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8 Natural-Looking African American Hair Weave Textures

8 Natural-Looking African American Hair Weave Textures

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Thu Apr 13 2023

Hair, for most women, represents many things, including confidence and self-esteem. For most African American women, investing time and money in hair weaves is a must to maintain beautiful hair. But finding a natural-looking African American hair weave can sometimes be a pain in the guts. Do not fret! We got you.

5 Best Hair Weave for African American Hair

Finding the best hair weave for African American hair in the market is like finding a needle in a haystack. I do not mean it in a bad way! There are different types of hair weave with top-notch quality, but knowing what you are looking for will help you narrow your choices until you finally find the perfect one.

1. Vietnamese Hair

First on our best hair weave for African American hair list is Vietnamese hair. This type of hair is naturally black, which compliments and blends well with any hair type and skin tone. Aside from that, its straight, thick, and shiny-silky texture gives a nice hair volume and makes it tangle-free.

Overall, Vietnamese hair is known to be one of the top-notch black weave hair in the market. MicHair is one of a few trusted wholesalers of human hair extensions with a wide range of selections from lengths to hair color. Check them out!

Vietnamese Hair

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2. Peruvian Hair

Second on our best hair weave for African American hair list is the Peruvian hair. This type of hair is well known for being the softest and most lightweight weave you'll see in the market.

One feature many love about Peruvian hair is its texture; naturally coarse means the weave is more manageable and naturally wavy. Aside from that, it naturally has a body and great volume, so you won't need many bundles to achieve a voluminous look.

Peruvian hair

3. Malaysian Hair

Another best hair weave for African American hair is Malaysian hair. This type of hair is naturally shiny but can be excessively shiny, which not everyone is very fond of. It takes 2 to 3 full days to look more natural as the weave dulls down after washes.

It's also softer than other types of hair and gives a bouncy effect because of its heavy body. However, due to their density, curls typically will only last a day with added products.

Malaysian hair 

4. Indian Hair

This is the best hair weave for African American and is highly recommended: Indian hair. It gives a light, soft, airy kind of hair with a voluminous full bounce. Aside from that, this type of hair does not tangle or easily shed, which is an already plus point for women looking for a high-quality weave.

Indian hair has a thick texture, allowing you to try a wide range of styles, like curly, wavy, or straight. If you are looking for a weave with a natural luster and very texture hair, Indian hair is the way to go.

Indian Hair Vendor

5. Brazilian Hair

Last but not least, Brazilian hair is the most popular hair type among black women. This hair type is well-known because of its very thick texture and durable strands. With its natural density, you would need a lot of weave bundles to achieve a full look.

Brazilian hair has a perfect body and a very versatile luster. It is soft and tangle-free even after dying or bleaching.

brazilian hair

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8 Best Weave Texture for African American Hair

For black weave hair enthusiasts, texture is everything. It gives your hair a natural bounce, and volume, adding spice to your daily style. If you are one of those looking for black weave hair that looks natural, we got you!

1. Afro Curl African American Hair Weave

First on our list of best weave textures for African American hair is the Afro curl. Generally, the afro curl is the smallest curl pattern you will ever see in any weave black hair.

Afro curl weave is made of human hair and normally has darker color variations. But if you are into DIY-ing human hair weave, you dye your weave black hair to your desired color. Unlike human hair weaves, synthetic ones have a wider range of colors.

Afro curl black weave hair has various lengths up to 32 inches. So if you prefer those tiny curls, try an Afro curl weave.

2. Kinky Curl African American Hair Weave

Next is the Kinky curl weave. This black weave hair is also called loose afro curl because it got slightly bigger curls than the afro ones. It also has more defined curls than afro curls, which means it has more fluidity in the hair's movement.

Kinky weave black hair is one of the most popular curls you'll see in the market. Aside from its beautiful curls, it has a wide variation in terms of colors like ombre and darker to lighter tones. Aside from the fun colors, Kinky curls can be up to 36 inches in length. 

3. Kinky Straight African American Hair Weave

Imagine an afro curl being blow-dried downwards. That's how Kinky straight weave black hair looks like. It's not curly or with locks, but it has small kinks if you get what I mean. If you want a straight weave with a mini texture, then this weave is for you.

The kinky straight weave is a go-to for women who love to have that voluminous hair but won't take much of your time when styling. This black weave hair is popular because of its versatility when it comes to colors, lengths, and styles too. If you're one to change hairstyles, all you need is heat styling tools!

Kinky straight hair weave

4. Yaki Straight African American Hair Weave

If you want to stick with the classic voluminous hair, Yaki straight weave is perfect for you! There are different types of Yaki textures, but technically it looks like that afro hair has been chemically straightened or relaxed. Do you get the picture?

Yaki straight weave is one of the most common hair you'll see in the market, and probably one of the inexpensive ones too. Because it is common, you'll see various types of Yaki hair weave in different colors and lengths.

That said, styling this weave black hair won't be limited to sleek and straight. It has excellent lengths up to 38 inches, which means you'll be able to do whatever style you feel like doing, may it be a high ponytail, half bun, or curls and waves.

5. Drop Spring Curl African American Hair Weave

If you are into curly, bouncy hair patterns, then you will love to drop spring curl African American hair weave. The drop spring curl pattern is technically a curl of mid-length hair down to the tip. This weave gives your hair an instant volume and effortless twists style.

This African American hair weave comes with various options in terms of color, length, and sometimes twist pattern. You'll find human hair and synthetic droop spring curl weave, but unlike other types of weave black hair on our list, drop curl weave must not be styled with heat tools as it will ruin the twist patterns.

Drop Spring Curl

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6. Large Loose Wave African American Hair Weave

If you are looking for a weave black hair that got a defined body and volume, a large loose wave does wonders for your hair! This weave has an amazing texture that gives a natural wave if you have an afro hair type. The large loose wave patterns also provide healthy-looking hair.

Large loose wave African American hair weave is made of real human hair; finding a synthetic one might be challenging. Large loose waves may also appear less defined once the hair has been washed. With that said, human hair weave is easier to style, like straightening or adding more detailed wave patterns using heat tools. 

7. Deep Wave African American Hair Weave

If you weren't convinced with Afro and Kinky curls, you would be convinced by Deep wave hair weave! This weave black hair has a larger curl pattern than Afro and kinky curl, which gives a daring and defined texture. Out of all curl patterns in our list, the deep wave is one of the most popular go-to weave.

Deep wave black weave hair has a nice curl from root to tip which also adds volume to your hair. You probably know by now that choosing human hair over synthetic weaves will make styling using heating tools possible. However, too much heat straightening can then damage and distort deep waves.

8. Beach Wave African American Hair Weave

Are you looking for an African American hair weave that can fit your everyday look without spending too much time and effort preparing? Beach wave hair weave got you! This wave pattern gives a natural look and relaxed curls without going to the beach. It is one of the most popular hair textures, even with celebrities.

Not to mention, beach waves naturally look great on everyone because they effortlessly complement any face shape. Aside from this, this wave pattern is the easiest to manage because you only have to scrunch your hair when washing. It gives your hair a nice body and volume too.

Big Wave Weave


There are countless curl and wave patterns out there that we couldn't include in our 8 Natural-Looking African American hair weave list. However, it definitely will spice up your daily hair day!

And remember, nothing goes wrong with black weave hair. It doesn't matter what look you are after. What's important is finding what texture works best for you and how you want your daily hair to be. Rock that curls!



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