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How To Go From Blonde To Black Hair With The Best Technique?

How To Go From Blonde To Black Hair With The Best Technique?

Last updated date Mon Oct 09 2023 By William Brown

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Most people choose to simply dye their blonde hair and turn it black instead of bleaching it first. Based on the desired color, you will either get a gothic appearance or a natural look. In this guide, we will explore how to go from blonde to black hair using the right technique.

Choosing And Preparing The Dye

1 - Color Of Dye

Those who want their blonde hair to look naturally black should choose a soft black shade that might appear as dark brown. You can check the color of the dye by holding a piece of black cloth next to it. Generally, people consider soft black as the natural shade of black, and it is the safest color to use for the first time.

When someone is not satisfied with the changed color, they can darken the shade of black later also. Those who prefer a gothic look should try a deep black shade to dye their hair. If you have a fair skin tone, the change of hair color will appear unnatural.

Moreover, some deep blacks contain tints of purple and blue shade that can force you to neutralize them using shampoo or toner. If you don’t neutralize the shades, the hair will appear purplish or bluish under sunlight. Individuals who don’t know how to go from blonde to black hair should try the color on some wigs.

2 - Purchasing Dye And Developer

Those who are not using a boxed kit should choose dye and 10 volume developer. Generally, when people purchase dye in a kit, they receive conditioner, gloves, a developer with dye. You might otherwise require a bottle of 10 volume developer, gloves, a tinting brush, a non-metal bowl, and a tube of dye.

When using a kit, there is a need to read the instructions carefully to prepare the dye. Although most kits come with clear instructions, you can receive one without any explanation. There is no need to worry because the process is pretty much the same for preparing any dye. Take the larger bottle that contains the developer. Pour the dye into that bottle.

After closing the developer, you have to shake and mix the dye with it. At the bottle’s tip, cut off or break the plug. Women with long and thick hair should prepare 2 boxes of hair dye. You need enough dye to cover your entire hair.

3 - Creating Dye

Before learning how to go from blonde to black hair, you should know the best way to create a dye. Those who are not using a kit should take a bowl and mix the dye with the developer. You will need to pour 10 volumes of the developer with an equal amount of soft black dye to saturate the hair. Take a non-metal spoon or a tinting brush to stir the ingredients properly.

Continuously stir till there are no streaks and the color is consistent. Short hair people can use about 2 ounces of developer. However, women with long hair must get 4 ounces of developer for the process. Keep a glass, plastic, or another non-metal bowl for mixing the ingredients. Avoid using metal that can react with the chemical ingredients and change its color.

Women who have bleached their hair should add protein filler into the bowl containing dye. If you don’t use protein filler, the color may look patchy because the belched hair has damaged the hair. You might notice the hair has turned greenish-black. Those who have not bleached or dyed their hair before don’t need to add protein filler.

In the protein filler bottle, you can find how much should be added to the dye. Generally, one should add half of a bottle. Avoid getting tinted protein filler because the subtle undertones can become visible under the sunlight.

Applying The Dye To Your Hair

Since you want to learn how to go from blonde to black hair, you need to learn the best ways to protect the skin, create sections of the hair, and apply the hair dye.

1 - Divide The Hair Into Sections

Those who have thick or long hair must divide their hair into various sections. You need to section the hair horizontally at about the level of the ear. Alternatively, one can create a half-up ponytail. Women should divide the top part of the hair in half. You can twist both the half parts of hair and create a bun. Secure the buns with hair clips.

Then, you should divide the bottom part of the hair into two equal half. Over each shoulder (right and left), drape each half. Girls with medium-length hair can simply section their hair in half. You can create a half-up ponytail and secure them with hair clips. Men with extremely short hair don’t need to divide their hair.

2 - Apply The Dye

Start applying the dye from the roots. Choose any one bottom part. Use a tinting brush to apply dye to the roots. Make sure each hair strand becomes completely saturated before moving to another section. Those who got their dye with an applicator bottle can apply the dye by squeezing them onto their roots.

Apply the dye to the remaining hair strands. If you are wearing gloves, use your fingers to apply the dye on the remaining parts of hair instantly. After applying the dye on both the bottom sections of hair, you can undo one of the buns at the top of the hair. Use the same process to apply the dye, starting from the roots to saturating the hair strands.

Once you have applied on the hair strands of the remaining bun, check the parts where it has not been applied. You should apply the dye around the beginning of the hairline so that it looks natural. 

3 - Wash The Hair

Wear a shower cap and wait for at least 20 minutes before washing the hair. However, you should wait for 45 minutes to get the best result. Read the instructions on the kit before washing the hair with cool water. Avoid using any shampoo because the color should not be affected. Apply conditioner and rinse again with cool water.

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We hope now you understand how to go from blonde to black hair. You should follow the steps carefully to avoid staining the clothes. After the dyeing process, allow the hair to dry for an hour. Comb it using a wide-toothed brush and flaunt your new natural-looking black hair.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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