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Mic Hair's 15th Birthday Celebration. Every order comes with a gift!

Fashion Blog Thu Jul 28 2022

You’re cordially invited to Mic Hair’s 15th birthday party!

The journey is not too long, but not too short either. We would like to thank all of our beloved customers who have accompanied us to create Mic Hair today.

All orders in July (from July 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022) will receive beautiful gifts such as Nail box, eyelashes and silk scarves.

In addition, with orders over 5kg, you will receive gifts including:

  • - Get $5 OFF product price
  • - Natural black hair Closure size 2*4
  • - A gift combo is worth $25

For orders over 20kg: The gift box includes:

  • - Save $10/kg on bill
  • - Many attractive gift combos

All are discounted. And closures/ frontals can't be ignored!

  • - Up to $3/piece OFF for closure
  • - And up to $4/piece OFF for frontal

Beside, during Mic Hair's birthday month, orders from 2 kg will be supported with the exchange rate and you will get free shipping to some agents.

Anyone can get a gift but it doesn't stay for long.

Celebrate With Us! Contact us immediately to receive attractive gifts for July.

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