pay less there than you would from a trading hair firm.

Where Can You Find Best Hair Vendors?

Where Can You Find Best Hair Vendors?

It’s 2024 and it is getting easier to find wholesale hair vendors on the internet. When you are browsing through Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc., you can see many hair vendors from many different countries around the world. You can also find them on more professional wholesale marketplaces such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

The best wholesale hair vendors will appear on almost every digital platform possible. The most reputable ones will likely have their own websites to reach customers easier. You should check out the websites of the wholesale vendors to get better references for what you are looking for.

What You Need To Know Before Buying From Hair Vendors

It is best to conduct a little extra study if you're seeking for the best wholesale hair sellers. Here are some actions you must take:

- Purchase raw natural hair. Pre-ombre/bleached hair, for example, can be dangerous. Please make an effort to buy hair that is as close to its natural state as you can.

- Understand customer service. When contacting the providers of hair extensions, keep in mind to pay attention to how fast they answer and check to see if they offer customer care via phone or email with prompt communication. After all, excellent customer service and communication are telltale characteristics of a reputable human hair vendor.

- Always search YouTube for reviews. We advise you to watch multiple review videos on YouTube before attempting a new seller. For the most objective opinions, don't forget to look for any unsponsored videos.

- Look for reviews that include images. You may be able to get a better understanding of how the hair actually appears if you look at the images that some consumers include with their evaluations.

What You Need To Know Before Buying From Hair Vendors

- Look at the ratings and order count. Try to limit your hair purchases to sellers with at least 300 orders completed and a rating of 93% or higher.

- Study the return policy. Having a return policy demonstrates the vendor's faith in their goods. As long as the hair hasn't been altered or tampered with, they allow you to return the hair for a full refund (less shipping) if, for some reason you're not satisfied, which will better ensure your profits.

- For shipping time, inquire. Good hair bundle providers typically offer free, quick shipping.

- Avoid being overly cheap. Sometimes the prices appear to be too good to be true. For a typical combination of three bundles, anything less than 60 is rare.


When you manage a hair business, finding the best hair vendors is a daunting task. It is clear that you have to look carefully at different categories to choose the right wholesale hair vendors for you so that you can avoid risks and save money. Make sure you understand all the factors listed above and find yourself the best supplier in 2024.

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Phạm Thị Kim Nga

Phạm Thị Kim Nga


Born in 1986, Pham Thi Kim Nga is a visionary entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey in the hair extensions industry began in 2009 when she established Mic Hair with a clear vision in mind: to provide customers with unparalleled quality and style, empowering them to express their true selves through their hair.


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