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Complete Guide to the Bone Straight Wig Price in Nigeria

Complete Guide to the Bone Straight Wig Price in Nigeria

Fashion Blog Mon Nov 08 2021

Most women desire to get the trending straight weave, also called ‘bone straight’. Here is the most detailed article on the bone straight wig price in Nigeria because this weave has already won the heart of several slay queens. This weave looks extremely similar to naturally straight hair because of its shine and straightness.

However, there is a big difference between naturally straight hair and bone straight weave. Several people get confused between different weaves online because they cannot understand which hair weave is a bone straight wig. This article will enlighten you with all the information and features related to bone straight hair.

The bone straight wig looks scanty instead of full in several cases. These wigs are thin and sleek compared to other styles of the weave. Ladies who have tried wearing bone straight wigs have stated that this well-knotted hair gives a classy and elegant appearance.

How To Recognize Bone-Straight Hair?

Bone straight hair feels extremely flat that can’t be curled. Since these wigs are straight, it is not created to be curled even when tried. Moreover, you don’t have to style them. If you want to use bending rollers or tonging machines on the weave, then choosing bone straight hair will not be an ideal option.

Even if you try to curl a bone straight hair, it will turn flat again when the curler is removed. To define the bone straight hair further, the hair strands are completely flat from top to bottom. Compared to bulky wavy hair, bone straight wig feels smooth. So girls, before you find out bone straight wig price in Nigeria, learn about all the desirable characteristics for a classy look.

How To Take Proper Care Of Bone Straight Wig?

You won’t find taking care of bone straight hair difficult because this wig is stress-free. However, you should avoid curling the hair strands or trying different styles. This hair type shouldn’t be used for styling purposes if you don’t want to lose its quality and shine.

Consult a professional hairstylist to achieve a new look with bone straight hair without causing any damage. These hairstylists have good experience and can provide valuable advice. If you want a feminine and natural look, just use hair accessories and apply simple yet makeup.

Girls won’t regret adding bone straight hair in their closets if they simply use these wigs. Since you don’t have to style these straight weaves, it is commonly known as stress-free hair. You don’t have to worry about falling out hair strands while brushing and combing these wigs.

Types Of Bone Straight Hair

1 - Single Drawn

Single-drawn hair includes several hair lengths combined into the extensions. Therefore, you will find the hair that looks thick on the top and thin at the very end. Compared to other types of bone straight hair, single drawn wigs are cheaper. Depending on the desirable length, this bone straight wig price in Nigeria is 9,000 to 20,000 NGN.

2 - Double Drawn

A double-drawn bone straight wig generally has the same length. You will find these wigs thick and full from top to bottom. Additionally, double-drawn wigs are more expensive than single-drawn types because of this feature. Hence, the price of this type of bone straight wigs in Nigeria ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 NGN depending on hair length.

3 - Super Double Drawn

Super double drawn is thickest compared to other types of bone straight hair. You will find 90% of hair strands of the same length. Girls who wear super double-drawn types of hair look extremely beautiful. Moreover, this type of weave has a good density that provides an illusion of natural hair.

Unlike other types of bone straight hair, super double drawn gives nicer and luxurious appeal. You will find this classy type of bone straight wig price in Nigeria 40,000 to 60,000 NGN.

Prices Of Bone Straight Hair In Nigeria

The price of bone straight wigs will range from N 9,000 to N 60,000. The cost can be even higher depending on the gram, length, and type of wig that you want.

When you buy bone straight hair, it is considered an investment that can improve the chances of people noticing the outfit and reputation. Those who don’t want to choose this type of wig can buy human hair. You simply need to learn how to take proper care of human hair wigs.

Vietnamese Bone Straight Wig Factors That Determine The Price

1 - Material Of Hair

The material and fabric used to create the bone straight wig will determine the price. You can find wigs made of human hair, synthetic fibers, and silk.

Compared to human hair, silk and synthetic fibers can be purchased at a lower price. Human hair is costlier than synthetic fibers because they are more durable and natural-looking. If you don’t have a good budget, then get nylon fibers made wigs. Nylon fibers can be brought at a much lower price than Korean or Japanese silk-made weaves.

2 - Hair Textures

Hairdo and texture additionally determine the price of weaves. Generally, short hair consumes much less fuel than long hair. Hence, you can find a short bone straight wig at less price. Moreover, styling and curling these wigs are not recommended due to their texture.

3 - Hair Durability

Obviously, you won’t find the desired standard and sturdiness in cheap products. The quality and durability determine the price because the manufacturers use the best tools so that the wigs last for a long time.

If you don’t want the hair strands to get damaged and fall out, choose a quality bone straight wig, even if the price is a bit higher. Weaves that have high durability will be more meticulous compared to ones that have average durability. Most often, the best type of bone straight hair is more durable.

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We hope now you understand what determines the bone straight wig price in Nigeria. You should first know how to differentiate bone straight wigs from other types of wigs. Those who want good quality and long wigs should be willing to pay a higher price for the desired classy appeal.

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