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Nigerian Virgin Hairstyles | Nigerian Hair Weaving Styles

Nigerian Virgin Hairstyles | Nigerian Hair Weaving Styles

Fashion Blog Tue Sep 22 2020

Just like fashion, Nigerian hairstyles have evolved over the years. With the fashion industry growing like never before, hairstyles have turned into a style statement. The Western culture is influencing hairstyles in Nigeria. A lot of women invest in hair extensions that allow them to play with their lengths, styles and colors.

Virgin hairstyles are one of the most beautiful in Nigeria. They feature short, natural and long styles and have a variety of modern versions. Once hidden in dark shadows, these hairstyles are popularly flaunted today. Let us look at some of the most famous and trending Nigerian virgin hairstyles and weaving styles. 

The Best Nigerian Virgin Hairstyles

Nigerian virgin hairstyles can be short, natural or long styles. These styles are worn like crowns by the women of Nigeria and they are quite captivating. They represent self-expression, self-perception and confidence. These styles have recently become an inspiration for hairstylists and fashion stylists across the world. 


An age-old natural hair style of the Nigerian women, the Afro style is gaining popularity again. This style involves leaving all the hair to stand tall in curls. Both young and old women are looking to embrace the style. The Afro kinky style is even showcased on the runway to expose the beauty of an African woman. It can be left out, styled some other way or tied in a bun. 


Dreadlocks are the top hairstyles among Nigerian virgin style options. It looks great with or without extension. Equally popular are the faux locs. You can easily achieve a loc hairstyle by loosening any braid style for virgin Nigerian. 

When you section and braid clean hair, you get fluffy curls with a lot of volume. This form of natural hair styling gives a special feeling. Faux locs even helps in hair growth and maintenance. This hairstyle gives a lot of confidence to the wearer and it can be used for up to a year. 


The most appealing and popular of the virgin Nigerian hairstyles are the braids. They come in a huge variety and give a modern and stylish look that goes great with naturally curly hair. 

Today, braids are considered to be trendy and glamorous, particularly with natural hair. Here are some of the most popular Nigerian braids. 

Single Box Braids

A classic in Nigeria, these braids can be done in 1-2 hours on natural hair. Single braids are done by sectioning the hair into boxes and braiding the sections to make a clean, sophisticated look. 

Goddess Braids

Crown braids or goddess braids are done by braiding across the edges of the head. They look regal and can be done in a short time. For a good volume of natural hair, this virgin hairstyle can be perfectly flaunted. 

Zigzag Braids

A creative take on the cornrows, zigzag braids have bends as they are done. This type of hairstyle can either have only zigzags or have some straight cornrows in between for some variation. 

Side Didi

This Nigerian virgin hairstyle is a unique braided style native common in the south-western areas. Different from classic cornrows, this style resembles French braids done sideways. They look outstanding and add some dimension to the natural hair. 

Layered Braids

Cornrows are braided in steps to create an appealing hairstyle. It suits long hair and adds more dimension and volume. It is more protective and durable as compared to box braids which are easily spoiled. 

Braided Ninja Buns

Adding a modern touch to the classic bun, braided ninja buns can be made by dividing the hair in two parts. One part is braided from the crown to the head till the midway and then braiding the section from the neck upwards till the middle of the head. 

You can secure the ends of the two braids using an elastic and make a knot. Then, make the braids for the other section and you are done. 

Bantu Knots

Coming from an ethnic group called Bantu, this hairstyle is also called ‘Zulu knots’ as Zulus are the originators of the style. It is one of the virgin Nigerian hairstyles with deep African roots. 

To do this hairstyle, you can section the hair into small parts and twist them into small balls on the head. You get a natural, edgy, traditional look that works for short as well as long virgin hair. 

Nigerian Hair Weaving Styles

Regardless of the advancement in technology and life, weaving hairstyles are something that is here to stay. These lovely hairstyles were once on the verge of disappearing. However, they have advanced to modernization and grown quite popular today. The Nigerian hair weaving style has been recognized across the world. These styles can be created easily and they can last for up to 3 months. 

Nigerian hair weaving styles look cool because of the organized way on the head. A special feature of weaves is elegance and this gets more appealing when you wear traditional clothes. Natural weaving style resembles a cultivated farm with multiple rows which is why it has got its name as cornrows. The ease of making it makes it a go-to hairstyle for young as well as youths. These hairstyles are described with fun names like didi, patewo, shuku and others. The style is often decorated with beads when done on kids. 

Ghana Weaving 

An upgrade to the traditional Nigerian weaving, this style is inspired from the past Nigerian women and renewed to a trendier, sleeker form. Ghana weaving can have the hair weaved forward or backward, straight, upwards or spiralled. It is accepted globally as one of the best virgin hairstyles and flaunted by every Nigerian woman who loves her hair. It is made with wool or other attachments and takes a few hours to do. Depending on the texture of the hair, it can last 3-4 weeks. 

Nigerian virgin hairstyles express how the women can flaunt their style boldly with pride and confidence. There are many modern and classic styles that work for short, natural, long virgin Nigerian hair. All these look beautiful in their own way and are convenient and fashionable at the same time. 

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