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5 Ways to Wear Red Highlights On Black Hair

Fashion Blog Sat May 28 2022

It is hard to find a perfect highlight when your hair is black. Sometimes, the dye that you choose does not compliment the tone of your natural hair. But for sure, red highlights on black hair are like butter on toast; it goes perfectly.

What is a hair highlight?

Hair highlighting means lightening hair strands with multi-dimensional hair colors that contrast the base color. The base color is any color applied all over your hair before adding the contrast. Sometimes, it is done with the next lighter shade of the hair tone, while others use fashion colors like red.

Highlights can be tiny strands of hair, chunky portions, or just half the portion of the hair. These styles add vibrancy and fun to the hair when adding fashion colors, while neutral colors add textures. One of the gorgeous color combinations is red highlights on black hair.

How to make red highlights on black hair?

Many people use bleach first to have a vibrant red highlight on black hair. It ensures that the product color you want to use will stand out. You combine bleach powder and developer to small sections of part of your hair that you want to have the highlights.

Wrap each strand with foil to avoid bleaching near hair strands. After leaving the bleach by the recommended time, wash your hair and apply the red dye. But if you are trying to avoid bleach, there are hair dyes that only require a level 30 developer. 

There are different styles and techniques of highlights that you may choose. However, below are the classic styles that will go well for red highlights on black hair.

How to use the slice technique for hair highlights?

If you want chunky red highlights on black hair, this is perfect. The slicing technique alternates red highlights and black hair with almost the same thickness. It is one of the typical highlights that brings texture to the hair.

Bleach an inch of thin hair of your hair.

Wrap the bleached sections in tin foil to protect the non-highlighted strands around them.

Leave the same hair thickness and move to the following strands to bleach.

Repeat the alternating process.

Once done with bleaching, dye your hair red.

Don't worry about getting red dyes on black hair, as it will only stain the bleached hair. This technique is best if you start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

How to do balayage for hair highlights?

Balayage is a popular highlight technique done by a free-hand painting of light colors onto the lower part of the hair. It creates a soft look with a natural gradation from dark roots to brighter ends.

Part your hair into three sections: one at the top and two in the middle. Leave a thin layer of hair at the bottom to start. 

Hold the strand and lightly paint the dye near the roots while gradually getting heavier as it reaches the end.

After dying the bottom later, gather another thin layer from both sections in the middle.

Continue the process until your hair is dyed.

If you want more vibrant red highlights on black hair using balayage, you may bleach the hair first before doing the process. When bleaching the hair, make a gentle sweeping motion on where you will start and add a higher developer-level at the end of your hair.

How to do Rogue Streak hair highlights?

Many people are familiar with this style but are unsure of the name. The Rogue Streak is a 90's trend that resurfaced in 2019. This highlight focuses on the front parts of your hair or the face-framing. It is easy to do even by yourself.

Part your hair in the middle. 

Section your framing hair.

Tie your hair at the back while bleaching the front section according to the product's instructions.

Rinse the bleach and apply red dye to the bleached hair.

Rinse your hair until you wash off all the products.

These red highlights on black hair are effortless yet very edgy-looking. You may also upgrade the rogue into a money piece that combines this style with balayage.

How to do Peekaboo highlight?

The peekaboo highlight is another trending style wherein the highlights are hidden underneath a different hair color, primarily dark or natural. When wearing the hair down, your base hair hides the highlights. But while moving or tying your hair, the bright colors underneath shows.

Section your hair in two parts, the upper and lower.

Tye the upper portion of your hair and bleach the lower part.

Rinse out the bleach thoroughly.

Dye the bleached hair red.

Rinse your hair thoroughly and let it dry.

These red highlights on black hair are perfect if you want to dye your hair while also having it easy to conceal for formal occasions. 

You can see this video below to understand more: 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to bleach my hair for red highlights?

Bleaching the part where you would like the red highlights to show is recommended. With bleached hair, the color will pop out more. However, there are also hair dyes that do not need bleach for red hair, only the developer. Another safe way for red highlights is using hair extensions.

2. Why is foil used when highlighting hair?

Some highlighting techniques don't need foil, such as the peekaboo highlight. However, using foil will avoid getting dye on non-highlighted parts of the hair when you do full-hair highlight. This method is also excellent when you retouch your roots.

3. What is the difference between hair highlights and lowlights? 

The significant difference between highlights and lowlights is the contours. Highlights use lighter colors, while lowlights are darker colors of base hair. If you have black hair, lowlights will not work as there are no darker colors to contour it.


Whether you want your hair to be more lively, have more texture, or try something creative for a while, nothing can go wrong with red highlights on black hair. The result will always be stunning. You may also use hair extensions if you don't want to harm your hair.

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