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What makes Vietnamese hair become so special?

What makes Vietnamese hair become so special?

Fashion Blog Thu Jun 25 2020

When searching for information about hair, we will find that there are many hair types from many countries around the world. It is not always easy to find the right hair type to use, so today I would like to introduce Vietnamese hair type, it has many advantages that you are looking for.

The quality of Vietnamese hair

Maybe the quality is the most important advantage of Vietnamese hair when we put it in the comparison with different types of hair that arrive from other countries.


Texture of Vietnamese hair

Discussing about the texture of Vietnamese hair, the hair texture of Vietnamese hair is very special, it is straight, smooth, soft and silky. Because natural shapes of Vietnamese hair is straight, it is not easily tangling. Vietnamese hair strand is thick enough. When take it onto your hand, it is full and you can feel its thickness. Its firm characteristic make the hair weighted and full. That build up the the hair quality. Vietnamese hair normally have the high quality on the market. But surprisingly, the price is totally affordable.

Shape of Vietnamese hair

Quality is shown in the hair shape, hair color and hair texture. 5 adjectives can describe truly the Vietnamese hair are: straight, smooth, soft, silky and shiny. Straight hair style is easily to re-style: change your hair into another styles is simple! Any hair styles like wavy hair, deep wavy haircurly hair and deep curly hair, even kinky hair and coily hair…


Color of Vietnamese hair

A natural color of Vietnamese hair is black. Therefore, about Vietnamese hair color, the natural black can blend with the hair color of women from other countries. From natural black, you can dye it into any colors: red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown... At Michair, we can do any hair color and styles that our customers require, quickly and easily. Most bundles have the same unique color.


Straight hair 14.9A , Weave hair pianobrown Br4 , Weave hair ombre 12/60.3B ,.....

Easy to maintain

Owning a Vietnamese hair means that you have more time for your own without caring much of maintenance.

Hair has high quality, so its longevity is very long, on average, hair has durability from 3.5 to 5 years. This is a fairly large number with the average life expectancy of the hair. Maintaining the durability of hair is also very easy and nothing complicated, you just need to wash and blow dry hair everyday. Wear it out and wash it, be careful when you wash, avoid tangling. Very easy to maintain and you will last hair longer.  Only take more notice when you have natural curly hair extension.

We supply natural Vietnamese hair which is 100% natural real human hair. Also, we use natural method that uses no chemicals or tools to make hair. This will help save your heath, no damage to your real hair.


Easy to remove

It is true! It is quite easy to remove a Vietnamese natural hair.

Because Vietnamese hair is the type of hair that has a very great quality. Each hair strand is silky and soft, very easy to be in shaped and pattern. The installation and removing of the hair is simple and easy whether you are having a straight or wavy, curly hair type. You will be surprised after a couple of time using Vietnamese hair, its quality will totally conquer your heart! You will hardly see the situations of hair getting tangled and rough after a period of use.


Remove weft extensions instantly using our coconut bond remover. All natural weft hair slide right out. No tangling or residue left. Wear Vietnam hair extension on the morning when you go to work and take it out when you come back home. That is very easy which any one also can do.

The price of Vietnamese hair

When buying any product, besides the hair quality, the first thing that customers are interested in is the price. Compared with other types of hair, Vietnamese hair products are cheap but the quality is very high. Only $ 34.2 / 0.1 kg for a set of a bundle Double drawn wavy natural black with 18 inches long. You can choose any kinds of shipping methods: UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS. The delivery time is from 7 => 14 days after we received the payment. Time shipping is quick and shipping fee is quite low compare with the shipping fee from other countries.

Vietnamese hair has an affordable price and can be evaluated as one of the most reasonable price in selling hair industry.

Foreseeing this, Michair sell hair at factory and online with factory price. Come with us to see our hair products prices in detail.


The process of buying Vietnamese hair

Shipping method: Order received at factory – Receive hair from factory – Packed at the company.

Buying method: Choose product - Send inquiry - Confirm by Email, Whatsapp or Skype - Payment received - Delivery.

Our orders are usually shipped in 3-5 days after payment received (except weekends, our vacations or there are problems with the order).

Shipping price: Hair shipping cost will depend on the quantity of your order. The number of large orders will be proportional to the cost of delivery.

We also have many discounts in the year (New Year, Mid-Year, Year-End, Christmas,...) 

Very important to know about shipping and payment - Vietnamese Hair Supplier | Michair Factory


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