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Where Can I Find A Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria?

Where Can I Find A Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria?

Phạm Thị Kim Nga

Phạm Thị Kim Nga


Born in 1986, Pham Thi Kim Nga is a visionary entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey in the hair extensions industry began in 2009 when she established Mic Hair with a clear vision in mind: to provide customers with unparalleled quality and style, empowering them to express their true selves through their hair.

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Fri May 12 2023

Vietnam hair factories have gained immense popularity for producing top-notch human hair extensions and wigs for several years. Recently, these factories have also been entering the Nigerian market. The trading of Vietnam hair in Nigeria is typically owned and operated by Vietnamese nationals who have brought their expertise and knowledge to the Nigerian market. The hair market is evolving to become exceedingly lucrative. Most Vietnamese hair factories are planning to establish themself in Nigeria.

Is There Any Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria?

Unfortunately, there is NO Vietnam Hair Factory in Nigeria. Despite the growing demand for Vietnamese Virgin Hair worldwide, there are no factories in Nigeria to treat and make wigs out of Vietnamese hair. Several challenges have been preventing Vietnam hair factories from operating in Nigeria.

Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria

Reasons Why There Is No Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria

There are various reasons why there are no Vietnam hair factories in Nigeria at the moment. Despite the increasing demand for high-quality raw human hair wigs and extensions in the Nigerian market, there is no Vietnam Hair Factory in Nigeria. We have enlisted some of the reasons below.

Lack Of Infrastructure

The lack of sufficient infrastructure is another prominent factor that may prevent Vietnam hair factories from operating efficiently in Nigeria. Nigeria's transportation networks need to be better developed. 

High Cost Of Doing Business

One of the main reasons there are no Vietnam hair factories in Nigeria is the high business expenses there. Nigeria has a relatively higher cost of living than most other countries and a competitive business environment, making it difficult for foreign investors to operate smoothly and profitably.

Reasons Why There Is No Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria

Regulatory Barriers

Certain regulatory barriers prevent the establishment of Vietnam human hair factories in Nigeria. Nigeria's hair extension and wig industry is severely unregulated, leading to certain difficulties for foreign investors in navigating the legal landscape. It is challenging for Vietnam human hair factories to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate in the country.

Cultural And Linguistic Barriers

Another drawback for Vietnam hair factories to flourish in Nigeria is the cultural and linguistic barrier. Vietnamese and Nigerian cultures are quite different, and it can be challenging for Vietnamese traders and businessmen to understand the local market and communicate effectively with Nigerian customers.

How To Import Hair From Vietnam Factory To Nigeria

Despite the mentioned challenges, there may still be opportunities for Vietnamese hair factories to operate in Nigeria in the future. With the gradual growth and development of the Nigerian economy, the government may take steps to improve the business environment to attract foreign investors. 

Importing hair from a Vietnam factory to Nigeria requires careful planning. Here are some steps you can take to make the process convenient and profitable:

- Finding a reputable Vietnam hair factory that produces the type of hair according to your needs. You can research Vietnam hair sellers online or attend hair exhibitions to find potential suppliers.

- Contact the supplier and ask for a quotation that includes the price of the hair, shipping costs, and any other fees involved. It is advisable to get quotes from multiple suppliers and choose the one that suits you the best.

- Arrange for shipping and logistics. You can work with a freight forwarder to transport the hair from Vietnam to Nigeria, where you can market it. They will handle customs clearance and other required paperwork.

How To Import Hair From Vietnam Factory To Nigeria

- Once the hair arrives in Nigeria, you must pay import duties and fees. You can work with a customs agent to ensure everything is done hassle-free.

- Finally, you can pick up the hair from the port and transport it to your warehouse or store. Once all this is done, the hair is ready to be sold.

Importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria can be a lucrative business. With the growing need for wigs and extensions, it can be a potential business, but it requires careful planning and attention to detail.

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Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos

Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria, the best spot to set up Vietnam hair stores in the city. Lagos is a vibrant and diverse city with an increasing market for high-quality hair products. Vietnam hair factories in Lagos can offer a wide range of hair extensions, weaves, and wigs that will cater to the needs of Nigerian customers. 

These factories will create job opportunities for Nigerian and Vietnamese employees, contributing to the local economy. Vietnam hair factories in Lagos will testify to the growing economic ties between Vietnam and Nigeria. 

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 5 Vietnam Hair Factory Export Hair To Nigeria

Here are a few leading Vietnam human hair companies that export hair to Nigeria:

- Vietnam Hair Star Co., Ltd.: A leading Vietnam wholesale hair extensions and wigs company providing 100% real human hair, virgin hair, natural hair, & Vietnam Remy hair. They have their stronghold in North America, China, Europe, Brazil, Thailand, Angola, and India! 

- Mic Hair, Vietnam: One of the top companies in Vietnam, MICVIET Investment Company Limited specializes in human hair, Vietnamese virgin hair & natural raw hair. Their international market lies in Israel, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Ukraine, Argentina, France, Italy, and more! They have the best customer service for their loyal customers offering raw virgin hair at most affordable price.

Michair Vietnam Hair Factory Export Hair To Nigeria

- Vietnam Remy Hair Co., Ltd.: Since 1999, they have been one of Vietnam's prominent human hair suppliers. They specialize in Hand tied weft, Weave hair extensions, Blond, clips, & Wigs.

- K-HAIR, Vietnam: One of the top Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors, K-Hair has a presence worldwide. K-Hair factory guarantees 100% hair extensions quality they supply. K-Hair has been operating the wholesale hair business for around 20 years.  

- Vin Hair Factory, Vietnam: Established in 1989, Vin Hair Factory products include Raw Bulk Hair, Wavy Curly Pixie, Weft Hair & Vietnamese human hair wigs. They are a certified & reputable brand, offering affordable & wholesale products to loyal customers.

Final Words

There are several reasons why there currently needs to be Vietnam hair factories in Nigeria. However, with the right strategies, it may be possible for Vietnamese businessmen to overcome the challenges of trading in Nigeria and tap into the growing demand for high-quality hair products in West Africa.



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