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All About Hair: What is a Hair Weave?

All About Hair: What is a Hair Weave?

Phạm Thị Kim Nga

Phạm Thị Kim Nga


Born in 1986, Pham Thi Kim Nga is a visionary entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey in the hair extensions industry began in 2009 when she established Mic Hair with a clear vision in mind: to provide customers with unparalleled quality and style, empowering them to express their true selves through their hair.

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Wed May 03 2023

One of the most common dilemmas that almost every women experience is hair loss. Yup, and for some reason, hair loss is inevitable. May it be because of some health conditions, hormonal imbalance, aging, or even hereditary. That is why hair extensions, for some, are a blessing in disguise. And for today's blog, we will be talking about what is a hair weave and everything you need to know about hair extensions.

And for today's blog, we will be talking about what is a hair weave and everything you need to know about hair extensions.

What is a Weave for Hair?

What’s a hair weave? Hair weaves have been going on for ages, making every woman look beautiful and boosting their confidence by providing them healthy looking hair. By taping, sewing, or clipping hair extensions, it gives another drizzle of glamor, achieving the look you all have been longing for!

Let us start with defining what is a hair weave. The weave is an extension of hair fixed and directed in the hair or near the scalp, using either synthetic or real human hair. It is one of the most luxurious yet inexpensive options for women who are not that satisfied with their natural hair. A normal hair weave typically lasts up to 3 to 4 months.

If you want to know what is a hair weave, you have to go back years ago. Before, hair weave is only famous for black women, but as time passed, everyone loved the benefits hair weave can offer. Cleopatra is pretty famous because of her colored hair weave. If you think about it, the weave was there even before it got its name. Isn’t defining what is a hair weave easy?

What is a Weave for Hair?

What are The Types of Weave in Hair?

After defining what is a hair weave, let’s now move on to types of hair weave. How many types of weave hair do you think there are? If you answered two then you do know your craft! Two types of hair are used in hair extensions in the hair industry.

Women who can define what is a hair weave and know tiny detail about their hair weave can quickly notice the difference between these two types of weave hair.

  • Synthetic Hair

So first, we have synthetic hair. Synthetic hair, from the name itself, is man-made hair, usually made of acrylic or nylon. Generally, this type of weave hair has gone through a lot of processes and chemical procedures to look and feel like real human hair. This hair or fibers also has textures, just like real human hair. Not to mention it's way cheaper!

Now, before you decide, let me tell you more about synthetic hair. It might look and feel like real human hair, but it cannot withstand anything with heat when styling the hair. Why do you think that is? It's because synthetic hair is still plastic, it can and will melt during heat styling or treatment.

That is why synthetic hair is already pre-styled with various options in colors and lengths. But if you are after weave hair, no matter what happens, rain or shine, holds its shape and curls, synthetic hair is a perfect choice!

Synthetic hair

  • Real Human Hair

Must we talk about real human hair? Of course! Now, real human hair is usually sourced out from a single donor. Obviously, since it's real hair, it feels and looks like any hair except it is more luscious, bouncy, full, and healthy. The price also varies on the quality of human hair you want to use.

We are done with what is a hair weave and types of hair weave. Are you ready for more details?

Right after defining what is a hair weave, knowing related terminologies to hair weave is a must!

  • Weft Hair

Weft hair is a stitch to which hair strands are attached. There are two types of hair weft:

Machine Weft

Weft is made by a specific sewing machine. Machine weft hair can sometimes have a thicker amount of hair because of the machine used.

Weft hair

Hand Tied Weft

From the name itself, it is gathering and tying the hair strands by hands. You will notice that hand-tied weft hair is thinner in terms of hair stands amount and can also seem seamless which many women prefer.

  • Extension

It can also be referred to as weaves, human hair, or synthetic hair glued or sewn in natural hair to add length and volume, and make your hair look healthier.

  • Closure

A lace closure is a type of hair weave that covers temple to temple and is placed at the middle top part of your hair. This weave makes parting your hair in either way and blending to your natural hair possible.

Closure and Frontal

  • Frontal

Frontal lace is perfect if you have a thinning hairline, which will be covered from ear to ear by the frontal weave. It is very versatile that you can re-create countless hairstyles without noticeable frontal lace.

  • Bundle

Always keep in mind that when a hair weave is regarded as a bundle, it means a single collection of hair that is usually weighing about 3 ounces.

  • Pack

Now, when a hair weave is regarded as a pack, it usually has 4 to 7 bundles of hair in the exact same length, color, and style.

  • Leave out

It means to leave a section of natural hair when installing a hair weave. The only reason for doing leave out is to give your hair weave a natural look by blending your natural hair to your extension.

Different Types of Hair Weave Techniques

The topic about what is a hair weave doesn’t end with just defining it. Because if you think about it, there are also different types of hair weave techniques.

Sew-in Weave

Whenever “what is a hair weave” is being brought up, the first technique that come’s in mind is the sew-in weave, which is the most common one. This technique is commonly known as the protective method since your natural hair has to be braided and then sewn the weave in natural hair, which makes your weave last longer because it's securely installed.

Glue-in Weave

The second weave technique is the glue-in. There are two ways of doing the glue-in weave: one with a hair cap and one without a hair cap. Technically, the weave will be glued directly into your natural hair, which makes it more damaging. Although you can use a hair cap for protection, that doesn't mean your hair will escape the pressure and excessive glue from your weave.

Glued-in Weave

Microlinks Weave

One of the most common techniques nowadays is micro-links weave. Doing this weave technique can take a lot of your time, so it is best to allot enough time before installing micro-links. So, micro-links can be a bit uncomfortable and heavy because it has loops that will be locked in each of your hair strands. But it lasts longer; it is guaranteed.

Microlinks Weave

Bonding Weave

With bonding weave, your hair will be divided into sections and weaved hair will be glued to your natural hair, usually close to your scalp. Although bonding is a temporary weave, it is ideal if you just want to add some volume to your hair or just want to add some spice to your hair.

Clip-in Weave

On to the clip-in weave, the easiest and less damaging weave technique. All you need is clip-in hair extensions, section your hair, clip the weave in your natural hair, and voila! You now have a weave installed. Typically, the clip-in weave is used if you want your hair to look fuller without committing to months of not removing it.

Clip-in Weave

Crochet Weave

This technique is easy and you can DIY it in the comfort of your home. You will need a crochet needle, of course. All you have to do is braid your hair, slide the crochet needle through the braid, add your weave, and done!

What are the Pros And Cons Of Using Weaves in Hair?

After learning what is a hair weave, types of hair weave, and hair weave techniques, let’s now focus on the pros and cons of using hair weave.

Pros of Using Weave in Hair

- Gives Define and Healthy-Looking Hair

- Most women use hair weave because it's easier to achieve and makes their hair look healthier and fuller, especially for those with naturally thin hair strands.

- Weave in Hair Covers Bald Spots

- Some weave enthusiasts love hair extensions because they cover things they want to hide, like some tiny bald spots. Whether it's a medical condition or severe hair fall, hair weaves got you!

- Time Efficient When Styling

- Lastly, using weave in hair allows you to save time when styling your hair. You don't have to sit all day thinking of what to do with your hair, especially if you are having a bad hair day.

Pros of Using Weave in Hair

Cons of Using Weave in Hair

- Possible Damage

- Now that you know what is a hair weave, let’s discuss the possible damage of wearing one. Anything excessive can and will always cause damage, even with hair weave. Leaving your hair weave for too long without proper maintenance will take a toll on your hair and cost you more money than following the appropriate aftercare.

- Risk of Using Low-Quality Weave Hair

- Now, this isn't an isolated case. A lot of hair extension enthusiasts have experienced buying cheap hair weaves and soon regretting mindlessly choosing cheap than quality weaves. Using low-quality hair weaves can, most of the time more damage to your hair.

- Extra Care to Maintain Hair Weave

- Lastly, it is not every day that you have enough time to follow the step-by-step aftercare procedure of having hair weaved; some might even find it annoying. Knowing what is a hair weave doesn’t end there, you need to be committed. So if you are one of those, think twice before installing a hair weave.

Cons of Using Weave in Hair

How to Properly Care Weave in Hair?

It's just like how you care for your natural hair with added precision. To properly care for your hair weave, washing and conditioning your hair once or twice a week maximum to avoid discomfort and other unwanted buildups is ideal. Use lukewarm water and massage your scalp gently with the recommended shampoo.

What are the Most Affordable Options for Weave?

Knowing what is a hair weave isn’t enough, you also have to know where you can buy the best and most affordable weaves.

If you are working your way to finding an affordable weave but also need to mind your budget, consider buying wholesale hair on trusted online platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, and Amazon.

Top 3 Best-Selling Weave Brands


First in the top 3 best-selling weave brands is a Vietnamese bulk hair leading supplier, Michair.vn. Whenever the topic “what is a hair weave” comes to light, Michair tends to always pop-up. Michair has been providing top-notch quality hair weaves for ten years and still counting.


You name it: frontal lace, sew-in weave, clip-in, tape-in, single-drawn, super double-drawn! Not only that, but they have a wide range selection from length, color, texture, and style. 


Second in our best-selling weave brands list is Unice. This brand has been providing high-quality hair weaves and believes adding a little glam will make women feel empowered and bold.

Luvme Hair

Last but not least, Luvme Hair. This band started as a wig brand, from 360 wigs to closure wigs, until they discovered their hair weaves. Luvme Hair has various sections of hair extensions and wigs, but aside from that, they also offer tools you might need when DIYing your hair weave.

FAQs About Hair Weave

What is Ideal Hair to Use: Human Hair or Synthetic Hair?

After learning what is a hair weave, you now have an idea of the difference between these two types of hair.

When it comes to choosing between the two types of weave hair, it is a matter of preference and daily use. If you want a weave that you can style without thinking heat might damage your hair, opt for human hair. If you want a budget-friendly one without sacrificing being in style, go for synthetic hair.

What is the Difference Between Single Drawn, Double Drawn, and Super Double?

After discussing what is a hair weave, let’s focus on bulk hair weave. The only difference between the three is the percentage of length used in each bundle.

  • Single Drawn

For single drown, usually there is at least 40% to 45% hair of the same length, while the remaining is mixed length.

  • Double Drawn

For double drawn, there is typically 60% to 65% hair of the same length, while the remaining 35% to 40% is mixed length.

  • Super Double Drawn

When it comes to super double drawn, there is 80% to 85% of hair of the same length, and the remaining 15% o 20% is of mixed length.


When you familiarize yourself with what is a hair weave, you can actually be more glamorous while showing off your healthy and voluminous hair. Hair extensions can also highlight and pop up your best features without even trying so hard. Start with the right type of hair, a hairstyle that compliments your features, and the utmost care your hair weave deserves!

I hope you learn everything you need to know about hair weaves and know how to define what is a hair weave. Have a nice hair day!



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