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Are Keratin Hair Extensions Good Or Bad?

Are Keratin Hair Extensions Good Or Bad?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Sat Apr 24 2021

Hair extensions are the hottest trend nowadays. The fun fact about hair extensions is that you can at least die peacefully by having the hair of your choice in all your life. At Least you can say to your child that you have enjoyed the experience of all kinds of hair color and hairstyles. Isn’t that amazing? Life is too short to have boring hair. So chill out babes with whatever hair color or hair texture you want!

Hair extensions are coming in different styles, colors, lengths, etc. One of the most common types of hair extension is Keratin Hair extension. With the growing demand of keratin treatment for hair, Keratin Hair extensions have also come to the market to catch your attention. 

Let’s discuss further, what are keratin hair extensions and what are the pros and cons of keratin hair extensions:

What Are Keratin Hair Extensions? 

Before spending a huge amount of money on Keratin hair extensions, You should know what Keratin Hair extensions are and the pros and cons of Keratin Hair Extensions. “Keratin Hair extensions are the individual strands of silky hair extensions that are bonded to your hair with an adhesive(glue) or microbeads." Keratin hair extensions are the real, virgin, and unprocessed human hair. That’s the main reason they are called keratin hair extensions because they are not chemically damaged or processed. The sleek and smooth look of Keratin Hair extensions makes it everyone’s favorite.

Keratin Hair Extensions Pros:

The spark of the glossy and lustrous texture of Keratin Hair Extensions has many positive sides that you will love and run straight to the market. Well! Hold on my dear girls, Learn the pros and cons of Keratin Hair Extensions first, then start your car

  1. Enjoy the versatility of hairstyles:

Keratin Hair extensions offer a variety of hairstyles and hair textures. You can rock your daily school look with a high ponytail or a french braid. It is totally up to you which hairstyle do you want because there is no restriction of hairstyles with Keratin Hair extensions.

  1. Very low maintenance needed:

Keratin Hair extensions do not need a lot of maintenance or care as they are unprocessed hair and you can style it the way you want with just a little care. Style them just like your natural hair and spread the love with your beautiful hairstyles.

  1. Easily blends with natural hair:

The best thing is that Keratin Hair Extensions don’t let you embarrass in front of people and even boost your confidence with its natural appearance. Nobody can know that you are wearing fake hair because Keratin Hair Extensions are made up of natural hair and they blend easily with your hair.

  1. Wide range of designs:

Keratin Hair Extensions come in different colors and lengths. You can also get these extensions on your short hair. Enjoy red, black, blonde, or whatever shade you want for your hair in every length.

  1. Silky, Smooth look:

The Keratin Hair Extensions have silky,  smooth, and shiny texture that you always wish for with your natural hair. Keratin Extensions have smooth hair strands with no chance of entangled hair. The texture of Keratin Hair extensions is so dreamy that you will like to see yourself in the mirror all day once you get them.

Keratin Hair Extension cons:

Although Getting Keratin Hair extensions is a dream of every woman, there are some negative points of this extension. Everything has a good and bad side. You have to face some side effects while cherishing the positive sides. Let’s through some light on the disadvantages of Keratin Hair Extensions, so that you can decide properly that you want it or not:

  1. Time taking:

The applying and setting process of Keratin Hair Extensions is very time taking and tiring for both the hairstylist and yourself. You have to set your head in the same position for many hours that makes this process quite boring and tough.

  1. Expensive:

Keratin Hair Extensions are very expensive that cannot be afforded by every woman. You cannot fulfill your dream If you don’t have a heavy pocket. That’s really sad

  1. Hair and Scalp damage:

Due to adhesives and microbeads, your hair keeps in continuous stress and tension and is unable to breathe freely. This not only affects your hair health but also your scalp health. This is a very serious issue and can stop your hair growth.

  1. Heat Resistant:

The hair strands of Keratin Hair Extensions remain intact but the adhesives of microbeads get damaged with heat styling and cause problems in your extensions.

  1. Discomfort:

The stretching and tension in your hair due to adhesives and microbeads cause scalp irritation, itching, and severe headache. This discomfort will not let you enjoy your hair extensions.

How  To Maintain Your Keratin Hair Extensions

Styling is easier than maintenance. You may add different styles and beauty to your personality but their maintenance is the real task because without it, Your hair extensions will not last longer and get damaged. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Keratin Hair Extensions:

  1. Use Sulphate-Free Shampoos because harsh chemicals can damage the adhesives and hair texture. 

  2. Avoid regular heat styling.

  3. Do not apply too much stress or tension on your hair.

  4. Use a mild conditioner for a deep conditioning of your keratin hair extensions.

Hair Extensions enhance your personality and let you get your dreamy hair. But Keratin Hair Extensions add a sparkling glow to your personality with its glossy and smooth texture. Michair is very dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of its beloved clients to get Silky, smooth, and long hair. The variety of Extensions on Michair is everything you need this year.  Add spice to these covid days with your amazing Keratin Hair extensions but before getting it, Always remember to learn the pros and cons of Keratin Hair Extensions so that you may not regret it later.



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